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Keep up to date with all the news happening in the school at the moment. Articles are added during the week. Parents are encouraged to check regularly. Our weekly bulletin, emailed directly to parents, summarises content for the week.

  • Annual reports and end of key stage reports, Tuesday 12th

    Thu 07 Jul 2022 Clare Haines

    We are just putting our final touchers to your child's annual report. Reports as well as Reception, Year 2 and Year 6 end of key stage outcomes will be published on Tuesday 12 July in the 'reports' section of MCAS. 

    We will also publish the outcome of the Year 1 phonics and Year 4 multiplication checks in the same place. 


  • Fielding compete at West London Cricket Finals

    Thu 07 Jul 2022 Dan Thomas

    On Tuesday, Fielding took a Year 5 cricket team to compete in this years West London Finals. We qualified for the West London Finals as Borough Champions by winning the Ealing competition and were now representing Ealing against the champions from every other West London Borough. Unfortunately, a lot of our winning team is in France this week so Year 5 children were invited to try out for the team to go in their place. The guys that were selected have great potential but we were expecting a tough day as we were going into without the tournament experience that other teams would have had.


    Our first game of the day was against Brent champions, Sudbury, who lost the toss and so were fielding first. Each of our batters started well and set a very good score of 286. In a lot of games this would be a winning score but Sudbury were excellent in bat and scored 357. 


    In game 2 we had Pinner Wood, Harrow champions and were batting first. We set a score of 256 which wasn't our best but we were determined to work hard in the field and try to get our first win. We did well and took some wickets but Pinner Wood held firm and scored 278 runs.


    Cranford Primary School from Hounslow were our third game of the day and after 2 losses we were learning lessons and starting to grow into the day. We played some great cricket and scored 261 in bat and then in field took wickets and limited the amount of boundaries. It was going to be a close score but after the final bowl the umpire told us Cranford had won by just 8 runs with a score of 269.


    Going into our final game against John Betts from Hammersmith and Fulham we knew we wouldn't be making the final but we were still chasing our first win of the day. John Betts looked like a decent team but we kept our heads up, reflected on the day so far and showed great resilience in giving it our all once more. We scored 242 in bat but then John Betts tournament experience came through as they finished their day with another win as they scored 259.


    So we finished the day without a win but still felt very proud to be representing the Borough without any major losses. Our Year 5 team did extremely well by stepping in at fairly short notice for the days cricket but now have a great experience under their belts for next year. Well done everyone.

  • Your child's attendance, end of year

    Wed 06 Jul 2022 Clare Haines

    As the end of this school year is nearing we have reviewed your child's attendance. We aim for all pupils to attend school regularly, this means attendance of 97% and above. We know that specific health needs and COVID have had  an impact on school attendance for some pupils this year. 


    As part of our attendance procedures, in line with DfE guidance we:

    ‘regularly communicate expectations for attendance and punctuality and school performance with staff, pupils and parents’ and

    ‘establish robust escalation procedures which are initiated before absence becomes a problem, for example by: sending letters to parents and carers


    As well as being able to see your child's attendance on MCAS,  we will also report attendance in your child's annual report which will be available on Tuesday 14 July to download from the reports section of MCAS. 


    For us, attendance of:

    • over 97% is excellent – this is our target for your child
    • 96-97% is good attendance,
    • 90%-95% is starting to cause a concern.
    • below 90% is a concern


    In line with our attendance procedures, over the next two weeks we will be sending out an email to parents of all pupils whose attendance has fallen below 90%. We will also be sending out an email to those families where their child's attendance has significantly improved.


    For  pupils who's attendance at the end of the year is between 90 and 94.9% we will be monitoring their attendance in the autumn term and offering support to those families who need it.


    Any absence, authorised or not is registered as non-attendance at school and count towards your child’s overall attendance. There following events are recorded as absence (even if authorised)


    • Illness, including self-isolation, even if you have followed our absence procedures, or we have asked you to collect your child
    • medical appointments (including speech and occupational therapy)
    • authorised leave for exceptional circumstances
    • being late after the registers close
    • your child not wanting to come due to anxiety
    • open days at other schools
    • religious observance
    • exclusions or suspensions
    • remote or hybrid learning at home 
    • any unauthorised absence


    If you have any worries or concerns about attendance at school please contact Marsha Coppin-Payne, our attendance administrator or arrange to speak to your child's class teacher

  • Constellation treat, Wednesday 20th July

    Wed 06 Jul 2022 Clare Haines

    Children are looking forward to finding out who the winners of this term's constellation treat will be. It is currently a close run competition with two weeks to go!

    Winners will celebrate with a constellation treat during the afternoon of Wednesday 20 July. Star Leaders have chosen a non-uniform day with outdoor sports and play with ice lollies (so let's hope it is a warm day!).

    Winners will be announced on class Teams (Microsoft Teams) and twitter on the afternoon of Friday 15 July.

  • Year 6 excellent SATs results

    Wed 06 Jul 2022 Peter Dunmall

    Overall standards in reading, writing and maths remain high for our year 6 pupils, despite slipping for year 6 pupils nationally.


    83% of our pupils met the expected standard in these combined areas this year, compared to 84% in 2019. Nationally, 59% of pupils met the expected level, down from 65% in 2019.


    Most year 6 pupils leave Fielding working at or above the expected standard for their age:

    • Reading, 87%
    • Writing, 90%
    • Maths, 92%

    These outcomes are well above national figures and in-line with previous years.


    Many pupils have achieved highly, working above the standard, with nearly half of the age group working above the expected standard in English:

    • Reading, 46%
    • Writing, 47%
    • Maths, 35%

    These outcomes are also very high and compare favourably to previous years.


    These results are a credit to children, their families and teachers, especially given the impact of the pandemic. The pupils who took these tests this year were part-way through year 4 when schools first closed to most children in March 2020. Further school closures followed while they were in year 5.


    Individual results will be given to pupils and parents on 12 July when annual pupil progress reports are published.


    National tests in 2020 and 2021 were cancelled due to the pandemic.


    School performance tables, also known as 'league tables' will not be published by the government this year. We will receive comparative performance information in the Autumn term.

  • Platinum Jubliee book for all primary school children

    Mon 04 Jul 2022 Peter Dunmall

    The government is giving a commemorative book ‘Queen Elizabeth: A Platinum Jubilee Celebration’ as a gift to all children in state-funded primary school education in the UK. It is written for a reading age of 9 to 10 years old, upper key stage 2.


    Our books have just been delivered to us. Teachers will give a book to each pupil in Reception to year 6 on Monday 11 July.


    The government has not produced these books for Nursery children.


    The book explains what the Platinum Jubilee is and why it is a significant milestone in Her Majesty’s reign. It covers:

    • the system of constitutional monarchy in the UK and Commonwealth
    • the role of the monarch
    • important people, events, achievements, innovations and inventions in the UK and Commonwealth during Her Majesty’s 70-year reign
  • Specialist club booking for autumn term opening soon, get ready

    Sun 03 Jul 2022 Clare Haines

    Our specialist clubs programme for the autumn term will launch on MCAS on the following days at 8pm:

    • Current Reception and Year 1, Monday 11th July
    • Current Years 2, 3, 4 and 5, Wednesday 13th July
    • Reception September 2022, Monday 25th July


    For this round of bookings we will be operating our new waiting list procedures. Those who are on a waiting list will be automatically booked into the club they are waiting for. Please make sure your MCAS is up to date to avoid duplicate bookings. Find out more here:

  • Fielding reach Semi Finals of NFL Flag Football National Championships

    Fri 01 Jul 2022 Dan Thomas

    On Wednesday, the Fielding Jets NFL football team left school at 6.00am to travel up to Loughborough University to compete in this years Flag Football National Championships. We were representing the school, London and the New York Jets. We were there as one of the 12 best teams in the UK and were all competing for the chance to represent the UK in the 2023 Pro Bowl in Las Vegas.


    Standing in our way to begin with were the Buccaneers and the Jaguars who were drawn in our group. We started off against the Buccaneers and started well as we scored a touchdown early on in the first half. Our playbook looked good and the team were executing the plays with accuracy. Our defence was tight  and we started the day off with a comfortable win.


    Our second and last game in the group was against the Jaguars who looked good in their first game. Jaguars started well and scored against us with some great attacking play. We struggled to get going in the game and they soon scored again. At half time we were down but not out. We came back in the second half and defended better to keep the Jags out and started scoring our own touchdowns. We ended the game as losers but only 1 touchdown and finished the stronger team.


    After our group games had finished we were happy to find out we had qualified for the quarter finals. Our next opponents were decided based on seedings from all of the group games and it turned out we were due to play the Jaguars again. We learnt a lot in our first encounter with them and were buoyed by the fact that we finished the game as the stronger team. We planned our new approach to the game, set a game plan and stuck to it. We took an early lead, then conceded before taking the lead again. We were approaching the final minutes of the game and won possession knowing that if we kept the ball we would win. We couldn't quite run down the clock though and the Jags won possession with about 30 seconds left. We stayed calm and focussed and saw the game out to win 12-6 and go through to the semi finals.


    In the semi finals we were up against a team from Manchester representing the Vikings. As expected games were getting tougher as we progressed further into the competition but we were growing into games as well. At the end of a close first half of flag football we found ourselves a touchdown down. In the second half though, things went from bad to worse as we made a few mistakes which we couldn't rectify and ended up losing the by 5 touchdowns.


    At the start of the day we would have been over the moon to reach the semi finals and were very proud of our achievements, but now knowing how close we were we couldn't help but be disappointed. Still, it really was a huge achievement and each of our team conducted themselves brilliantly today as they cemented themselves as the joint 3rd best flag football team in the whole of the UK. Well done everyone.

  • New organisation at lunchtime for pupils with special diets

    Fri 01 Jul 2022 Clare Haines

    Changes and improvements have been made by ISS  to better care for pupils who require a special diet due to a medical condition, intolerance or allergy.

    • A new chef, Zee, has been employed to  prepare, cook and serve pupils who have a special diet menu
    • A new single service point in main dining hall, starts Monday, (where puddings used to be served)
      • Pupils wear their wristbands to identify that a special diet is needed 
      • Our staff take pupils who have a special diet to the new service area, and  Zee. This includes those who eat in the main hall
      • Zee will serve the pupil from the new service point, including their desert & their salad. The pupil then  eats with rest of their class.
    • For all other children  who eat in the dining hall, puddings will move to next to main dish counter. 

    If your child has a dietary need and does not currently eat a school meal. You can complete a special diet referral form here, please return to Jacqui Lacey. 

  • This week's Reading Celebrations- Even more Platinum Certificates awarded!

    Fri 01 Jul 2022 P. Whaley

    Pupils at Fielding demonstrate a real love for Reading and reading habits are exemplary across the school. The impact of this can be seen in the end of year outcomes in the subject and the number of pupils each week who receive Reading certificates in their reward assemblies.


    Even more pupils at Fielding have been awarded Bronze, Silver, Gold and even Platinum Reading Awards this week. These are achieved for pupils having read  5, 10, 15 or 25 books from their year group recommended reading lists and completing response activities (from the options provided in their reading record). Response activities can be submitted to class teachers on Teams under their class notebook, in the recommended reading section or handed in to their class teachers in person. We look forward to celebrating more reading achievements next week! 


    You can view your child's current recommended reading list when you sign their reading record or click on this link and scroll to the bottom of the page. English | Fielding Primary School. In preparation for next academic year, teachers have updated the  lists to include even more of a diverse range. These can also be viewed by following the above link. These will be published in your child’s new reading record which they will receive in September.


    £1500 has been spent on new book stock in the KS1 and KS2 libraries and books are flying off the shelves! More graphic novels are in the process of being purchased due to their popularity! Children have had an opportunity to look at the new books during their timetabled library sessions with our school librarian, Mrs Hodge, and will continue to be able to borrow books to bring home. Please do ensure that your child remembers to return the books once they have finished reading them so that others can enjoy them.


    It is important that you continue to take the time to read daily with and/or listen to your child read for 20 minutes and sign their reading record. This is invaluable as it instils a love of reading amongst our pupils and essential to teachers as they continue to monitor the books that their pupils are reading at home and recommend new books based on their interests. 

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