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Fielding Primary School and Nursery

A committed team

All adults who work at Fielding, whatever their role, are committed to supporting children and work hard as a team to give our children the best possible start in life.

Last updated: 6th September 2019


Peter Dunmall, Head teacher (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Clare Haines, Deputy Head teacher (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Upper Phase, Years 5 & 6

Omar Kausar, Teacher 6H

Laura Stabler, Assistant Head teacher, 6F

Mahreen Olakara, Teacher, 6P

Faye Allen, Year Leader 6S


Hafsa Bhatti, Teacher 5H

Amanda Calver, Year Leader 5F

Veemi Jhurree, Teacher 5P

Ellen Watson, Teacher 5S


Agnes Kraweic, Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Angela Cameron, Teaching Assistant

Amanda Hodge, Teaching Assistant

Sam Slattery, Teaching Assistant

Stacy Fleary, Teaching Assistant

Sharon Pitcher, Teaching Assistant

Phil Kennedy, Playworker

Roxanne Stock, Playworker

Middle Phase, Years 3 & 4

Amy Timmins, Teacher 4H

Jason McConnachie, Year Leader 4F

Elizabeth Cowing, Teacher 4P

Jamie Lewis, Assistant Head teacher 4S


Ben Bloomfield, Teacher 3H

Huda Mohammed, Teacher 3F

Sadie Augustine, Teacher 3P

Kirstin Oliver, Year Leader 3S


Amanda Gleeson, Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Natalyia Tsebriy, Teaching Assistant

Sam Slattery, Teaching Assistant

Aisha Dualeh, Playworker

Asia Hersi, Playworker

Lower Phase, Years 1 & 2

Corinne Tate, Assistant Head teacher 2H

Philippa Whaley, Year Leader 2F

Reena Patel, Teacher 2P

Patricia Sammon, Teacher 2S


Claire Hopkins & Georgina Robinson, Teachers 1H

Piper Renfree, Teacher 1F

Sophie Ghoul, Year Leader 1P

Rachelle Francis-Dottin 1S


Desha Gill, Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Jacqueline Keeler, Teaching Assistant

Sharon Pitcher, Teaching Assistant

Ahlam Hasan, Teaching Assistant

Eun Young Kim, Teaching Assistant

Early Years, Reception & Nursery


Elli Tsoukala, Teacher RH

Laura Watts, Teacher RF

Karim Bustillos, Teacher RP

Kristien Webb, Assistant Head teacher & Year Leader RS


Karin Akuffo, Teaching Assistant

Sarabjit Kaur Hayre, Teaching Assistant

Sonal Manani, Early Years Practitioner

Sam O'Neil, Early Years Practitioner

Jacqueline Wadge, Teaching Assistant



Terry McEvoy, Nursery Assistant Head Teacher & Leader

Tracy Cherry, Nursery Manager (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Person)

Katie May, Nursery Teacher & SEN Lead

Jenny Eastwood,  Nursery Admissions & Absence


Geeti Mirbaz, Early Years Practitioner

Michelle Nembhard, Early Years Practitioner

Pryenka Karki, Early Years Practitioner

Neelma Ahmed, Nursery Teaching Assistant

Lisa McCormack, Nursery Teaching Assistant

Suvita Kumar, Nursery Teaching Assistant

Jolanta Serrano, Nursery Teaching Asisstant

Sabirah Kaur, Nursery Teaching Assistant

Sarabjit Sahota, Nursery Teaching Assistant

Kayleigh Wheeler, Nursery Cover Teaching Assistant 

Siobhan Colville*, Lead Nursery Playworker

Regina Belaid, Nursery Playworker

Neide Da Silva, Nursery Playworker

Anna Donne, Nursery Playworker

Bushra Noordin*, Nursery Playworker

Angela Ramnath-Budhram, Nursery Playworker

Laxmi Singh, Nursery Playworker

Samra Farooqi, Nursery Playworker

Debbie Foster, Nursery Playworker

* these members of staff also work in the main school during lunchtime.

Inclusion Team

Claire Chadwick, SENDCo

Narinder Reehal, Learning Mentor

Learning Support Assistants

Who work with named pupils who have additional needs

Agne Bariulaitiene

Angela Cameron

Ahlam Hassan

Amon Colburn

Christine Erodokridou

Katey Shaw

Paulina Lepko

Sarabjit Sahota

Snezhina Pelovska

Sharon Pitcher

Samantha Slattery

Specialist & Other Teachers

Ellie Lock, Gardening Teaching Assistant

Maria Neil-Smith, Music Teacher

Sogol Mahvelati, French Teacher

Dan Thomas, PE Teacher

Ashley Winn, PE Instructor


Hasan Taraboulsi, Cover Supervisor

Amy Zurbrugg, Cover Supervisor

Administration & Site Team

Órla Donlon, HR, Attendance & Office Manager

Clare Dunne, Receptionist & Attendance

Sarah Holdaway, Receptionist & Admissions

Ciaran McGann, Facilities Manager

Jane Peterson, Finance Manager

Piotr Pykalo, Assistant Caretaker

Breakfast, After-School & Holiday Club Team

Karen Esprit, Manager (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Person)

Aisha Dualeh*, Senior Playworker

Muhubo Sharmake*, Childcare Administrator, Senior Playworker

Rugiya Abdurahim, Senior Playworker

Angela Cameron

Asia Hersi*

Philip Kennedy*

Patricia Owen

Samantha Slattery

Roxanne Stock*

Natalyia Tsebriy

Eun Young Kim*

Jacqui Lacey*

Niamh Hammocks

Sarabjit Sahota

* these members of staff also work in the main school during lunchtime and afternoons.

Lunchtime Staff

Jacqui Lacey, Lunchtime Leader (Welfare)

Debbie Foster, Dining Supervisor

Laura Burrows, Dining Supervisor

Amon Colburn, Dining Supervisor

Carol Hipgrave, Dining Supervisor

Other Roles

Phil Kennedy, Leader of Play 


We are a partner in the Ealing Primary Teaching School Alliance.  As a partner we are committed to working with others to raise standards through school-to-school support.  Collaboration within and beyond our school is at our heart.

The Alliance provides high quality initial teacher training, based in school, and continuing professional development for teachers and school leaders.

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