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We love sport at Fielding and work very hard to provide children with lots of opportunity to take part in as much as possible. We have our constellation tournaments which the whole school takes part in, our lunchtime challenges which the whole school has the opportunity to take part in and we have our sports teams who represent Fielding in competition. BUT... we know so many of our children play sport and enter competitions outside of school and we want to celebrate that too and that is where Fielding Sporting Stars comes in.


So here's how it works...

1: Take part in any sporting competition or event outside of school.

2: Make sure you get some photos! These can be of you taking part during an event, at the start or end of competition or holding up any trophies or medals etc.

3: Write up a short journalistic piece of writing using Word about the event and your achievements (this can be done by parents or children, just remember the authors name at the end!)

4: Send the report and any photos you would like published on the school website to with the subject heading 'Fielding Sporting Star'.

5: Wait for it to be published.



Eve - 6H - Ealing Mini Mile Race - 25th September 2022

Congratulations to Eve for taking part in the Mini Mile race on 25th September. She was the 5th girl within the 10-year-old age range with a race time of 7.17 Well done!



18th July 2022 - Naima, 2H


In July Naima competed in her first gymnastics competition at Heathrow gymnastics club and came 3rd place! She was a little bit nervous at first but once she got over the nerves she did a brilliant job! Naima 2H


18th July 2022 - Mia, 5H

I just wanted to share this fantastic achievement of Mia at the Joyce Butler dance school ( where many of our fielding children go to ).


Mia did some amazing shows yesterday and earned the Carter cup for endeavour for the huge effort she’s done to learn all her dances, always smiling and patient.



6th October 2021 - Sofia, Year 5 and Sami, Year 2

Sofia  and Sami both ran the Ealing mini-mile on Saturday and have raised over £1000 for charity. They both loved it although were tired at the end. This is the second time they have done it, they raised a similar amount two years ago for a children’s charity.

27th September 2021 - Leo, Shems, Joseph, Ben, Serena, Miral & Alex (3H)

Look at us! We did run a mini mile on Saturday 25th! We are so proud to have taken part to race, did some pretty amazing time, and raised £210 for the PTFA!!

13th September 2021 - Lottie, Year 5

I have just taken part in my first swimming gala against other swimming clubs. I got a medal for each race I swam, butterfly, freestyle and IM. I am especially proud of my silver medal for 50m butterfly. It was hard work and I was nervous before my races, but it was really fun to do. 


10th September 2021 - Marcus, Year 6


In the summer holidays I went to the Lake District and I took part in a country fair fell race for U11s. It was 1400 metres long with 50 metres total climb up a hill. I came second by about half a second (I completed it in 6:24 and the boy who got first place completed it in a little under that). I came second because the other boy had done it before and knew the course and tactics better than me. He also knew how to come down a steep hill when it was torrentially raining a lot faster than me. Here is a picture of me after I have just run the race and when I got my second place trophy.  

7th September 2021 - Miral, Year 3


20th July 2021 - Tommy, 5H

Tommy played a much more active role in Ealing Cricket Club this year getting into the Under 10 A’s who were unbeaten in their league games. He was selected for the Borough squad gaining great experience against top players across London. He has played a lot of cricket matches this year! He also got into the cup semi finals with Ealing United FC and was Player of the Year with his team U10 Blues. 


This is Tommy getting his first Borough cap. 


19th July 2021 - Evie, 4S and Euan, 2P

My brother and I competed in Heathrow Gymnastics Club Championship in July 2021. We both used lots of different apparatus like the floor, vault and bars. It was his first club champs and my third so he was really nervous beforehand but he did really well and came fifth. I came first and I was really proud, my best score was on my floor routine.


21st June 2021 - Casper and Romain, Year 6

Casper and Romain’s football team - Ealing United Blues-played their cup final in the under 11’s Middlesex youth league cup yesterday. It was a close and very exciting game. They were 1-0 down at half time and came back to win 3-2. They haven’t lost all season. A real team effort. A great end to the season and this year in particular they have missed out on so much - it was brilliant that they were able to play and finish the season.

6th June 2021 - Alya, 6S and Eve, 4H

This half term Alya and Eve climbed Ben Nevis - the highest mountain in Scotland and the UK. 


We were lucky with the weather. It was amazing to have a snowball fight at the top. 


They also did some rock climbing.

19th April 2021 - Miral, 2H

I have attended an Easter Football Camp. I have really enjoyed learning new skills and challenging myself. At the end of the camp, my team won the tournament. I did few good saves and tackles. I am proud of myself.

10th December 2020 - Liv, 4S

I completed with my dad and Family a virtual 10K raising funds for the Ealing food bank.

I did it in 3 runs in 4 days. The first one was had because I am not used to run. The last one was also hard because it was night and cold. I am proud of myself because I did not give up.

12th October 2020 - Aidan, 6P

I have completed this years Ealing Half Marathon virtual challenges. Normally I do the Mini Mile which I love doing but my Mum suggested we do the virtual challenges together instead. We got off to a great start running through and between parks but then I broke my thumb and wasn’t allowed to run. I didn’t let that stop me though and we walked the last few parks and miles to finish both challenges.

7th July 2020 - Sav, 4F

Sav has started to practice basketball these past few weeks. She kept trying and trying until she managed to get the ball through the hoop! She’s very pleased with herself as this was something she could never do before. 

19th June 2020 - Talya, 4S

Talya in 4S would like to share this picture of her running a mile around Elthorne Park in 8 minutes. She has been doing a mile run almost every day to stay fit for football. 

Great job Talya, keep up the good work.


8th June 2020 - Sophia, 2F

Still image for this video
Wow, some fantastic yoga on show here from Sophia in Year 2. Being able to control your body like that is not easy! Well done!

21st May 2020 - Alex and Luke, 6F and 4P

Still image for this video
What a great game the boys have invented here! How many baskets can you score in a minute as a team? Who can score the most in a 1v1? Well done!

21st May 2020 - Marcus, 4P

Marcus has been getting outside most mornings to run a mile route close to his house and was very pleased with his fastest run of 6 minutes and 46 seconds. Fantastic mile time, huge well done!

30th April 2020 - Bay, 4F

Still image for this video
Great 1 handed throw and catch here Bay - 27 consecutive catches! Can anybody beat that?

23rd April 2020 - Lachie and Grace, 4H and 6S

Grace and Lachie have set up a YouTube channel with their first fitness class, Garden Olympics events, etc. They've only set it up this past week, and they are very proud of their first fitness class.

Check out their channel, 'Extreme Twins', for help staying active at home!

22nd April 2020 - Erin, RP

This is Erin Donnelly, age 4 3/4, from reception class RP. She has earned her sporting star by cycling 5 miles for the first time, without complaining the whole way! This was part of her once a day exercise outside, she’s getting really strong on her bike with all this practice!

20th April 2020 - Bay, 4F

Still image for this video
Bay it looks like you will definitely be ready for the Netball team next year if you keep this up! Great effort, well done!

16th April 2020 - Ryad, 4F

Still image for this video
Wow, thank you for your video Ryad. It looks like you have been working very hard and your even keeping your big brother busy as well, very impressive!

16th April 2020 - James 4P

Still image for this video
'James is enjoying your weekly challenges. He’s also been trying to do the Andy Murray 100 volley challenge which is harder than at first appears!'
Great effort James, I'm assuming it took a lot of perseverance to complete that challenge - well done!

14th April 2020 - Salahudeen, 4F

Still image for this video
Well done to Salahudeen who has been making up his own fitness circuits to do at home!

13th April 2020 - Maggie, 4F

Well done to Maggie who has been going for a 1 hour bike ride every evening to keep fit and active.




9th April 2020 - Georgie, 3H

Well done to Georgie in Year 3 for staying active at home by doing some Cosmic Yoga - even with Roscoe the dog doing his best to distract her!


30th March 2020, Savi 4F

Still image for this video
'Savi has been working incredibly hard to stay fit. She’s been doing dancing, boxing and online fitness videos'

2nd March 2020 - Simon, 5P

When I went to the judo competitions I felt worried that I won’t do good enough, and when I went up to fight I felt a bit nervous. My judo teacher told me I probably won’t win anything because it was my first judo competition, but at the end of my first one I earned a bronze trophy. Now I went to two competitions and in both of them I came 3rd.


24th February 2020 - Ruth, 3P

I have done 5 judo competitions and won five gold medals and two best girls and I won best girl in the annual awards at my club.  It always feel nerve-wracking when you’re about to go up for your fight.


9th January 2020 - William, 3S

My son William in 3S just received his purple belt in karate after his grading. He worked so hard with lots of extra practice and is very proud of his achievement. 


7th January 2020, Grace 6S

I won overall champion for my age group at the Ealing Swimming Club Annual Championships in December. My best races were front crawl, backstroke and individual medley. I won all three. And I came second in my other two events -- breaststroke and butterfly. It was great fun and I now have lots of gold and silver medals!


7th January 2020 - Lachlan, 4H

I was really excited to be invited to Chelsea’s Keeper Wars before Christmas. It was so much fun, and I won nearly every match. I played about 20 two-minute matches in two hours! The most exciting thing was winning Under 9s champion and getting a big trophy. And sitting in real Chelsea player benches!


16th December 2019 - Alex and Miral, 1H

We took part to the Heathrow Gymnastics Christmas show. We did two performances on school days and weekends. We did beautiful routines, and enjoyed performing for our families and friends!


16th December 2019 - Fielding United, Y6

We got together to play a top bins 5-side in Lammas park every Friday after school.  We named the team Fielding United and we organise our team formation and game tactics, without any coaches.

We played a Final on Friday 13th December. Despite playing very well, the lucky star didn’t assist us. We secured a second position this term, but we are determined to get the trophy we well deserve next term! Come to watch us!!!

We are also proud that our mate Aram got a trophy for top scorer!


18th November - Kieran, 4H

This Saturday (16 November 2019) I played two contact rugby matches for Ealing Trailfinders U9 at Twickenham Stadium. 

In my first game, I scored 2 tries, made some good tackles and helped the team to a great performance and win. In the second game, we played well but lost narrowly.

It was a great day out and a lovely experience that I will not forget.



15th November 2019 - Finlay, 2H

Last Sunday I did my first dualathon at Hillingdon Triathlon Club. It was a run-bike-run and was over 2 miles long. I received a medal, a hat and chocolate. I loved it and I want to do more.



14th November 2019 - Mia, 4P

On the weekend I took part in a karate tournament. I came 2nd in fighting and won 6-0 twice meaning I won silver with my team. I felt so proud, I got to stand on the block and also received the girl shield. This was my 3rd karate tournament.



6th November 2019 - Chiara, 2H and Lissandro, 5H

On Saturday 12th October, as a family we ran the 5km RBC Race for the Kids in support of Great Ormond Street Hospital. It was our first time running such a race with over 10,000 participants and it was such an amazing experience we enjoyed it so much.

We were so proud to be part of this amazing!


£1 million was raised for the seriously ill children!

I (Chiara) was so excited to do the race as I trained really hard. I managed to run without stopping and passing the finish line in 36 minutes!

Also, in order to respect the environment, the medals were made out of wood and no plastic water bottles were given.

Hope to see many of you running with us next year!




1st November 2019 - Isaac, 3H

I did a run on the 28th September 2019. I stopped 2 times and I beat 3 people in my class. Afterwards I felt tired and happy.

28th October 2019 - James, 4H

James got a last minute place in the Ealing district Scouts annual swimming gala which he was pleased about as he loves swimming. He swam freestyle in the 9s and under age group and came 2nd in the first heat to get into the final. After starting well and despite swimming into his neighbour he came 4th. All without goggles. We are so proud! 

15th October 2019 - Louis, 5S

On September, 28th, Louis run his 4th Ealing Mini Mile in Lammas Park. Despite feeling a bit under the weather that week, he did really well, coming in 9th place with a time of 6:46. He was very proud of his achievement. 

4th October 2019 - Maggie, RS

I was very excited to run the Ealing Mini Mile on Saturday 28 September and to be awarded my first ever medal!

4th October 2019 - Max, 2S

Here’s a photo of me with my medal after successfully completing the Ealing Mini Mile on Saturday 28 September.

1st October 2019 - Adam, 5P

Adam earned his karate brown belt white stripe over the summer.


Adam also ran the Ealing mini mile for the  3rd time.


Adam says “I am really proud of my sporting achievements”.



30th September 2019 - Max, 6P and Bella, 3P

We love the mini mile!  This year we both chose to run for our Grandad,  to raise money for Parkinson’s Disease.

30th September 2019 - Alya, 5S

Alya was proud to be the fastest 9 year old girl in the 2019 Ealing mini mile with a time of 6.51. 


30th September 2019 - Zach, 5P

On 28th September 2019 I completed the Ealing  Mini mile and came in 5th place.

30th September 2019 - Miral, 1H

Saturday I run my first Mini Mile in the family run. My daddy run with me and we did very well, but I beat him and finished before him. I arrived 7/85 girls. I am very proud of myself and all the friends who took part.

13th September 2019 - Max, 2S

On Sunday 8th September, I completed my 21st parkrun in Pitshanger Park and was awarded a green Marathon wristband. I also managed a new PB of 11 minutes and 19 seconds.

4th September 2019 - Alya, 5S and Eve, 3H

This summer Alya (5S) and Eve (3H) headed to the Lake District and climbed Scafell Pike, the highest mountain in England. 


They crossed a waterfall and spent a lot of time climbing in cloud but agreed it was well worth it and the sun came out at the top. 


15th July 2019 - Mabel, 2H

On Monday 8th July I did my ballet Primary exam at the Royal Academy of Dance in Battersea. I had to practice at home and in extra ballet lessons because I had to remember it all. There were four of us dancing together and we had to go in front of the examiner for 30 minutes without our mums or our teacher. I was a bit nervous but it was fun too. I will find out the results in the summer. 

15th July 2019 - Stan, 5S

I was really happy with how my football season at Hanwell Town FC Under 10s went. I was given two trophies at the ceremony, one for being part of the team and one for Most Improved Player. There were three main awards so I was really proud to get one of them. 

28th June 2019 - Toby, 6P

Last weekend I was selected to play for the Borough of Ealing U14 Hockey team at the London Youth Games.


We played group matches against Hillingdon, Westminster, Barnet and Southwark.


Most of the other teams players were in Year 9, but Ealing’s team was a lot younger. We only came away with one win against Barnet, but I was pleased as I scored both the goals. We then lost on penalties in the Plate competition to the eventual winners.


It was a great experience to play with and against older boys and hopefully I will get more chances to go to the London Youth Games in the future.

27th June 2019 - Isla, 3S

I play for a football team called Old Actonians I have met lots of people who are now my friends. We won this match 7-3. I have become a better and stronger player and I can't wait for next season ⚽️

26th June 2019 - Jack, 6H

Jack was named as player of the year for Grasshoppers RUFC this year. He was awarded it for his ability to tackle hard, elusive running and leading from the front, we are very proud of him.

24th June 2019 - Ruth, 2P

I took part in the Osterley Judo Club Under 8s Festival.  I did three fights.  It was really nerve-racking because some people before me got hurt.  My first fight was really long and tough because we were very evenly matched.  I won Gold medal for my weight group and Best Girl trophy across the competition.

21st June 2019 - Tom, 2P

I have scored 7 points in my first karate tournament. On my way I was super nervous. In my first fight I stepped on to the mat. I bowed and then I was off. My opponent charged at me. I quickly did a roundhouse kick. It got his head! I scored three points. Next he charged at me. I scored a reverse punch. 1 point! Again he charged. I got him in the head with another roundhouse kick. I won 7-0. In my next round I lost 4-0. I came third in my category and won a bronze medal.

19th June 2019 - Tom, 2S

This was my first judo competition and before it started I felt a bit nervous. There were 3 people in my group so I had to do 2 fights and I won both! The second one was tough but I managed to do it. When I found out I had won a gold medal, I was very proud of myself.


12th June 2019 - Ruth, 2P

On Saturday Ruth competed in the Osterley Judo Club U8 Festival.  She won Gold in her group and the trophy for Best Girl across the competition.

10th June 2019 - Izzy, 6H

A couple of weeks ago I took part in filming for 'MOTD Can You Kick It' on for CBBC. First I was filmed behind the scenes doing various skills and interviews. Then in I went into a massive hanger where the skills course was set up. There was a big camera rig and tons of production crew and camera people running around. Here, I was interviewed by the shows presenters, Sam and Mark about nerves etc.


After this I had to tackle the skills course which was brilliant. I did really well but not sure if I will make it through to the top 10 and go to finals as the standard was very high. The final obstacle was to kick a ball through a narrow moving target and my ball went in, rolled around and then came back out the same side so it didn't win me a points reduction. Had it gone through I would have had a better chance of making the top 10!


The show is on TV later in the year and I am hoping that I make I make the final cut! Even if I don't make it on to the final cut of the show, it was an amazing experience!



3rd June 2019 - Finn, 3S

For the last 3 years I have played for Ealing United. This season the under 8 blues  came second in the league and got through to the semi finals of the cup. I love playing for Ealing united because I have made lots of friends and some people in my class play for Ealing united and some more in my year, and making friends is fun. We only lost 5 games won every other game this season.  

16th May 2019 - Bella, 2P

I had a great time at my Twisters gymnastics show. I practiced a lot and could do back to bridge from standing in the show. They let off a huge confetti firework at the end of the show because we had worked so hard.

14th May 2019 - Frankie, 6P

I love playing football and would love to be a footballer when I grow up.


I was in the football squad at Fielding over the last two years and persevered turning up at training whatever the weather and getting up early to do so because of my love of the game.


I’ve been chosen to play in the Brentford FC Under 11’s training squad and luckily, have had the opportunity to be coached by amazing professional football coaches. The result of this great training was a chance to represent Brentford under 11’s to play against Oxford United and Aldershot town.


I played 4 games as a forward and won two games, drew one and lost another, but played well in all games and I was even voted man of the match in the third game and my coach said I was the ‘playmaker'!


I am going to play against MK Dons & Reading FC in the half term and am really looking forward to that!


14th May 2019 - Sofian and Aram, 5S

On Sunday 5th May we played the Penn and Tyler football tournament. Our Under 10's team were the winners of the tournament! We did not concede any goals to the other teams and we only drew one match. Aram and me both scored in the third match. In the semi finals we ended up on penalties and were at a disadvantage because we did not have our keeper but at the end we secured the final with four penalties, me and Aram scored 2. The final was tough but again good defence and a great final our team sealed the day and were proclaimed winners!


7th May - Sofian, 5S

I took a few lessons with the Running School to improve my running and balance. As I got taller, I noticed that my running changed and was not efficient as it was. Now I have re-trainer and improved my overall technique. The improved running showed good results at Athletics too. I am continuing with the training in order to increase speed, quickness of feet and turning ability.



29th April 2019 - Jude, 1P

Jude is a junior member at West Middlesex golf club. He is doing really well and recently participated in two competition.

First was the drive chip and putt comp where he won the chipping section. The second one was the Easter Friday inter club match with Wyke Green where his team of 3 won.


29th April 2019 - Evelyn, 5F

In February, Evelyn and her brother wanted to try a new sport - Parkour. We found a gym called Parkour Generations which does indoor and outdoor training sessions in London E14. Evelyn liked the variety of different moves in Parkour, and the ability to leap around parks and literally fly!


In March, we did a family run in Greenwich, as part of a Half-Marathon there. Evelyn had never beaten her mum in a run, but this time she did. We figure it was because she has been running cross-country and doing athletics at Fielding. True to British weather, the sky opened up with hail as we finished the race. 

29th April 2019 - Chiara, 1H and Lissandro, 4H

For the Easter half- term, we went skiing in Avoriaz. We had so much fun and by the end of the week, we both managed to pass the ‘Ourson’ for Chiara and ‘Premiere etoile’ for me!




20th March 2019 - Lucy, 4F

I performed in the 'Stars of Tomorrow' dance competition.  I won first place for my tap solo.  I also came second for my modern solo and third for my song and dance solo. I love to dance. 


27th February 2019 - Aiden, 2F

Here is Aiden in 2F at the end of his 2 hour football training at Blondin Park every Saturday. Aiden enjoys football and gets to train with other Fielding children at this session.

27th February 2019 - Lyla, 4P

Here is a photo of Lyla in 4P at her stage 6 swimming lesson. Over half term Lyla had a race with her Grandad in the pool, he beat her by 1 second, but he is a good swimmer!

25th February 2019 - Bella, 2P

Here is Bella looking very proud of herself having passed her first level at skiing school over half term. This was Bella’s first ever time skiing so she did really well to pass and she was fearless and confident coming down the slopes with great speed and balance.

25th February 2019 - Max, 5P

This half term I went skiing for the first time to Avoriaz which is in the French Alps. I loved skiing and by the end of the week I managed to pass the ‘Flocon’ level and earn my snowflake badge. Here is a video of me coming down a green run super fast. The hardest run I completed was a red run which was really steep.

18 Max

Still image for this video

17th December 2018 - Amelia, 5S

I recently took part in my gymnastics club's Christmas shows. I performed my routine twice and really enjoyed the atmosphere. I'm proud of how much I've progressed since last year's shows.


17th December 2018 - Harry, 3H

I've been doing gymnastics for just under a year and I'm at Intermediate level. I took part in my club's Christmas shows last  week and really enjoyed showing my family all that I've learned so far.


17th December 2018 - Alex, RH

I performed in two shows at my gymnastics club's Christmas extravaganza. I loved the routine and music (Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree) and waving to my family in the audience. I've also recently passed my level 9 in gymnastics skills.


17th December 2018 - Miral, RH

I took part to the Christmas shows at Heathrow Gymnastics and Joyce Butler school of Dance and had a lot of fun. Though the Heathrow gymnastics display was my absolute favourite and gave me loads of butterflies! My family is very proud. My ‘nonni’ from Italy came to watch me too so this was very special!


15th October 2018 - Grace, 5S

I was so surprised when they called my name. I got a gold for freestyle and silver for backstroke. I am very proud of my achievements.😄🥇🥈🏊🏻‍♀️

5th October 2018 - Stanley, 5S

On 29th Sept I ran in the Ealing mini mile for the first time. I really enjoyed it and was pleased with my time of 7mins 57 secs.

4th October 2018 - Louis, 4S

On Saturday, 29th September, I run the Ealing Mini Mile. This was my third time running it. I really enjoy taking part of the Mini Mile as this is such a fun event. I also like to challenge myself. I wanted to beat my time from last year so I made sure I was in a good position at the start line and stayed focused. I'm very proud to say that I did it! I finished in 4th place with a time of 6 minutes and 49 seconds! I was feeling tired by the end but gave my best and it was worth it. I'm very happy!

3rd October 2018 - Roshni, 2P and Ishaan, 1F

On Saturday 29 September, we took part in the Ealing mini mile. It was the first time we had done this or anything like it and we are so proud that we did it and finished. We both ran the mile in about 12 and a half minutes.


Ishaan says "I ran really fast and Daddy couldn't keep up with me!"


Roshni says "I ran on my own and I was so excited. I am really proud of myself!


2nd October 2018 - Charlotte, 3H

On Saturday 29 September I ran the Ealing Mile. A lot of people went to the front line at the start as they want to get a better time and I was one of them! My time was 9 minutes 48 seconds and that was my best time yet. At the start I felt like I wanted to do my best and beat my PB. The hardest bit was the last bit where there was a hill and I was tired. I felt very proud when I got my medal and ran to my parents, and I was very happy.

2nd October 2018 - Henry, 6S

On Saturday 29 September I ran the Ealing Mile and got my best time yet. When I found out I had got 6 minutes 50 seconds I was very proud of myself and for the training I did to achieve it. During the race I had many strategies, like running on the side of the path so I could overtake people more easily, and all I thought was ‘keep running’.

13th September 2018 - Issy, 6H

Over the summer holidays I was selected to join QPR U12 girls football team along with my friend Lily. We won our first league match 4-2 last week and I scored a goal and did an assist. Last season I trained with Chelsea U12 girls and in a big tournament against lots of other clubs and I was the top goal scorer. I was also the only girl in Ealing selected to play for the District team with 13 boys!


This year I’m so excited to be captain of the girls school football team and looking forward to a great season ahead!


12th September 2018 - Lily, 6S

During the summer holidays, I was selected to play in the Arsenal girls U11's squad against a visiting US team. This was my first international fixture so I could not wait to play! The game was tough and we ended up losing to a fantastic visiting team but I scored twice and provided two assists. I was also awarded Goal of the Match by the Arsenal coaches. I've been asked to play in another international match for Arsenal against a visiting Polish team end of September so I'm looking forward to that too!


11th September 2018 - Anoushka, 4H

Across the spring and summer, I took part in a series of LTA county tournaments called the Babolat Mini Masters and won enough points to be amongst the eight girls and nine boys who qualified for the Finals at Paddington Recreation Grounds on Sunday 15th July.

The day of the Finals was blazing hot and I had to play and beat each of the girls, but after some pretty tough matches - a string of wins meant that I was ultimately named Girls Champion 2018! 


11th September 2018 - Oskaras, 5P

I had opportunity to be part of the biggest Tigers Challenge festival in 2018 with 215 teams from all over UK. I was playing for Ealings Trailfinders Rugby Club U10. It was a tough three days of competing against other UK teams .There were many trys scored throughout the tournament by many players, but the main key to success was team play. We took 3rd place. After the tournament we headed off to the venue for the award presentation. This year the awards were presented by Leicester Tiger Lock, Mike Williams, Neil Black and Freddie Tuilagi. It was very nice to be on a stage with my team to receive the trophy and medal.


11th September 2018 - Ona, 3H

I love rhythmic gymnastic a lot ,its my favorite sport. On 16th of July I have been accessed to check my progress at Ennis Gymnastic Academy . I had to show my rhythmic gymnastic skills ,dance and choreography routine . I've been amazed to receive Level 3 Award.


6th September 2019, Alya 4S and Eve 2H

Alya and Eve climbed up to a refuge at 2,148 meters in the Swiss Alps this Summer.

Eve said ‘it was really fun and there were markers which looked like dwarfs to show the route’ Alya said ‘the zip line at the top was fantastic’


6th September 2019 - Noah, 6S

On Sunday 19th August I played cricket at the Lords Nursery Ground in the final of the Gubby Allen cup competition. This is the competition for every U10 team in Middlesex. About a month before, Ealing CC (my team) competed in a semi finals day against Harrow CC, Hampstead CC, Holtwhites Trinibis CC and Richmond CC. Richmond CC and Ealing CC won all their first 3 games so it went down to a decider which we won quite comfortably. This meant we were on are way to Lords the home of cricket. It was a long wait but the day finally came. As the captain I got to do the toss, which we won and I chose to bat. It was twenty over pairs format and we scored 102 despite one of our best batsman getting out on the first ball of the game. So Primrose Hill CC needed 103 to win for what looked like a good game. We bowled very well and fielded very well by getting all five of our wickets from run outs, most notably Nathan’s run out with a direct hit from very far out with just a couple of overs left. So they needed 13 off the last over. The first five balls went for 8 runs and that meant Primrose Hill needed a four of the last ball to tie or a six to win. It was a very good ball and we got a run out. This was the first time Ealing had won the competition in 19 years.


17th July 2018 - Fielding Wreckers, Year 4

We had a fantastic season at TopBins five a side. We started in September as one team and grew into two teams. We had two strong girls in the team, Zoe and Ellie who were amazing at defending. We have played against strong teams and committed through cold weather, snow and heat. We didn’t win the first position, but had Aram who made us proud by winning the top scorer trophy with 49 goals! We are proud of our results and to have demonstrated strong sportsmanship.


17th July 2018 - Fielding Foxes (Daniel Green, Daniel Degen-James, James, Marcus, Nour, Quincy and Maddox) - 2F and 2P

We formed a football team called Fielding Foxes and we have been playing 5-a-side football matches every Friday after school in Lammas Park. We have really enjoyed our games and have been the winners of our league every term. James also won the top scorer trophy. Chris, our main coach, and Issy, assistant coach, have been amazing and given us lots of encouragement. We are all very excited for the next season!


10th July 2018 - Sahar, Jasmine, Chloe, Lilah, Teagan, Sara, Grace, Alya, Isla and Charlotte, Year 3 and 4

On Sunday 1st July Miss Reena's Grade 1 students all took their ballet exam at the Royal Academy of Dance in Battersea. These students are all from Year 3 & 4 and went in groups of three or four at a time, most have done ballet at Fielding since Enpoint first started running lessons but this is their last term as Fielding cannot offer Grade 2 onsite. All the girls have done extra lessons on Sundays to prepare for the exam so their commitment has been great.


Chloe, 3S says: "I was a bit nervous and excited but being with my friends was fun and I was proud to do my best"




4th July 2018 - Grace, 4S

I went to my Club Championships at Heathrow Gymnastics Club on Monday. I'm in the Advanced class and we had to compete in Bars, Beam, Floor, Vault and also present an individual tumbling skill (I did a round off back handspring). When we had done all of that, the judges added up all of our scores. Then we had the medal ceremony and I got third place! I feel really pleased and proud of what I've achieved.


20th June 2018 - Anoushka, 3H

I really love tennis and have been taking lessons at Ealing Lawn Tennis Club since I was 5. I now play at least three times a week and hope to try out for the Middlesex Youth Squad next year. In the meantime, I’ve started playing in a few tournaments, most recently the Babolat Mini Masters. Last weekend at the Carlisle Park competition I was very proud to be voted ‘Best Girl’ by the event organisers; receiving a certificate and prize. I’m really looking forward to the summer where I get to go to ‘Sports Camp’ and play tennis every day!


11th June 2018 - Sofian, 4S

I was awarded the trophy for the most improved player in my team at Hanwell Town. The coach chose to give me this award because I have been playing in a new position and delivered my best in the whole season. My passion for football continues!


11th June 2018 - Jude, RP

Jude took part in his first golf tournament on Sunday and did really well. He has been playing golf for approximately 6 months, takes part in group lessons every Sunday and is a member at West Midd Golf Club. He is doing really really well just like his brother Charlie. His tournament took part over 3 holes of the golf course and he came 2nd overall. During a presentation, he received a medal, a pack of golf balls and a certificate and is very pleased with himself.


8th June 2018 - Lily, 5S

I played in an all day girls Football Festival during half term for the U12's QPR Manager. We beat seven other teams to finish top of our group and gain a place in the knock out stages. We played so well as a team and ended up winning the final! We didn't lose one game or concede a goal all day which was a great achievement. I also loved playing alongside my Fielding girls football team mate and friend Izzy.

I also played in a six aside tournament for Arsenal Women FC but unfortunately we got knocked out in the quarter finals. We played a lot of very tough matches but it was a great day and I was very proud to represent Arsenal.

I already can't wait for the new season of girls football at Fielding although I'll be so sad to see so many of my Y6 team mates and friends leave the team.


25th May 2018 - Toby, 5P

I play hockey for Ealing Hockey Club. We train on Sundays and often have matches against other clubs. Last month, I was very pleased to be named ‘u10 Player of the Year’ for which I was given a trophy. I play as a forward on the left wing, and have managed to score and set up a few goals this season. At the end of the season I was selected to play in a tournament against the best clubs in Middlesex. We just missed out on getting to the Semi Finals but we still did well as we’ve only been playing together as team for about a year.

8th May 2018 - Charlotte and Lucy, 3F

Me and Lucy won a cup from Ealing Dance Festival at St. Benedict's School. We won the cup for our dance which was a modern duet but the bad news was that we had to share it with another dance school. We have been practising our dance for almost a year. Afterwards we felt very proud of ourselves as there were 10 schools in our section and we were chosen ahead of all of them. Next time we want to improve our dance by improving eye contact and spicing things up a bit with some more dance steps!

16th March 2018 - Adriana, 5S

On Sunday 25th February I went to a competition called 1st London Rhythmic Gymnastics Championsip! I did two routines, that was free and rope.I came 1st in both routines, I was level 3 U10. I was vs 11 girls.


21st February 2018 - Alice and Eleanor, 2H

During half-term we went to our amazing Pony Club. That is where we have been going since we were three years old.  For the first time, the instructor said we would do a competition, including an obstacle course and a rising trot race.  We also had to muck out smelly stables, ride wonderful horses and brush messy ponies.  Before we did Half-Scissors we did something called an Around the World.  The horses we rode were called Rhana and Hedgehog: Rhana is a little lazy and Hedgehog is extremely bouncy.  We were so proud to receive our fantastic rosettes – 1st and 2nd place – when we had finished the tricky race. 


5th February 2018 - Lottie, 2S

On 24th November 2017 I took my Royal Academy of Dance Primary exam in Ballet.  I have just got back my certificate to find out that I got a Merit! I am very happy and my family are extremely proud of me.  I am especially excited as the certificate is signed by Darcey Bussell CBE!


9th January 2018 - Aram, 4S and Nour, 2F

My younger brother and I took part in the "Cursa de Nadal" (Christmas Race) in Lloret de Mar, Spain. The race was around the athletics track. We both came third in our respective age groups. Granddad said that most of the children running the race run every weekend, so my brother and I were very proud of our result. It was fun and we took home 2 medals each and a bag of treats!




On Boxing Day, my brother and I took part in another race, the “Sant Silvestre Riudellotenca” in Riudellots de la Selva, Spain. Nour ran 600 meters with the under 8’s group and came in third position. He was very fast at the start and when he was getting tired all the family were cheering him on. He did very well! I ran 1km with the 8 – 12 years old group. It was hard as most of the children were older but I managed to come in within the first 10.



9th January 2018 - Miri, 5S

I train with Ealing Southall Middlesex Athletics Club twice a week. On Boxing Day (after some persuasion) I went to the annual ESM race. I won the under 11 girls race and was awarded a giant tube of Jaffa cakes!


11th December 2017 - Lissandro, 3H

Last summer for my 7th birthday I had a big surprise to go deep sea diving for the first time with an instructor for 3 afternoons down to 6 meters in South of France near the Cap d’Agde. It was amazingly cool and I now can not wait to go diving again next summer.


7th November 2017 - Adriana, 5S

I went to Canterbury for competition of RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS, which is also known as CANTERBURY CUP 2017!!! I got the 1st place in free routine, the 3rd place in hoop routine and the 1st place overall( you can only get a trophy if your first). I am on level 3 under 10. I was VS 9 girls from my level. I was so proud of myself and my family was really happy for me!!! I was also proud of our club, they all girls got medals in different levels!!!


6th November 2017 - Aiden, 5P

Today, I took part in my second ever karate tournament. I have been doing karate since Year 1 and it is my passion. I have attained a green belt. The first competition I competed in, I won two bronze medals so I was hoping to better this. However, the first contest today was the kata contest (a series of moves performed individually) and the competition was hard. I managed to get a competitor's medal for this section. The second part is a kumite (fighting) competition. I fought hard and won two of my matches which got me to the final in my age/grade group. The final was tough and the scores very close but I am proud that I won a silver medal.



5th October 2017 - Alya, 3S

In June I climbed Mount Snowden. When I got to the top it was 3 degrees so we had to have lunch in my uncles emergency tent. At the start of the climb it was quite flat and easy but as we got further we had to start climbing which was the hardest part. It was really fun and now I want to train to climb Mount Everest!


29th September 2017 - Om, 5S

I have been playing pool for the last 3 years at school and have really liked the game. I also regularly watch the Snooker matches and liked the way the top players play, the techniques they use and the fun in the game. I want to be a snooker player when I grow up and have decided to get some coaching. To play on a full size snooker take, it takes a lot of effort to get the angles correct and to hit the ball with sufficient power. Watching different people play is a great way to learn different techniques and adapt to the situations.



27th September 2017 - Cayo, 6F and Louis, 3S

Last Saturday my younger brother and I took part in another Ealing Mini Mile Run. This year we didn't run together as they separated the categories by different age groups. Louis was the first to run in the 6-7 years old category and I ran later on in the 10-11 years old category.


This year we made sure we didn't do the same mistake as last year when we got to Lammas Park within a few minutes of the start of the race and had to start at the back of the group. This year we got there with plenty of time to do some warming up exercises and catch up with some friends beforehand. There were lots of our friends from Fielding participating in the run, as well, which was really cool.


Louis had a really good start. He ran super fast! My dad and I ran around the park to cheer him on while mum waited for him near the finishing line. He was looking very tired at one point but carried on, giving everything he could. I was very proud of him. He did almost the same time I did last year, 7.13.8 and came in 4th place in his category out of 246 kids!


Then, it was my time to run. I was a bit nervous as I really wanted to do well. At least, beat my time from last year which was 7.10.3. Well, I'm very happy to say that I not only beat that time but I achieved a new PB which was 5.56.7. I came in third place in my category out of 238 kids which I think it's not bad at all. 😊


We were very tired when we finished the race but were also very happy! Especially when I found out that I was quicker than the boy who won the race last year.

We can't wait to run again next year!




26th September 2017 - Christian, 5H

I ran the Ealing Mini Mile on Saturday 23rd September.  It was my second Mini Mile.  I was really nervous before the race.  It was nice to see all my school friends running as well.  Last year I ran the race in 6 minutes 50 seconds.  This year I ran faster and finished it in 6 minutes and 20 seconds.  I was very pleased that I came third out of 194 runners.  I managed to beat a boy that I run with every Sunday morning who is a very good runner and always beats me.  I like running and look forward to Cross Country every Friday morning at school.  Well done to everyone who ran!



25th September 2017 - Lily, 5S

I ran for the first time in the Ealing Mini Mile on Saturday 23rd September. I was nervous as the only races I have run before have been during our school Sports Day! I was really excited as the race began and I started off in a fast jog but then decided to sprint! I didn't know how well I was doing until I was at the half way point and someone shouted I was the first girl! Luckily I was the first girl to cross the line but I then had to wait for all the times to come in to see if I had won and I had! I was so proud to be first out of 93 girls and be awarded a glass trophy but I was also really proud of all my Fielding friends who were also running on the day. I enjoyed it so much I am hoping I will get a chance to run again soon!



25th September 2017 - Fielding Wreckers, 4F + 4S

Fielding Wreckers made an impressive start to the Top Bins five-a-side Primary School league in Lammas Park on Friday 22/09/2017 with a huge 13-2 win against St James.


The team is comprised of Y4 boys and girls: Joshua 4F, Emil, Henry, Zoe, Charlie, Sofian, Aram and Stan all 4S. They play under the motto "Have fun and play for the team" and did just that under Henry's captaincy with brilliant passes, some awesome goals and stunning goalkeeping by Stan who was voted Player of the Match by his team.


The team even has their own chant already!:-)


Says Charlie: "I had loads of fun and feel really proud about the team's achievement"


15th September 2017 - Johnny, 5P

I hiked Mount Snowdon in the summer holidays. It took  5 hours, because we hiked up and down. We used hiking poles, which proved helpful over the areas of rough terrain. Reaching the summit felt exciting!! Next year, I am going to hike Ben Nevis.



7th September 2018 - Maisie, 3H

I started doing Motocross racing when i was 3 or 4 years old. My dad got me into motocross. I compete every weekend and have won lots of medals and trophies. I like motocross because it is fun and muddy! I would love to a professional when I am older.



5th September 2017 - Sofian, 4S

On the first week of summer holidays I went to a football camp. I was put in a group with older children and did difficult drills but I still tried my hardest. At the end of the camp there was a presentation. In all three groups one of the players had a trophy and a medal. Four lucky children were given a special prize from the Chelsea scout. There were Chelsea Kira and jackets. I was one who won the jacket for my foot work and stamina.


3rd July, 2017 - Joshua, 3F

On Saturday 1st July I did the Gunnersbury 5K park run, my time was 27:42 which was a new PB. I came 6th in my age group which was under 10s and 240th out of 441.  I beat my previous best time which was 29:37 at Osterley park run.  I also got a new Gunnersbury park run PB which used to be 29:52.  It was my 8th park run. I only need to do two more to get a 10 park runs t-shirt.


3rd July 2017 - Yasmine, 4S

My name is Yasmine from 4S. As you can see from the photos I am very passionate about Taikwondo, which I've been doing for past 4 years. Today I had a competition and won second place for Pattern ( set of moves against imaginary enemy) and Sparing ( free form fighting with enough rules not to make any injuries ). 


I am very proud of my achievement and I am going for gold next time! 😊



24th June 2017 - Alex, 4F

On Sunday 19 June, Alex Brett and Barney Morris (4F), played for Ealing United Under 9 football team. The team have only been playing together for less than a year, and this was their first tournament. The tournament was played at the Sandgate Football club grounds.


The Under 9 squad played in the group stages of the tournament, and played well enough to make it into the knock out stages. Alex Brett scored one of the goals to get the team into the quarter finals. The team played very well, and won the final against London Tigers by scoring a goal, the only goal of the match, in the final minutes of the game.


Here is a photograph of the team receiving their individual shields and the team trophy. This is a great achievement for a young squad. The squad train at least once a week, and they play in the Middlesex league.

21st June 2017 - Casper, 2P

I played in a football tournament last Sunday for Ealing United under 7’s at Sandgate’s home ground. We won our group and reached the semi-final.  It is the best my team have done. I scored a goal and did some assists in the tournament.


Ealing United had their first awards evening and we had a barbecue. I got a trophy for player of the year– one had a boot on it and the other had a ball on it.


I have made new friends playing for Ealing United.  Daniel and Finn play for Ealing United as well.  My friends help me to score goals by passing to me. The coaches give really encouraging comments and we train on Mondays to help our passing, tackling and shooting develop.


5th June 2017 - Lily, 4S

I was lucky enough to be one of 50 girls out of 600 selected to go for a trial for Chelsea Football Club. It was amazing to play at Chelsea's training ground in Cobham and see where the players train! In my U10's match, I scored three goals and set up another three for my match to finish 7-2. It was such a fantastic experience!

During the May half term I also attended a FA training course at Hanwell Town FC. I was the only girl there playing against 28 boys so it was good practise for me and I was awarded Player of the Day for great passing, strong tackles and scoring a good free kick.

I am hoping all this practise helps me play well for the Fielding girls football team in the Peal Shield semi-final!



5th June 2017 - Henry, 4P

During the May half term I attended a FA training course at Hanwell Town FC. I was lucky enough to be chosen as Player of the Day for working hard on the pitch and for being a good sportsman. I got to play as a midfielder which is my favourite position.


9th May 2017 - Adriana, 4S

6 / 7 May 2017 - London Spring Cup

This weekend I went to a great competition with around 250 gymnasts, around 30 clubs from 19 countries. I competed in the hoop and free routines competitions.I got second place for free and bronze for hoop and a trophy that is third.



2nd May 2017 - Jake, 3H

I play tennis at least 3 times a week. I have lessons at the club West Middlesex Lawn Tennis Club. On Mondays and Wednesdays I have an academy lesson which is when kids have a lesson together. On Tuesdays I have a lesson by myself with my tennis coach. Sometimes I have a tournament like I did today and I could win a medal or a trophy and sometimes I go to the tennis club to play tennis with my brother, George in 5S. I enjoy myself so much playing tennis. On the 30/04/2017 I played a tennis tournament at Will To Win Lammas park. I came first in the tournament. I played 6 tough matches and won them all. If you can’t read what it says on the medal because it’s blurry, it says MIDDLESEX TENNIS CLUB TOUR WINNER. The final was my toughest match but I won. The score was 10-8.


27th April 2017 - Claudia, 5H and Savannah, 1F

Last weekend me and my sister Savannah ran in a 2.5 km charity fun run in Elthorne Park.

When we were running I did not stop the whole time which helped me finish in 18 minutes (beating my personal best by 2 minutes!). I am proud that I finished the race and I did it for charity.

Everyone was there to cheer us on and it was a lot of fun. I am glad we did it.

Savannah also did great and finished her first ever run in 17 minutes. We both got medals and a banana each at the end. I look forward to more runs in the future.




25th April 2017 - Adriana, 4S

On Sunday 2 April 2017, I went for the first time to Grades in Canterbury Rhythmic Gymnastics Zone A , Levels 1-3 Competition. I did 2 routines and I got 2nd place for both of them!

I also got a certificate for an original and challenging routine.



22nd April 2017 - Marcus, 1P

In the first week of the Easter holidays, I moved up from Stage 4 to Stage 5 in my swimming lessons. I moved up because I did a whole length of back stroke and a whole length of front crawl. I got a certificate for achieving Stage 4. I’m now one of the youngest in Stage 5 but I am doing really well. 


19th April 2017 - Daisy, 5P

In the Easter holidays I competed in the London Regional Trampoline Championships. I was in the Under 15 category in a team with Alys and Elinor Greenshields, who went to Fielding. Our team won silver. It's the first time I've been in the under 15s - everyone is much taller than the Under 11s!



18th April 2017 - Charlotte 5P, Charlie 4F, Molly 3F

During the Easter holidays Charlie, Molly and I took part in a Swimathon, organised by our swimming school, to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Care. Between the two teams (3 children per team) we raised over £800 and swam an amazing 1.5km in total. I swam 34 lengths, Charlie swam 26 lengths and Molly swam 16 lengths.
We all felt really proud of our achievements and very happy that we helped raise money for such a good cause. We hope to swim even further in the Swimathon next year!


13th March 2017 - Rory, 6P

Over half term I went on a skiing holiday with some of my friends and my family. I spent every morning from 9am-11am in the Italian Ski School. There were eight of us in the group. Ski school is really fun. I loved going on all the steep runs (especially the black runs).


At the end of the week we had a slalom race. You have to go at top speed around poles laid out down a ski slope. Before the race I was very nervous. I was waiting at the top of the slope until it was my turn to go. I was the penultimate racer in my group. I started well, picking up loads of speed and I think that helped me in the race. As I was turning I went too far down and my shoulder clipped a post and it was at that moment I thought the race was over. I carried on and zoomed to the finish line. Later that day I was so scared to hear the results. I went to the ski school office to see the results and I couldn’t find my name. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw:


I was really happy to have won – even if they spelt my name wrong.

Later that day there was a presentation for all the ski school groups. When it was our group’s turn I was presented with a trophy cup.



6th February 2017 - Toby, 4P

My favourite sport is tennis, and I practice at West Middlesex Tennis Club, playing in their Academy twice a week.

In December I took part in the end of year U9's tournament and won the gold medal.

I won 6 matches in total with my toughest match being against Jake Toynton in Year 3.

Winning the gold medal was great, but more important to me was the Cadbury's selection box that was also part of the prize!!


20th December 2016 - Charlie, 3S

We played Ealing Stars away and I scored a hat trick. Coach gave me Man of the Match for "a great hat trick". We played five-a-side and on my team was Tristan (3F) who set me up for all my goals. We won 5-2.


19th December 2016 - Riley, 4F

I have been doing Tae Kwon Do since I was 5 years old (3 years). On Sunday, I did a Tae Kwon Do grading. I already had a yellow belt with a green tag and after my grading I now have my green belt. I got an L grade out of A (advance), O (ordinary) and L (low). To pass my grading I had to learn patterns called Dan Gun and Do San.


11th November 2016 - Adriana, 4S

On Sunday 23rd October I did a rope routine and I came first. I have also received trophy as a total because I got gold medals in three competitions. I did Four Seasons in London Rhythmic Gymnastics

Then on Sunday 30th October, I went to Bath Open Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships 2016 where I did a rope and free routine. For my free I got a bronze and for my rope I got a gold. I also got for a total two routine Gold medal. 



8th November 2016 - Sam, 5H

On Sunday 6th November I competed in a Karate tournament and won gold in the Team Kumite (fighting) and silver in Junior Kata- 3rd Kyu.


I have been doing karate since year 1 and now I am a brown and white stripe belt.


2nd November 2016 - Lelique, 6P

On Sunday I competed in the London Warriors Cup, Jiu Jitsu and came second. I had to compete against two boys in the division above, they were older and heavier.
I won 14 points to 0 in the first round. My last fight was tough, I lost that round but won silver. I can't wait to do another competition





11th October 2016 - Will, 5S

On Saturday 8th October 2016 I played in a rugby tournament for my team, Ealing Trailfinders, at Twickenham Stadium. After the tournament I watched the Argentina v Australia international match at the stadium.


When I walked on to the pitch for the first time it didn’t feel any different to any other rugby pitch except the turf was a lot nicer. My team won a game and lost a game which I’m pretty happy with because the teams were quite good.


The match afterwards was really interesting to watch because it helped with our tactics and I enjoyed it. My grandad likes rugby so we got him tickets to come along. He was very jealous that I got to play at Twickenham.


7th October 2016 - Sofian 3S

Sunday the 2nd October 2016, I played my first match with Hanwell FC football team , and I nearly scored a great goal.

My first position was as a defender, then I played as a mid fielder and finally as an attacker. We won the match 8-4.

Despite being a hard match I greatly enjoyed it. Whilst playing the match I felt also very excited and proud. Hopefully next time I will score more goals.



6th October 2016 - Miss Drage, 6P

Congratulations to Miss Drage who ran two half marathons two weeks in a row!  She ran the Ealing Marathon with an extremely respectable time of 2h3mins and the Cardiff Marathon in 2h7mins. Well done Miss Drage!


5th October 2016 - Noah, 4S

Last year I had a very good cricket season. I played a lot of matches for Ealing Cricket Club. We won 7 matches and lost 2. My friends Toby, Jasper and Thomas were also there but I made a lot of new friends too. We played against teams from north and west London. It was funny when a deer walked across the pitch against Teddington and we had to stop play.

It was very fun because we got to bat and bowl every single game. We bowled 2 overs in each game and bat for 4 overs in a pair. I was the top scorer with exactly 100 runs in the 8 games I played. We also played two hard ball matches just with our team.



30th September 2016 - Cayo, 5F

Last Sunday I took part in the Ealing Mini Mile Run. It was my second year and my younger brother’s first time (Louis Ryder – 2S). Even though, we started at the back, we came 8th and 36th , respectively, out of 114kids in our category (6-9 years). Next year, we will make sure we arrive there earlier to start at the front. My ambition is to win my category.



29th September 2016 - Evie, 6S

This summer on Sunday the 25th of September I took part in the Ealing Mini Mile event at the half marathon. I have taken part 4 times but this time it was my best by a long way. I finished in 7 minutes and 12 seconds the same as my friend Marta and just ahead of my friend Lily. In the 6-11 girls category we finished 5th, 6th and 7th. It has really helped doing all of the miles in PE and cross country club and we all really enjoyed it! Also it was really good to see so many Fielding students there.




Also in the summer I took part in a triathlon with Mart, my brother Noah and his best friend Thomas. We did a 50 metres swim and a 2k bike ride and a 1k run. I think we were quick but we could do a lot better next year. I really enjoyed the swim because the pool was really nice, but it was very cold. I liked it because we could do three of my favourite sports in one race.




26th ​September 2016 - Alec, 5F and Ben, 2S

My brother and I ran the Ealing mini marathon on Sunday. It was my third time running marathon and Ben's first. It's a great feeling when you cross the finish line and we are really proud to have raised over £520 for leukaemia research.


​26th September 2016 - Lelique, 6P

I have been doing ballet since I was three years old and I have just passed my grade 4 ballet exam with a merit. I am currently preparing for my grade 5 exam. I plan to audition for London Children's Ballet so I can perform at the theatre. 

I also play basketball and I been invited to join the Phoenician Phoenix team.

Three times a week I practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and recently I have been training with  world champion BJJ fighter to help prepare me for my first BJJ competition at the end of October. 



21st September 2016 - Oliver, 5F

Sunday was the Human Race triathlon events at Dorney Lake. My dad and brother competed (& did very well) and so did I. I was too young for the triathlon but was able to enter the 2k run for 9-12 year olds. I ran it in 10 mins 40 seconds and came third overall. 



16th September 2016 - Daisy, 5P

I love trampolining, I go twice a week to the Zero Gravity club at Elthorne Sports Centre. My coach is  brilliant and I’ve made lots of friends there.

I love the moment at the top of a jump when you feel like you’re flying. There are so many moves to try out, there’s always something new to learn.

Competitions are fun too – this summer I entered the 2016 London Championships and won Silver in the Under 11 Elementary category. It’s a wonderful feeling to get a medal – it’s also a medal for the people who helped me get this far.



9th September 2016 - Henry, 4P

During the summer holidays I attended a week long football training course with QPR.  At the end of the course, I was chosen as Player of the Week for having a great attitude, good football skills and scoring lots of goals in all my matches!


9th September 2016 - Cecily, 3P

This summer I learnt how to surf in Devon. Surfing is now my favourite sport. I had two surfing lessons and can now stand up on my surfboard.


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