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Year 6

Year 6 Parent Newsletter 2022



Year 6 French Residential visit - Passport update

Dear Parents/Carers, we will be contacting you after half-term to begin to gather information in preparation for our Year 6 residential visit to France in July. In the meantime, I wanted to share some important updates with you regarding the necessary travel documents for your child. 

Please note that pupils with British citizenship travelling under the school's Collective passport do not need a valid British passport but must simply complete the relevant forms to confirm citizenship status. Forms will be sent to you after half-term.

Pupils who are citizens of other countries will need to travel with their own valid passports. However, I'm pleased to say that those pupils who would normally need a visa to travel to France no longer need one under new rules for school trips. They will however, need a valid visa to re-enter the UK.

I hope these updates are useful. We will be in touch after half term to request the relevant documents. 

CPG Homework Books - Payments still needed please

Dear Parents, only 35% of CPG homework books have been paid for.  As indicated in the Newsletter at the start of the year, due to the high cost of the books, we are requesting a voluntary contribution of £6.50 from each family.  This payment can be made on MCAS.  Thank you for your continued support.


Whole class reading texts


Please can all pupils have their own copy of the DK Eyewitness text book 'Victorians' which we will be focusing on during our whole class reading sessions from the start of the second half term in Autumn.


Creative home learning tasks


Guidance for creative home learning tasks for Spring 1 are available to view below homework pages. Please can tasks be completed and brought into school for the week beginning 13th February when home learning showcases will take place.



Fielding Learning Challenge Curriculum 

Reading at home

Those children, who do Bedrock, should be completing at least one more session at home a week. Please ensure Reading Journals are signed daily. If you would like to check if your book is the correct level for their bookband use by putting in the Lexile rating or the name of the book. Lexile ratings can be found in the Reading Journal. 


Overlearning and rehearsal of skills

What children learn in Year 6

Maths Click here

This links shows everything we cover in Year 6 Click here

Reading Click here 


Cooking and gardening - UPDATE!

The postponed Year 6 Cooking and gardening week will now be the week of December 12th, last week of term.  6H and 6P will be on Monday the 12th and 6F on Wednesday the 14th, and finally 6S on Friday the 16th. 

The be making their long-awaited Fruit Crumbles. Please remember to dress for the weather!     





    Sanitary products

    Due to the Government’s period product scheme, we have a supply of sanitary towels for girls that require them. This is so girls don’t miss out on their education due to having their period. These are now available in the Year 5 and 6 girls’ toilets on the windowsill. The girls will also be told of the location as there was previously sanitary products in a different location. There will be safety information displayed alongside the products and there is a sanitary bin for safe disposal. If you have a daughter, who has started her periods, please explain that if she needs these products, she can help herself without asking and then can dispose on her old sanitary towel and wrapping in the sanitary bin. If your child is already brining in sanitary products, she can continue to do so but there are products available if needed. The make we have are Always sanitary towels. Please talk to your daughter, about how to use these safely, including that they should be changed regularly. The brand Always suggest they should be changed every 4- 8 hours for health reasons. If your daughter is ever worried about having their period at school, please encourage them to speak to their teacher or another trusted adult in school.


    Homework pages 

    This will set on a Thursday and must be completed by the following Tuesday. Children MUST bring in their homework books into school on Tuesday (see pages below).


    Maths pages: 44,45

    English pages: 60,61,62,63


    Children should log into TT Rockstars at home 4 times a week for a duration of at least 3 minutes. 


    Those children who attend Bedrock MUST login at home at least once a week. 


    Reading: You can Click here for some online comprehension work, if you'd like to do some. Purplemash Purple Mash by 2Simple also has reading, maths and writing resources too. 





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