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Year 6 dates for your diary:

(please check main school calendar for whole school events)

Gardening & CookingMay 22ndMay 24thMay 25th May 26th 
Sports Day - change of date

June 20th


9-12 noon

June 20th


9-12 noon

June 20th


9-12 noon

June 20th


9-12 noon

School TripJuly 10th FranceJuly 10th FranceJuly 10th FranceJuly 10th France

Link to Sports Day information published on Latest News



Year 6 Production - Confirmation of Dates and Casting roles

Wednesday 28th June- 6F and 6P

Thursday 29th June - 6H and 6S
This week the children were offered to audition for an acting only role, an acting and singing role, a singing only role or a dancing only role.  They were all given the same poem to recite and a familiar song to sing that they have been doing in Music lessons.  A BRIT school student volunteered to assist with the auditioning which gave the pupils a realistic feel to the process and a life experience they will remember for ever.  Notes were taken and shared with each class teacher who was also present during the auditions. 
All of the children did amazingly well and he was very impressed with the level of both acting and singing ability of the whole year group.  Notes were shared with the class teachers who had final decision over the casting of roles. 
Even though all roles might not have speaking parts to them, the script is adaptable and accommodations and adjustment can be made to provide additional opportunity for some children. 
Finally, the whole year group have been made aware of the many off stage roles that are required to pull off a production of this kind and the importance of everyone playing a role in this year's production. 
Thank you for your continued support, Team 6. 

SATs Are Finished!!

The Year 6 team would like to thank all the parents for their support and commitment to both pupils work at home as well as the mental health and well being of the children.  This year has been a very challenging set of assessment papers and challenged the children to their limits, however every child remained positive and resilient throughout this whole week!  The self regulation of every child during each paper and over the last few days was an absolute pleasure to witness as teachers and support staff.  We are all very proud of each and every child who walked through this experience with positivity and confidence, and you should be too, no matter what the results are! Thank you again. 
Year 6 Team - #stilloutstandingfielding 

CPG Homework Books - Payments still needed please

Dear Parents, only 35% of CPG homework books have been paid for.  As indicated in the Newsletter at the start of the year, due to the high cost of the books, we are requesting a voluntary contribution of £6.50 from each family.  This payment can be made on MCAS.  Thank you for your continued support.

9th May: Year 6 French Residential visit - REMINDER 

Thank you to parents who have returned the following documents and information to us:


2. Kayak form

3. Completed the online form

There are still a large number of outstanding documents so please can you check that you have completed the above. Merci!

Sanitary products

Due to the Government’s period product scheme, we have a supply of sanitary towels for girls that require them. This is so girls don’t miss out on their education due to having their period. These are now available in the Year 5 and 6 girls’ toilets on the windowsill.

NEW Whole Class Reading Book!  The children have finished learning all about The Victorian Era and Queen Victoria herself and we are moving on to the wonderful and magical world of Poetry.  Please see the book title and a link to purchase below.  Hardcover if you wish, or paperback is just fine.


Whole class reading texts

TermBook and Author
Autumn 1The Hobbit - J. R. Tolkien
Autumn 2Eyewitness Victorians - DK 
Spring 1Eyewitness Victorians - DK
Spring 2

The Big Amazing Poetry Book - Chris Riddell

The Big Amazing Poetry Book: Morgan, Gaby, Riddell, Chris: 9781529099096: Books 

Summer 1The Big Amazing Poetry Book: Morgan, Gaby, Riddell, Chris: 9781529099096: Books 
Summer 2 



Reading and/or talking about their reading to an adult for at least 20 minutes, 5 times a week. Complete your child’s reading record each time they read. Remember it doesn’t always have to be their school book. Reading records and reading books should be sent into school daily.


TT Rock Stars 4 times per week

CPG pages: 68,69 and 74-77

EnglishCPG pages: 90-98
Spelling patternsConfusing words
Creative home learning

Half-termly creative home learning will be set at the start of each half term and will celebrated and fed back on during our creative home learning showcases.



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