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Challenge 12 - One-legged Pick Up

One-legged Pick Up

For this challenge you just need any object that you are able to pick up with 1 hand and space to balance on 1 leg. Place the object to one side of your body and then balance on 1 leg. You must then bend down to pick up the object while maintaining the balance, stand up straight, pass the object to your opposite hand, place it back down on your opposite side and then stand up again. That is 1 complete movement. You must then repeat that as many times as you can in 30 seconds while continuing to balance on 1 leg.

Make it harder

  • Perform an 'arabesque' while picking up the object
  • You must pick up by going across midline of your body e.g pick up an object on the right side of your body with your left hand


Make it easier

  • Only balance on one leg when picking up or putting down
  • Perform the challenge in between 2 chairs so you don't have to bend so far to pick up and put down.


If you would like to share your attempts at each challenge you can ask the grown ups in your household to film you or take a photo of you doing the challenge and then send it in to Mr Thomas at along with your score and possibly a write up about how the challenge went in your household.

One-legged Pick up Demo

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Mr Thomas

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You could see from the silly faces I was pulling here that this took some concentration for me. In my next attempt I will work on keeping my core engaged to try beat my score and hopefully without the funny faces too!

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