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Challenge 7 - Juggling


While we are under lockdown rules I set myself the challenge to learn how to juggle so now I am going to pass that challenge on to everybody else. All you need is 3 balls or other objects which you can catch with 1 hand (I'm using sock balls). Make sure you have plenty of space where you are not in danger of breaking anything!


Build up your juggling in levels. These are the steps I have been following.

  1. Hold 1 ball only, throw the ball from 1 hand to the other.
  2. Hold 2 balls in your strongest hand and 1 ball in your other hand. Throw 1 ball from your strongest hand to the your other hand and catch it while holding the other ball. Repeat the other way.
  3. Start the same as step 2. Throw a ball up from your strongest hand, before you catch it with your weaker hand throw the ball from your weaker hand to your strongest hand. Then catch the first ball with your weaker hand. Catch the second ball you threw with your stronger hand. Repeat the other way.
  4. Same as step 3 but add 1 more throw. So before you catch the second ball with your strongest hand, throw the ball already in that hand over your weakest hand. Repeat.

Don't move on to the next level until you are showing some consistency at your current level. Good luck!


Make it harder

  • If you can already juggle, add some flair! Use different shaped objects, use different throwing patters etc. Can you make an instruction video?


Make it easier

Complete level 1 in a variety of different ways:

  • Hold the ball in your right hand, hold your right hand above your left. Tip the ball into your left hand. Repeat the other way.
  • Bring your right and left hand close together and do a short toss from one to the other.
  • Pass the ball from one hand to the other around your waist. Can you go both ways?
  • Pass the ball from one hand to the other through your legs in a figure of 8. Can you go both ways?
  • Balance on your right leg with your left leg bent at the knee in front of you. Pass the ball around your left leg while balancing your right.  Can you repeat balancing on your other leg?


If you would like to share your attempts at each challenge you can ask the grown ups in your household to film you or take a photo of you doing the challenge and then send it in to Mr Thomas at along with your score and possibly a write up about how the challenge went in your household.

Juggling Demo

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