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Challenge 10 - Toe Taps

Toe Taps

Get a football or similar sized ball and start by standing behind it. Then tap the ball with the sole of your right foot (don't stand on the ball!) before hopping onto your right foot and tapping the ball with the sole of your left foot. Continue this for 30 seconds and see how many times you can tap the ball. Aim to keep the ball still.


Make it harder

  • Use a smaller or odd shaped ball
  • Perform your toe taps by moving the ball forward or backwards with each tap


Make it easier

  • Use a cushion or pillow instead of a ball
  • Slow your toe taps down by stepping in between each tap instead of hopping


If you would like to share your attempts at each challenge you can ask the grown ups in your household to film you or take a photo of you doing the challenge and then send it in to Mr Thomas at along with your score and possibly a write up about how the challenge went in your household.

Toe Tap Demo

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Mr Thomas

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This was my first attempt and I scored 83. I am happy with that as a start but the ball wasn't completely under control the whole time so definitely think I can improve on that score. Can you beat it?

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