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Fielding Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA) is a registered charity with its prime purpose of organising fun, social events for parents and children at the school that raise money for extra-curricular activities for pupils. This helps parents and children get to know one another and build a sense of school community. The PTFA has a long tradition of organising innovative and exciting events for all the family and some for the grown ups too. The PTFA depends on the work of parent volunteers. Money raised from events helps the school provide more for our children and pupils.


Events include organising Magic Shows, Movie Afternoons, Virtual Balloon Races, Reindeer Poop Bingo, Circus's, Photo Competition and Sunflower Competitions to more adult related activities including Quiz Nights, Comedy Nights, Silent Discos and lots more.


In the last academic year, the PTFA raised over £48,000 and funded school activities to the tune of £45,000.


In 2022, the PTFA ran a crowdfunding campaign in association with AVIVA to build a Secondhand Uniform Shop and Bike Repair Shop.  This saw money come in from outside the parent community. This included £1,500 from British Cycling, £1,500 from the William Hobbayne Charity (based in Hanwell) and finally the London Poverty Fund also donated £1,500.


The Uniform Shop and Bike Repair shop should be open in the Spring Term of 2023.


How funds are used by the school

From Sept 2021 - July 2022 funds raised helped the school enrich the curriculum and opportunities for pupils through:

  • £19,000, kitchen garden and chickens for all pupils, Year 1 - 6
  • £7,000, artefacts and library books to match curriculum subjects for all pupils, Year 1 - 6 every term
  • £3,300, Spark! whole class music tuition for djembe drumming, Year 1 pupils. This gets all pupils off to an important start in music by understanding and practising percussion. Around two-thirds go on to learn an instrument from Year 2 onwards.
  • £5,460, Forest School, Nursery, Reception and Nurture group pupils Year 1 - 6
  • £7,600, Librarian including leading pupil librarians in each class and looking after our book stock, all pupils Year 1 - 6


With your help we can continue to pay for the outstanding facilities, trips and opportunities that our children all enjoy. Thanks to the constant support from our families, Fielding’s facilities are the envy of other schools, and we should be incredibly proud of the tireless efforts by our hardworking group of parents. 



As a charity any contribution to the PTFA can add GiftAid.  If you would like to make a one-off donation, then this can be done via our Charities Aid Foundation link: 


Get involved

If you are a parent, guardian or a relative of a child at Fielding or a member of staff then you are a member of the Fielding PTFA. We rely on volunteers to run the PTFA, to help organise and run individual events and to form the PTFA Committee each year with the majority having full time jobs.


Each class has a WhatsApp group – just ask your Class Rep.  The PTFA also uses a platform called ClassList.  ClassList allows you to see who is in your class, but it’s also a feed of information from the PTFA on a weekly basis. Join here:


Who, how and where

As the Fielding Primary School PTFA is a registered charity, we have an annually elected committee (drawn from parent volunteers) which is generally made up of a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. In addition, parents volunteer to be Class Reps and we are also lucky enough to have many talented parents who assist the committee with other jobs such as publicity materials, updating website pages, artwork, event planning, communications, design and sponsorship.

  • Chair:  Conor Lyne
  • Co-Chairs:  Prashant Patel, Jen Timoshanko
  • Secretary: Lesley Yueng, Steven Hirschorn
  • Treasurer:  Steven Hirschorn
  • Events Team: Polly Foley, Amanda Abbey
  • Communications: Nolan O’Connor
  • Eco Team:  Lucy Floyer


We generally hold a PFTA meeting twice a term, and small working groups organise each event - everyone helps in any way they can. If you would like to get involved, contact us:


Meeting dates

2022-2023 (Academic Year)

PTFA Meeting: Monday 10 January 10am and 8.30pm

PTFA Meeting: Monday 28 February 10am and 8.30pm

PTFA Meeting: Monday 25 April 10am and 8.30pm

PTFA Meeting: Monday 13 June 10am and 8.30pm


2023-2024 (Academic Year)

PTFA Meeting: Monday 11 September 10am and 8.30pm

AGM: Tuesday 3 October at 8.30pm

PTFA Meeting: Monday 6 November 10am and 8.30pm

PTFA Meeting: Monday 15 January 2024 10am and 8.30pm

PTFA Meeting: Monday 26 February 2024 10am and 8.30pm

PTFA Meeting: Monday 22 April 2024 10am and 8.30pm

PTFA Meeting: Monday 10 June 2024 10am and 8.30pm


To find the latest minutes from our meetings and other useful files on the PTFA page. Please access the PTFA Agenda & Minutes Drive (Link:

Secret Gift Shop raises £750 for school funds


Thanks to all that joined in with the Secret Gift Shop. We hope the gift made those lucky parents and carers happy over the weekend. Here are some of the pots decorated over the weekend. 

Thanks goes to those who supported and organized the shop, as we have raised £750 for valuable school funds. This will go towards the much needed funds for the school enrichment programs, such as kitchen garden, artifacts termly boxes and forest school. For a full list go to our PTFA page. 

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