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No Outsiders

Preparing children for life in modern Britain

At our school there are no outsiders. We are all different and we know that this is something that should be celebrated! 

The 'No Outsiders' programme educates children about diversity within our communities and addresses issues such as sexism, ageism, race and different types of families.

It is taught to each year group through the use of age-appropriate books. 

Through these beautiful pictures books, the children explore the concepts of equality, diversity, acceptance of differences and of the right of someone to have an opinion different to their own.

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How does No Outsiders fit into the curriculum?

The No Outsiders lessons fit alongside many of the things we already teach in school. They align with our core values of respect, resilience, reflection and empathy. They also link strongly with our relationships education lessons which are part of our RSHE lessons and our Monday assemblies.


Frequently asked questions

What do I say when my child comes home and asks “how do two men have a baby?”

Lots of people have babies in different ways like fostering or adoption. They are still a family regardless of how the children arrive. They still love and look after their children the same as if they have given birth to a child.

Are primary children too young to be taught about gay and lesbian relationships?

We are choosing to teach our children to be respectful of all choices people make. Whether this is sexual orientation, gender choices or fashion choices! Some children in our school grow up in same sex families and their families should be represented just as much.

Are you teaching gay lessons?

We are teaching about equality and the values that are reflected by British law.

Can I remove my child from these lessons?

No. Relationship education is statutory. If you are worried about the content please talk to your child's class teacher, about your concerns.

My religion says it is wrong

We understand and respect your beliefs. We are teaching the children about the world around them and that gay and lesbian people exist. In Britain society is diverse and the children need to know that diversity exists, even if their religion disagrees with it.  

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