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Year 4 Music

Year 4 Hip Hop Music challenges for pupils self isolating

In Year 4 Music this term we have been learning about Hip Hop music. As part of this, we do the following:

  • Compare ‘In the hall of the Mountain King’ a classical piece by composer Greig, (which uses acoustic sounds-live orchestral instruments) with the Hip Hop version ‘Hair Up’ from Trolls (which uses synthesised sounds-computer generated). Use this piece of music to understand what a ‘sample’ is.
  • Listen to examples of Hip Hop music and identify the key features: drum loops, samples, synthesised sounds, rapping, fast tempo, forte (loud), effects.
  • Revise rhythmic notation from Year 3 to accurately clap and perform body percussion rhythms to Hip Hop tracks.
  • Rehearse, perform and compose raps.
  • Use music technology to arrange samples and drum loops in different combinations to compose a Hip hop Track.


If you are self isolating choose one of the following challenges to complete each week related to our Hip Hop music topic:

Challenge A:

Click here to be a DJ and  experiment on some virtual turntables. Click play on the multicoloured ‘Google’ icon. When you’ve watched the tutorial, press ‘skip tutorial’ to experiment with the turntable.   Then click here to try activities on Incredibox. Listen carefully and combine samples of music in different combinations by adding accessories to the characters.
Then Click here to try out the ‘Sampulator’ and use your keyboard to play different samples on the multicoloured grid. Create a pattern you like then click the record button and record your composition. There are some preset arrangements which you can play over- you can find these by selecting the icon in the top left hand corner.


Challenge B:

Can you create your own drum loops? Click here to work through some drum loop challenges. Top tip: at the bottom of each page click ‘next’ and it will take you to the next section.

Challenge C:

This challenge involves rapping, body percussion and clapping rhythms to hip hop tracks.

  • Can you perform the Fielding Values Rap? Lyrics and the track are below. In the instrumental section of the track (after the second chorus), can you rap your own lyrics or create your own sequence of dance moves for the instrumental break?
  • Can you rap and dance along to the Hip Hop track ‘Banana Banana Meatball’? Click here.
  • Can you rehearse a body percussion routine to the track 'Can’t Stop the Feeling'? Click here.
  • Can you apply your knowledge of notation from Year 3 to clap rhythm patterns in time to the track Uptown funk? Click here.


The Fielding Values Rap

Challenge D:

Click here to create a Hip hop arrangement by selecting different samples on the ‘launch pad’. You can only select one square in each column at a time. In the ‘Vocal’ and ‘Fx’ columns you need to hold the squares down for the duration you want the sound.


Alternatively, if you have access to an ipad at home with the app ‘Garageband’ you can create your own Hip Hop music using that. Either: select ‘Hip Hop’ under live loops and listen and experiment with a live loops grid or create a new track. If you create a new track, select the loop icon in the top right hand corner (next to settings) and select ‘genre’ then select ‘Hip Hop’. Listen to the loops by clicking on them one at a time. If you like the sound of a loop drag the loops into the grid and arrange to create a composition.


When you have finished, can you create some lyrics and rap over your composition?

Challenge E:

Click here to watch a short introduction to Hip hop . Then click here to listen to the rap on the history of Hip Hop.  Complete the history of Hip Hop quiz (below). Top tip: read the information at the top of the quiz first to help you! If this is too easy, challenge yourself by creating your own documentary about the history of Hip Hop!

Challenge F:

Trolls and Trolls.  Practise the body percussion pattern that goes with the composer Greig’s piece of music ‘In the hall of the mountain King’. Click here to watch the performance demo. Click here to watch the tutorial. Next, click here to try clapping rhythms or moving in time to the Hiphop version known as ‘Hairup’ from the film Trolls. Can you write down 5 ways that the two tracks are different? Think about the timbre (instruments used), the tempo (speed), the dynamics (volume), the texture (layers in the music).



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