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Respect is:

  • Respect is feeling good about myself
  • Respect is knowing I am unique and valuable
  • Respect is listening to others and their ideas
  • Respect is knowing others are valuable, too
  • Respect is treating others nicely
  • Respect is treating my surroundings and objects nicely and taking care of them.


Related values for respect:

  • Tolerance
  • Friendship
  • Justice
  • Liberty
  • Responsibility
  • Equality
  • Democracy
  • Freedom
  • Rule of law


Values at home

To keep up with our Moral and Values education there will be a series of tasks posted on here linked to the core and linked value of the month. Please read the Values resources below and see how many of the Values tasks you can do in a month. This month’s challenge is to complete 5 out of the 8 challenges.


May core Value: Respect

May KS2 Value: Friendship and Rule of law


Home Values Challenge Tasks:


Can you complete 5 of the challenges below?


  • Show respect for your surroundings by tidying your bedroom and making your bed 15 times throughout May without being asked.
  • Every week during May, surprise the adults in your home by doing 1 task or act of kindness you haven't been asked to like making them a cup of tea, doing the washing up, taking the recycling out etc.
  • Writing a story where the main character shows respect in different ways. 
  • Write an explanation for why having laws are important for a country and why rule of law is one of the 5 fundamental British Vales. Helpful website:
  • Doing an act of kindness for a neighbour.
  • Taking care of a sibling.
  • Write a poem showing the importance of respect or friendship.
  • Writing a letter to a friend or family member to make them smile.


Miss Stabler and some other staff members are also going to try and complete the challenge over the month of May. See here for their updates.