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Challenge 6 - Sock in a Box

Sock in a Box

This challenge is all about throwing accuracy. You just need 3 targets to aim into/at which you set out in a line, one behind the other. The furthest target will be worth 5 points, middle target is 3 points and the closest is 1 point. Put down a throw line about 1 big step away from the closest target and place down your 10 sock balls. You then have 30 seconds to get the socks into the targets. After you have thrown all your sock balls, quickly collect up any that are not in/on a target and get back to the throw line and try again before the 30 seconds is up.


Make it harder

  • Make the targets smaller
  • Move the targets further away
  • Use your weaker hand


Make it easier

  • Make the targets bigger
  • Move the targets closer
  • Make sure the targets are a flat and at floor level. Now roll instead of throw.


If you would like to share your attempts at each challenge you can ask the grown ups in your household to film you or take a photo of you doing the challenge and then send it in to Mr Thomas at along with your score and possibly a write up about how the challenge went in your household.

Sock in a Box Demo

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Mr Thomas

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First attempt and I scored 28. After this attempt, I reflected about how to improve and decided that I need to make sure I move my throwing arm from back to front in a smooth motion towards the target and really concentrate on when I release the sock ball - not too early, not too late.

Dylan, Year 2



Well done Dylan for a fantastic looking set up of the Sock in a Box challenge in the garden and well done for starting off with a brilliant score of 22. Can you get up to 30 points by the end of the week?

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