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Instrumental Tuition FAQS

Why has my child not had their instrumental lesson this week?

In the first instance, please check the music noticeboard on the Music Curriculum webpage for notices and check your emails as this may explain why a lesson has not taken place. Also check your child’s practise diary in case there is a note from the teacher about a rescheduled lesson.


What is a spare week?

A lesson may not take place due to it being a spare week in the instrumental teacher’s calendar. This means they are not scheduled to teach that week unless they have got lessons to make up if they have been absent at any point that term. Sometimes spare weeks may arise mid-term to avoid clashes with residentials and trips. You are not missing out on any lessons that have been paid for as each instrumental teacher’s termly schedule allows adequate time in the term for them to teach at least 10 lessons.


What happens if my child’s lesson is on a Gardening and cooking day?

If your child has an instrumental lesson on a gardening and cooking day we do not reschedule lessons. You will need to make a decision with your child as to whether they attend the lesson or not. Though, whatever you decide you will still be charged for this lesson so we strongly advise your child attends. We cannot offer refunds on missed lessons unless the tutor is absent or the school is closed.


What happens when an instrumental tutor is ill and my child misses a lesson?

If the instrumental tutor is absent due to illness then the lesson will be rescheduled for later in the term and where this is not possible it will be refunded. Notices about when lessons are being rescheduled will either be emailed, written in your child’s practise diary or posted on the Music noticeboard on our website before the end of that term.


What happens when my child is ill on a day that they have an instrumental lesson?

If your child is ill and misses an instrumental lesson unfortunately we cannot reschedule  it unless the teacher is given 10 days notice prior to the missed lesson. We cannot offer refunds on missed lessons unless the tutor is absent or the school is closed.


Can I cancel my child’s instrumental lessons mid-term?

We are unable to give refunds mid- term as the teacher has already been booked and paid for the full term, therefore it would make sense for your child to attend all lessons that term as they will have to be paid for.


How do I cancel my child’s instrumental lessons?

Please see the cancelling lessons page on our website. 


How do I sign my child up for instrumental lessons?

Please see signing up for lessons page on our website.


How do I communicate with my child’s instrumental teacher?

Your child will have a practice book in which are detailed the pieces to learn.This book is also a way of communicating with the tutor. If your child is confused or seems to be losing heart, write a note for the tutor in the book, so the issue is addressed as soon as possible.


My child has a trip/sports match that clashes with his/her lesson can this be rescheduled?

In a school the size of Fielding, it is not always possible to avoid clashes between lessons and non-musical events (sports matches, trips etc.).We cannot offer refunds on missed lessons unless the tutor is absent or the school is closed. However, if you give your child’s tutor at least 10 days warning of an upcoming clash, in many cases the lesson can be rescheduled. We do not reschedule lessons for Gardening and cooking days.


Can my child swap instruments?

If your child wishes not to continue one instrument and take up another unfortunately we cannot facilitate a swap mid-term. This is because the instrumental tutor has already been booked and paid for the whole term. The only way to change the instrument in the next term is to submit a cancellation (details on how to do this can be found on the cancellation page on our website) before the deadline and join the waiting list (found on the signing up page on our website) for the new instrument your child wishes to take up. We will then notify you if a space becomes available. However we strongly discourage swapping instruments. Learning an instrument is a long term commitment which requires perseverance. We can reassure you that after the initial novelty of taking up a new instrument, it is quite common for learners to discover the reality of the practise that is required and therefore express they are bored or disheartened with the instrument. An instrument swap is often not the solution as the same thing will inevitably happen a few weeks down the line, and two sets of lessons will have been wasted. Encourage your child to persevere first and communicate with your child’ teacher to ensure they are getting the most out of their lessons before considering other options.


Do my child’s instrumental lessons automatically continue in the next term or do I need to rebook?

If your child currently has instrumental lessons at Fielding and wants to continue lessons in the Autumn term 2020 you will need to read the updated terms and conditions and complete the Microsoft Form online. In future terms, your son/daughter will automatically be timetabled for the following term unless we receive a cancellation on MCAS before the cancellation deadline (published on the bottom of every timetable and in the terms and conditions). If we do not receive a cancellation with half a term’s notice prior to the new term, you will be charged for the next term’s lessons. Please see the cancellation page for more information.


How often should my child be practising?

Cramming in a long practise session just before the lesson is not going to be the best approach. A regular practise regime will be the most effective way with ideally about 15 minutes a day, for at least 4 days of the week. It would be hugely beneficial if you are able to supervise the practice for a couple of these sessions and aim to hear your child play the piece(s) at least once a week. If possible, the child should have a quiet space to practise, with no TV or computers on.


How many instruments can a child learn?

For a new learner we recommend only learning one instrument. Children can learn more than one instrument at the same time if we can accommodate it and if we feel it would be suitable for that individual. Though when timetabling, priority will be given to those on the waiting lists who don’t already have lessons in school to ensure that as many children as possible who want to learn an instrument get the opportunity to.


How does the waiting list system work?

Please see the Signing up for lessons webpage on our website for information on how the waiting list works.


Do the timetables change every term?

Timetables change termly to try and ensure children are not missing the same subject for the whole year. Therefore at the start of each term you will need to check the ‘Timetables’ section of the Music webpage to inform your child of their teacher, lesson time and day.

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