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Challenge 4 - Keepy Uppy

Keepy Uppy

Find any ball in your household to use for this one, if you don't have a ball be creative - roll of socks, scrunched up paper etc. Using any part of your body all you have to do is try to keep your ball in the air for 30 seconds - catching the ball is not allowed. If you want to add a twist, you can use a racket or a bat to help keep the ball up. If you want to work together with somebody else in your household you can.


Make it harder

  • Use a smaller or bouncier ball
  • Limit yourself to only 1 or 2 parts of your body


Make it smaller

  • Use a bigger or lighter ball. Or a balloon.
  • Allow the ball to bounce on the floor once after you hit it


If you would like to share your attempts at each challenge you can ask the grown ups in your household to film you or take a photo of you doing the challenge and then send it in to Mr Thomas at along with your score and possibly a write up about how the challenge went in your household

Keepy Uppy Demo

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Mr Thomas

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Here is my first attempt. I'm already addicted to this week's challenge and will be testing myself to see how many different ways I can keep the ball up. I may try it with my partner next as well.

Zach, Year 5

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Well done Zach for completing 30 seconds of keepy uppy so early in the week. Can you increase the difficulty level some how and try another 30 seconds?

James, Year 4

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Great attempt from James here showing off his ball skills with a cricket bat and ball. Definitely a tough version of the challenge made to look simple. Well done!

Jack, Year 6

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Great mixture of hands and feet to keep that ball up for 30 seconds. I'm a fan of the big kick to finish as well!

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