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Year 5 Music

Year 5 Music Samba challenges for pupils self isolating

In Year 5 Music this term we have been learning all about Samba drumming from Brazil. (See knowledge organiser for knowledge covered).

As part of this, we do the following:

  • Learn where Samba drumming comes from.
  • Listen to performances of samba bands playing at carnivals.
  • Perform body percussion patterns with accuracy
  • Read and rehearse rhythmic notation on rhythm grids
  • Rehearse and perform rhythms as an ensemble on samba percussion – learning the names of the instruments.
  • Learn what syncopation means and play syncopated rhythms accurately.

If you are self isolating choose one of the following challenges to complete each week related to our Samba music topic and write a short reflection in the music section of the class note book on teams:

Challenge A: Can you play some samba rhythms at home with items from the kitchen? Click here to watch a video demonstrating how to play samba music from your kitchen. At 4 mins and 30 seconds they teach you how to play each part. Choose one to play along to and find an object with your parents permission. You could even have a go at all of them if you can!

Challenge B: Click here to watch the video about Samba. Use the knowledge organiser and 2 PowerPoints about Brazil and Samba to produce a poster about Samba music. Include the following in your poster: Where in the world samba is from? What instruments are used in Samba? Where does the biggest carnival in the world take place? What do you know about the country Brazil and their culture?

Challenge C: Use the ‘Samba’ PowerPoint under Challenge B to help refresh your memory of names of the Samba instruments. Click here to watch a video. Can you name the samba instruments in the pictures in the Samba instruments quiz below? Click here to listen to some samba music while you work.

Do you recognise any of the instruments in the samba band performance?

Challenge D: Learn about Syncopation- an off beat rhythm which goes across the beat. Click here to watch the video about syncopationCan you find a plastic cup and learn the cup song which is a syncopated rhythm? Click here to watch a tutorial.

Learn to sing the Jamaican song ‘Shake the Papaya down’ which has a syncopated melody. Click here to hear the song. There is a drum ostinato (repeating pattern) you could have a go at clapping or playing.  

Challenge E: Samba is all about rehearsing and learning rhythms accurately. In carnivals, often the samba bands will have choreography. Have a go at the following body percussion patterns:

  • Click here for  ‘Can’t stop the Feeling’ body percussion. 
  • Click here for ‘On top of the world’  body percussion.
  • Click here for ‘Greatest Showman’ Body percussion.
  • Click here for ‘Try Everything’ body percussion.
  • Click here for ‘Uptown funk’ with body percussion first:
  • Click here for ‘Uptown funk’ try reading the notation.


Challenge F: Recap notation using PowerPoint. Then have a go at clapping some rhythm grids. Click here to see if you can apply your notation knowledge to clap or play the notated rhythms in the Ghostbusters rhythm activity. Could you find two wooden sticks e.g. 2 wooden spoons or 2 pencils etc to play the rhythms?

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