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Reflection is an important Value to learn as...


when you reflect on your work or actions, you'll know how to to improve for next time- Edie and Jasper Year 6


Reflection helps you correct mistakes and realise what you did wrong- Mariam Year 4

Reflection is:


  • Reflection is thinking carefully about our learning and actions.
  • Reflection is getting to know our own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Reflection is having quiet time with myself and others.


Related values for reflection:

  • Curiosity
  • Honesty
  • Self-regulation
  • Patience
  • Peace (with self)
  • Engagement

Values at home

To keep up with our Moral and Values education there will be a series of tasks posted on here linked to the core and linked value of the month. Please read the Values resources below and see how many of the Values tasks you can do in a month. This month’s challenge is to complete 5 out of the 8 challenges.


April core Value: Reflection

April KS2 Value: Self-regulation


Home Values Challenge Tasks:


Can you complete 5 of the challenges below?


  • Identify a skill that you now you need to practise more and practise it every day for 5 days. For example: adding 4 digit numbers using column addition, 3 times tables, using adjectives in expanded noun phrases to describe a range of things
  • A daily brain break
  • Setting yourself an April resolution to target something about you would like to improve.

       Miss Stabler’s April resolution: To do 5 yoga sessions a week to help calm her brain and           build up some upper body strength

  • To keep a diary for April where you write short daily diary entry focusing on one positive thing each day
  • Draw a picture to show one of the emotions you have felt today
  • Think about someone in your home that you may have been grumpy with and do something to make them smile. For example: give them a hug, do the washing up, do a silly dance etc.
  • Think of a Values role model for the Value of reflection. Draw their picture and explain why you have chosen that person.
  • Come up with a quote of saying for why Reflection is an important Values to develop. Use the quotes above from Values Action Group members as inspiration.


Miss Stabler is also going to try and complete the challenge over the month of April. See here for her updates.

Miss Stabler's Progress

  • I have drawn two pictures to show my emotions. One shows confusion and one shows calmness

  • I baked butterfly cupcakes to make someone smile

  • My Reflection quote: 


 Reflection is important as when we pause and reflect, we can think of the journey we've been on and think about where to go next!


  • I have been doing daily brain breaks, normally before bedtime or if I am feeling a bit worried or sad
  • My April resolution still needs work. I started doing 5 yoga sessions a week but haven't kept it. I will try for the next week. Enjoy the yoga photos- I blame the photographer