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Primary School and Nursery

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Nursery Team

Nursery Staff Team

Terry McEvoy, Nursery Assistant Head Teacher & Leader (PFA & FH)

Tracy Cherry, Nursery Manager (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Person) (PFA & FH)

Sam O'Neill,  Nursery Teacher (FA & FH)

Jenny Eastwood,  Nursery Admissions & Absence (PFA & FH)


Dina Malil, Early years Practitioner (PFA & FH)

Michelle Nembhard, Early Years Practitioner (PFA & FH)

Emelia Boyd-Joseph, Early Years Practitioner (PFA)


Neelma Ahmed, Nursery Teaching Assistant (PFA & FH)

Regina Belaid, Nursery Teaching Assistant (PFA & FH)

Sabirah Kaur Hayre*, Nursery Teaching Assistant (PFA & FH)

Suvita Kumar, Nursery Teaching Assistant (PFA & FH)

Hazera Rahim, Nursery CoverTeaching Assistant (FH)

Sarabjit Sahota, Nursery Teaching Assistant (PFA & FH)

Jolanta Serrano, Nursery Teaching Assistant (PFA & FH)


Karima Dahbi, Nursery Play Worker (PFA & FH)

Neide Da Silva, Nursery Playworker (PFA & FH)

Martina Drury-Hunte*, Nursery Playworker

Samra Farooqi, Nursery Playworker (PFA & FH)

Afiya John-Charles, Nursery Playworker (PFA & FH)

Bushra Noordin*, Nursery Playworker (PFA & FH)

Nalini Ramnath-Budhram, Nursery Playworker (PFA & FH)

Reema Rathod - Nursery Play Worker (PFA & FH)

Laxmi Singh, Nursery Playworker (PFA & FH)

Savannah Wong - Nursery Play Worker (PFA & FH)

* these members of staff also work in the main school during lunchtime.

(Paediatric First Aid, L2 Food Safety & Hygiene, Emergency First Aid at Work) 

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