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Year 1 Music

Year 1 Music home learning for isolating pupils

In Year 1 Music this term we have been looking at the famous Italian composer Vivaldi who wrote music to represent the Four Seasons (see knowledge organiser for knowledge covered).

As part of this, we do the following:

  • Listen to live and recorded performances of Vivaldi’s four seasons and produce art work to represent each season.
  • Learn about the composer Vivalid: When and where he live, what he is famous for.
  • Sing songs about the seasons and the weather.
  • Learn about the instruments of the string family: Violin, Viola, Cello and Double bass.
  • Create a musical storm using body percussion and instruments.
  • Learn the technical terms for dynamics (volume) including piano (quiet), forte (loud), metzo forte (medium loud).


If you are self isolating choose one of the following challenges to complete each week related to our musical seasons topic music topic.


Challenge A:

Sing and move to some songs about the seasons. Can you vary your dynamics (volume)?

Click here to sing a song about Spring.

Click here to sing a song about Summer. 

Click here to sing a song about Autumn.

Click here to sing a song about Winter

Challenge B:

Click here to watch the video about the string family.  Click here to visit the string instrument gallery with more information about each instrument. Then complete the sheet labelling the string instruments and colouring them.

Challenge C:

Can you use Chrome music lab song or melody maker to create a melody (tune) for each season? Click here for Chrome music lab. You could use colouring pencils to draw musical squares to represent your musical creations.

Click here to have a go at creating a sound patterns grid for the wet cave.

Challenge D:

Click here to play rhythm ‘Star Catcher Game’ on San Francisco Symphony Orchestra website. SelectSpring’ from the music library before playing the game. Learn how to conduct on the 'Conduct' section of the website. 

Challenge E:

Click here and watch the trailblazer clips of Vivaldi’s winter music. Can your create some artwork or poetry to go with Vivaldi’s masterpiece?


Challenge F:

Using the knowledge organiser and the Vivaldi factfile can you create a quiz for your parent or sibling? Alternatively, create your own documentary about Vivaldi and the four seasons and present it (or video) for your family.

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