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Year 3 Music

Year 3 Music challenges for pupils self isolating


In Year 3 Music this term we have been learning all about rhythm and learning the notation symbols (see knowledge organiser for knowledge covered).

As part of this, we do the following:

  • Identify and perform ostinatos (repeating patterns).
  • Learn to recognise the duration of the following notation symbols: crotchet, quaver, minimum, crotchet rest.
  • Perform body percussion patterns and notated rhythms in time with accuracy to famous pieces of music such as ‘The Can Can’.
  • Read and rehearse rhythmic notation on rhythm grids and apply it to pieces of music.
  • Create rhythm grids using the notation learnt.


If you are self isolating choose one of the following challenges to complete each week related to our music topic:

Challenge A:

Time for some Queen! Can you accurately perform the Ostinato in the famous Queen song ‘We will rock you’? Click here. Can you apply your rhythm notation knowledge and rehearse rhythms to another famous Queen track ‘ I want to break Free’. Click here.

Produce a poster about the band Queen and their famous songs. Click here for some facts.

Challenge B: 

Have a go at some body percussion:


Challenge C:

Create a colourful poster about all the rhythmic notation you know. Use the powerpoint below to help you.

Challenge D:

Click here to try the ‘Feel the beat activity’. Can you have a go at applying your knowledge of rhythm notation to read the rhythm grids below? Then create your own rhythm grid on a piece of paper using the notation you know. Use the PowerPoint in challenge C to help you. Then click here to experiment using music technology to create your own drum loops.

Challenge E:

Click here to watch a BBC video of ‘Short ride in a fast Machine' by John Adams. Listen out for all the different layers of rhythms. Design a vehicle. Then listen to the piece music again and while you are listening create a map of your vehicle’s journey. Be as imaginative as possible- imagine an adventure in space or a different world. Then create some rhythms and sound effects to go with different parts of you journey. Use notation to record these rhythms on your map if you can. Use powerpoint in Challenge C to help with the notation.

Challenge F:

Learn the rhythm pattern ‘Boom Snap Clap’. Click here for the full performance video. If you can’t practise with a partner at home, click here to see how you can do it on your own or try using plastic cups. Next, click here to listen to the cast of Stomp create a rhythm masterpiece at home. Could you create some of your own rhythms?

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