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Fielding Junior Singers

What, when and where?

Junior Choir is a free choir for Years 3 & 4 pupils which rehearses on Monday lunchtimes 1:10-1:40 with the Specialist Music Teacher Mr Osborn in the Music Room. 


How do you get a place in Choir?

Junior Choir places are allocated on an invitation basis not bookable through laser. All children are given the chance to informally audition in their music lessons in the summer term (sing happy birthday) or during breaktimes/lunchtimes if they prefer. This is because there are limited places and this is currently the fairest method of allocation. All children who audition will be added to the waiting list. To join the waiting list pupils must express enthusiasm for singing and arrange a short informal audition with the specialist Music teacher (this can be arranged at anypoint during the school year). 


Do Junior Choir members automatically get a place in Senior Choir?

Senior Choir is for pupils in Years 5 &6 so Junior Choir members will automatically become members of Senior choir when they go into Year 5, providing they have been committed to Junior Choir rehearsals.There are 50 places in Senior choir meaning I will have an additional 10 places to offer each year in the Senior choir for those who join the school later or may have missed out on Junior choir. Places will be allocated from the waiting list.


Performance opportunities

Both the Senior and the Junior will be representing Fielding at performances in the Community, though the 2 choirs will have different performance opportunities. The Junior Choir will rehearse music for events such as Ealing School's Music Association Concert 

Fielding Junior Choir register 2019-2020

There has been exceptionally high demand for choir in September 2019, therefore unfortunately I have been unable to offer every child who wants to participate in Junior or Senior choirs a place. If your child is not on the Junior Choir register this term, I sympathise that this may bring about disappointment but please be reassured that if your child has auditioned they will have been added to the waiting list. If a space becomes available we will inform you. I have tried to minimise the number of children disappointed by launching the Junior choir to offer an additional 40 choir places this September.

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