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Welcome to Reception 

We would like to welcome all our new pupils and families to Reception.  Please see our Autumn newsletter below for key information and dates.

Baseline Assessments 

Reception parents, your child's class teacher has been working hard finding out what your child knows, and their next steps.  Our baseline data in now available to view on MCAS.


We have had a number of questions regarding your child's data and look forward to talking to you during parent consultations around how well your child has settled in and their goals for the Autumn term. 


You may have read on our curriculum page that this year we are early adopters of the new Early Years framework.  Below are the links to the new framework and development matters if you are interested in what your child needs to achieve in each aspect of learning by the summer term. 


EYFS Framework

Development Matters 

Book bags 

We look forwards to issuing reading books next week. If your child was in Fielding Nursery please can you return your child's book bag this week so we can send books home. 


By the end of the week (21/9/20) your child will have a book bag with a picture book and one or two reading books.

Your child has chosen the picture book, they are not expected to read this independently.

This book is purely for enjoyment and an opportunity for you to share a book with your child. 

The reading book your child receives will link to the phonics baseline assessments that the teachers completed with each child.

Your child will have an opportunity to read through their book with their class teacher during their guided reading lessons. Guided reading lessons happen everyday, the teacher will read with a different group.

Some children that are in the earlier stages and are beginning to learn their sounds will receive a sheet with the sounds to focus on. The sheet also contains ideas of how to support your child at home.

The class teacher will write the title of the books in the reading record.

Your child must bring their book bag  to school everyday with their picture book, reading book and reading record. Each day the teacher will focus on a different group and change their books once a week. We look forward to reading your comments in the reading records.

Forest School

Forest School begins this week.

Please send in wellies for your child. These can be kept at school on the coat trolleys.

The first lesson will introduce the children to Fielding Forest e.g  rules and boundaries for keeping safe and respecting our environment.

RH - Tuesday am

RF - Tuesday pm

RS - Friday am

RP - Friday pm

Occasionally we do change our days depending on the weather and school events.

Remote Learning

If your child is at home self-isolating, please refer to our notice board for weekly activities that you child can complete and our instagram page for ideas to support during this period. 


Reception Instagram Page - EYFS World 


Please refer to the class notebook on Microsoft Teams to access and review additional resources for the week. You can find your child's log-in in the 'Report Section' of MCAS. Refer to our 'How to' guides for more details


Your child is expected to follow the weekly learning that is happening in school and complete a daily Phonics lesson (wk beginning: 21.9.20) and an English and Maths task each week.  It is important that your day reflects the nature of our Early Years and work is balanced with lots of opportunities to play and hear stories being read. 


Your child's class teacher will make contact through the class notebook, and Microsoft Teams to support your child during this period. 


Week Beginning: 14th September, 2020

In class we are currently running baseline assessment. Phonics, Maths and Literacy lessons will begin next week.  During our afternoon lessons this week we are talking about what makes us special and our families. 


If your child is self-isolating they could

- Draw and picture of themselves and their family. Adult to help support labelling the picture. 

Extended Activity: Discuss how not all families are you same, look at stories and discuss the family members in each story. 

School Snacks 

Please could we remind parents and carers that the snack that they provide for their child each day should be a piece of fruit. One piece is sufficient as we offer a school fruit snack in the afternoon.  It is very important that no products containing nuts come into school due to pupils with severe nut allergies. 

Reception collection points 

Reception afternoon collection points have changed so that we can better socially distance. 


  • RH pupils be collected from the sports hall, doors located just before the Reception gates (Wyndham Road) side. 
  • RS pupils be collected from the Reception corridor door which opens out onto the Nursery playground.  To avoid gathering close to the gates can RS parents/carers please make a socially distanced line along the Reception building. 
  • Classes RF and RP will continue to be collected from their classroom doors.  RF families arriving and exiting via the Wyndham Road gates. RP families arriving and exiting via the Coombe Road gates. 
  • Morning drop off arrangements remain the same.


After your child has been collected please do not gather in groups or allow pupils to play on the playground provision.  The playground needs to be cleared as soon as possible after 3.30pm because the area is used for After School Club.

Learning at home & School

 This could include time where your child continues to focus on practising and rehearsing their basic skills. You might find our links below useful for this. In addition to this children will also learn a lot from the following activities:

  • Reading and being read too regularly
  • Lego or other construction kits
  • Practising counting
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  •  Board games
  • Cooking
  • Gardening


Please see our curriculum overview to find out what your child is learning now and how that fits in to their wider learning:



Week commencing: 28/09/2020

In maths we are learning about 2D shapes.

The children will be learning to name a variety of 2D shapes - e.g. circle, triangle, oblong (rectangle) and square.

They will learn that these shapes are flat and can be found everywhere in our environment.

 The children will be using shape vocabulary to describe each shape e.g. A triangle has 3 sides and 3 corners. A square has 4 sides that are all the same length.

Key shape vocabulary is: sides, corners, straight, flat.

In class the children will have the opportunity to play and explore the 2D shapes.


Supporting your child at home:

Can your child find things that are shaped like a triangle, circle, square and oblong?

Encourage your child to use the shape vocabulary to describe a shape.

Make a picture using 2D shapes.


Next week in maths:

We will be learning about 3D shapes.


English - Writing

Week commencing: 28/09/2020

In English we will be reading  a non-fiction book about Space. Each day will be reading and talking about the book.

We will be learning how non-fiction books can help us to find out information.

We will look at the features of a non-fiction text e.g. headings, contents page, glossary etc.

The children will enjoy becoming knowledgeable about space and begin to share facts with each other.


Supporting your child at home:

Talk about the difference between a fiction and non-fiction book. One is a made up story and the other contains facts and information.

Encourage your child to learn some space facts.


Next week in English:

We will continue to read our non-fiction book about Space.


English - Phonics/Reading 

Phonics is the way we teach children to recognise the sounds in words. It helps your child to learn to read and is an essential part of your child’s education.

In school we teach children to read through linking letters and sounds using a published programme called ‘Read Write Inc’ (RWI).  There are a range of online resources you can use to support the teaching of phonics at home. 


Additional Phonic Resources 

All our Phonics sounds are in the video below:



Help a hedgehog

Phonics Bloom    

Phonics play       

Forest Phonics  


Story Time

While children are learning to it is also important for them to hear lots of stories being read to them.  We encourage you to read aloud to your child and listen to your child read daily.  To provide your child with the further opportunities to hear stories being read check out the story time videos below:

Story Time with your teachers: 

Reception Recommended Reading List - 40 Books for Reception

Phonics Workshop



Specialist subjects

Contact Details and Useful Links