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Fielding Primary School and Nursery

Nursery Outdoor Learning Gate

Dear Parents/Carers.

Please can you make sure that the gate to our Outdoor Learning Area is closed after you enter and exit the Nursery. Thank you.

Remote Learning

If your child is at home self-isolating, please refer to our notice board for weekly activities that you child can complete and our Instagram page for ideas to support during this period. 

During any period of self-isolation for your child you can keep their learning, language and understanding flourishing by:

  • Playing games and Puzzles.
  • Using a variety of mark making tools to create lines and shapes. These include: Paint brushes and water (great for outdoors), chalk (bigger the better) and large chunky markers. Backing Wall paper is cheap and great to use on the floor as you can roll out any length.
  • Practice counting objects to 10. Count steps, jumps and absolutely anything.
  • Remember the 'Five Finger Rule' when it comes to developing language. Always comment four times about something before you ask one question.  eg; Looking at  5 building blocks; Comment- 'Wow look at all the blocks', Comment-'I can see a red block', Comment- 'We can build a tower with the blocks.' Comment-' I can see two green blocks' Question- 'How many blocks do you have?'


To keep up to date and also send in images of tasks you child has completed please click on the link to join our Nursery Instagram page. 


To join our closed Instagram group, please open or download the Instagram app onto your smartphone and then search for fieldingnursery.


Below you will find weekly links to websites that we have selected to support your child's learning while at home and we will also be posting the stories we are focusing on in Nursery.

BBC information about how you can support your child to develop mark making skills.


Our 'Talk for Writing' story for the next two weeks.

(Click on the book to hear Mr McEvoy read the story)


Activities to do at home


PTFA Nursery Notice Board Message: 

The PTFA (Parent, Teacher & Friends Association) here at Fielding have their own news channel called ClassList which helps you keep up to date with all parent activities including events and fundraising initiatives. You'll also be able to communicate with other parents with the nursery year group. 

If you haven't joined, click and follow the instructions.  You'll need to select the Nursery for your child. There is a mobile app that you can download too. The app provides weekly PTFA updates on Fielding school along with early bird tickets to events (when they hopefully start up again!).  You can change how often you want to be communicated with too.

The first PTFA meeting of the academic year takes place on Monday 21 September and will take place online via Zoom should you wish to hear more about the PTFA activities.  The meeting is held at 9.15am and again at 8.30pm.  All parents/guardians are welcome. Links available via ClassList and School News. 

If you have any questions, please contact the PTFA on Nolan O'Connor is the current chair of the PTFA.

Key Workers at Fielding Nursery

All parents should have received an email on Thursday this week which informs you the names of your child's Key Worker. Your child's main Key Worker will be a Class Teacher or Early Years Practitioner attached to your child's class. Your child will also have a support Key Worker who will also look out for your child while they are at Nursery and support them with their reading resources when we start our Phonics lessons in January.


If you have not received an email about Key Workers please let us know.


Covid 19

Due to Covid-19 we have put lots of measures in place to increase cleaning of resources and spend more time to increase the frequency of hand washing for the children. Please read our most up-to-date risk assessment which can be found at  https;// If you child has a high temperature, new continuious cough , or loss of taste or smell, you should not send them to Nursery. They should be tested for Covid-19.

Forest School

We are happy to announce that the Nursery Forest School sessions will be starting on Monday 21st September. The children will be on a rota and will have fortnightly sessions in the forest before a two week gap while other children attend. We keep the groups small when we visit the forest so that our Nursery children have the opportunity to explore and have the space to try new things. Forest School sessions are led by Nursery Teachers and Mrs Watts who is a certified Forest School teacher as well as the class teacher for RF Reception class at Fielding.


You will receive a message via your Laser account on a Friday to let you know if your child is attending Forest School on Monday. If you child is due to attend Forest School then please send them to Nursery with wellies or waterproof shoes. They will also need a raincoat/shower jacket as the weather does not stop us. As we move from Autumn to Winter please be aware of the clothing needs of your child/children and please remember to label all hats, gloves and scarves. 


For more information about Forest School please click on the link below.

New to Fielding Nursery

Please click on the image to watch a video about our Nursery and see all the staff members in our Nursery Team.

Toileting in Nursery

For some children it can take a little time to settle into a new environment. We also know that the children really enjoy their time at Nursery and may leave it till 'the last minute' before they go to the toilet. Young children will have accidents and as long as we have a change of clothes for them it is not a problem. In time mostly all children recognise the need to go to the toilet and will take themselves. For those children who are having a few accidents a day we will monitor them and encourage them to go to the toilet at pertinent times of day, such as; in the morning, after lunch and after tea. We will also offer reward charts for those children who are not yet getting to the toilet in time. Usually as children's time with us progresses they are able to regulate when to go to the toilet and are able to do this independently.


When children are unwell

In the Nursery we do all that we can to stop any illness affecting not only the children but also members of our team. Daily disinfecting of toilets and floors as well as antibacterial spraying of doors, handles and the use other cleaning agents are used to prevent germs and bugs finding a home in our Nursery.

We would be grateful if when your child vomits or has a dose of diarrhea, please keep them at home for 48 hrs to make sure that the infection has passed. If you bring your child into Nursery when they are ill it may pass to other children or adults. We understand that sometimes it is hard to take time off to look after your child but if they are ill they need to be at home.

Thank you for your support in this matter. 


Keeping Children Safe

At Fielding Nursery we take the safety of and safeguarding the children as our top priority. We therefore would like to remind parents that once you have collected and signed your child out of the Nursery, can you please exit the Nursery Outdoor Learning Area as soon as you can. Please do not allow your child/ren to access any of the Nursery equipment once they are in your care. Please remember to close the gates to our Outdoor Learning Area as you enter and leave. Thank you


Nursery Entry and Exit Routes

The entry and exit points for Nursery, outside of normal whole school pick and drop off times (8.30-9.00am and 3.15pm-3.45pm) ,are via the gates in Coombe Road and along the fenced path which leads into Nursery. For safeguarding reasons please do not use any other route to drop off or collect your children. Thank you.

Early pick up during a session

If you wish to pick up your child early during Nursery session times we would be grateful if you could let us know in advance, or phone or email. By letting us know about early session collection, children can be ready and waiting for collected. This will mean that you will not be left waiting outside for too long, especially as Autumn turns to Winter. Also as you know the children have lunch between 11.30 and 12.00 and tea from 3.00 to 3.30pm, so it would be best to collect either before or after these times. Thank you for your help and co-operation during these transition times.


Picking up your child at 1pm

If you are collecting your child from Nursery at 1pm, please note that the main gate will open at 1pm. If you come to the Nursery pick up point before this time your child may get upset as they see you waiting outside. To help things run smoothly we would encourage you to come to the pick up point at 1pm so that we can follow the routines your child is getting used to and therefore this helps the children to enjoy a happy pick up time.

Thank you.


Personal Toys

We have a wide range of toys and equipment at our nursery. Unless we specifically request otherwise your child should not bring any of their own toys to nursery. If they do bring toys with them, we accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to those toys.

Sustainable Development Goals - Earth School

This year in school we have been exploring the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and how we can play our part as global citizens.  Recently Earth School was launched which is a 30-day home-schooling journey to connect children to nature.

If you have enjoyed our SDG sessions in school, check out the daily quests – you can choose to watch the videos and have a go at the suggested quizzes and activities.

Helping Your Child To Learn

Nursery Storytime

Here are a selection of stories from over the last few months. We hope you will enjoy sharing them with your children.



Nursery Song Time

Here is a selection of songs to cheer us on our way. Enjoy. Click on the images to listen and join in.


Learning Next Week: W/C  21/09/20

Next week we will be continuing our first Curriculum Challenge of 'Who lives in My House?' If you have any family pictures you can share with is it would be great if you could give them to your child to bring into Nursery.


Next week we will be starting Forest School. If your child is attending Forest school on Monday you should receive a message via your Laser account on Friday afternoon.


Next week in our Literacy sessions we will be mapping out the story, 'So Much', pictorially and then acting out the story.



 Next week we will be continuing to learn our Dough Gym moves.


'Dough Gym' is a gross and fine motor work out session for Nursery children. The session lasts as long as a song (3 mins) and teaches the children gross motor arm movements and fine motor dexterous skills, to develop the arm and hand strength children will need to develop their handwriting skills.


Our focus text for Talk for Writing for the next two weeks will be : 'So Much' by Trish Cooke and Helen Oxenbury.


Next week the children will be learning the poem: Pat -a-cake.


Next week we will be continuing to find out all about our Key Children and finding out where they are on their learning journey.

Learning W/C 28/09/20

We will be continuing to learn about our Curriculum Challenge of 'Who lives in my house?'


This week we will be continuing our Forest School sessions.


This week our focus will be Mathematics.

Fielding Learning Challenge Curriculum