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Fielding Nursery Staff 2021-2022

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Parent Consultation Meetings

This week is the Ladybird Class Parent Consultation Meetings, with meetings on the 18th via Microsoft Teams and on the 19th, face to face upstairs in the School House. The School House is sign posted just inside the main school entrance in Wyndham Road.


Please remember to check your Microsoft Teams login before attending the meeting.


We will look forward to telling you about how your child has settled into Nursery and how they are getting use to the new routines of our Nursery day.

Parent Workshop on Language and Communication

We will be running a workshop for parents/carers  about supporting your child's language and communication development in the Early Years, on Saturday 20th November 10.00am- 11.00am. This is an adult event and no child care facilities will be available. Please read the supporting letter and sign up if you would like to attend. If you are unable to attend, the power-point presentation will be made available after the meeting.

Thank you

Parent Workshops

Early Start Ealing are providing a range of workshops for parents to support early development in specific areas for children. Please view the document below and book via the email address if you have interest in any of the sessions they provide.

Children's Snacks in Nursery

Dear Parents/Carers


Just a reminder to say that due to pupil allergies, please do not put any snacks into your child's bag to bring into Nursery. Children should have a water bottle and named changes of clothes. Could you please also encourage your child not to bring in any toys from home as if they are lost or damaged it causes a lot of distress for your child.

Water bottles in Nursery

Dear Parents/Carers,


Please ensure that children only have water in their water bottles when they bring them to Nursery. Water is great fir the children and it helps to hydrate them quickly, is good for their teeth and is brilliant brain food. 


Thank you.

Mr McEvoy

Fielding Nursery Instagram

To join our closed Instagram group, please open or download the Instagram app onto your smartphone and then search for fieldingnursery. 

Forest School 

Forest School sessions are led by Nursery Teachers and Mrs Watts who is a certified Forest School teacher as well as the class teacher for RF Reception class at Fielding. Forest School will start on Monday 27th September.


You will receive a message via your Bromcom account on a Friday/Wednesday to let you know if your child is attending Forest School. Ladybird children attend Forest School on Monday afternoons and Dragonfly children will either attend Monday afternoons or Thursday mornings. If you child is due to attend Forest School then please send them to Nursery with wellies or waterproof shoes. They will also need a raincoat/shower jacket as the weather does not stop us. 

For more information about Forest School please click on the link below. 

Learning for Week 18/10/21


This week we will be completing our first Curriculum Challenge of 'Who lives in my house?'. Our focus questions are listed below.


This week we will be thinking about 'What makes a good friend?'


This week our Poem of the week is: 'Jack and Jill'


This week we will be continuing our next 'Talk for Writing' book. 'Rosie's Walk' by Pat Hutchins.


We will be retelling the story of 'Rosie's Walk' and talking about what happened in the story.

The sentences below enable your child to build up their language skills so that they are able to answer questions. The more information your child has about a picture or environment the easier it will be for them to answer question about it. 



This week we will be completing our first focus task 'Drawing a picture'. The children will be given the opportunity to explore different media to create a picture of their choice. We will be focusing on the skills of : creating closed shapes and using these shapes to create objects. As well as drawing details such as; eyes, nose and mouth on a face.


We will continue to build on our Dough Gym skills and use our Golden Rules to make good choices.











Learning for w/c 25/10/21

This week the Nursery will be closed for Half- Term break.


The Nursery Holiday Club will be open this week for children who's parents have pre-booked sessions.


We wish all our children and parents a happy Half Term break and we look forward to welcoming you all back for the second half of Autumn Term on Tuesday 2nd November.


Please remember that the Nursery will be closed to all children on Monday 1st November for a Staff Development Day.


Nursery Key Workers

During the first two weeks of term we spend time getting to know the children. During that time children will develop relationships with many of the adults they spend time with. It is these initial relationships which lead to the choices of key workers we make for the children. All Nursery children will be issued two key workers. A main Key worker which will be responsible for their academic progress throughout the year and a support key worker which will play a major part in the child's development throughout the year. All parents will receive information regarding their child's Key Worker by Friday 17th September.

Value of the Term: Respect


What will my child be learning about this term?

Who lives in my house?

EYFS Curriculum 2021-2022

What does my child do at Nursery?

 We give feedback about your child's progress during our Parent Consultation meetings. 

We will not be able to give parents daily feedback due to the numbers of children we have attending each day. If we need to chat to you about anything we will always phone or email. 


A day in the life of a Nursery child

We thought you might like to know what an average day is like for your child. All timings are approximate and will change sometimes according to the needs of the children.

8 am -9.10 am Children arrive in Nursery and wash hands.

9.10am - 9.15am Dough Gym

9.15am -9.30am  Carpet Story/ Mathematics

9.30am-9.40am Milk

9.40am-11.00am Free flow. Children explore indoors and outdoors and adults support children in their learning and exploring.

11.15- 11.30 Children Wash Hands

11.30am-12.30pm Children Eat Lunch

11.50am -12.45pm Free flow. Children explore indoors and outdoors and adults support children in their learning and exploring.

12.45-1.00pm AM children go home, full time children story time.

1.00pm-1.10pm PM Children arrive.

1.10pm-1.20pm Dough Gym.

1.20pm -2.45pm Free flow. Children explore indoors and outdoors and adults support children in their learning and exploring.

2.45pm -3.00pm  Children Wash Hands.

3.00pm-4.00pm Children's Tea Time

3.30-3.45pm: Story Time.

3.45pm-5.00pm Free flow. Children explore indoors and outdoors and adults support children in their learning and exploring

5.30pm -6.00pm -Tidy and story time.


Supporting your child at home.

If your child is at home self-isolating, please refer to our Noticeboard for weekly activities that you child can complete and our Instagram page for ideas to support during this period.  

During any period of self-isolation for your child you can keep their learning, language and understanding flourishing by: 

  • Playing games and Puzzles. 

  • Using a variety of mark making tools to create lines and shapes. These include: Paint brushes and water (great for outdoors), chalk (bigger the better) and large chunky markers. Backing Wall paper is cheap and great to use on the floor as you can roll out any length. 

  • Practice counting objects to 10. Count steps, jumps and absolutely anything. 

  • Remember the 'Five Finger Rule' when it comes to developing language. Always comment four times about something before you ask one question.  eg; Looking at  5 building blocks; Comment- 'Wow look at all the blocks', Comment-'I can see a red block', Comment- 'We can build a tower with the blocks.' Comment-' I can see two green blocks' Question- 'How many blocks do you have?' 

To keep up to date and also send in images of tasks you child has completed please click on the link to join our Nursery Instagram page (coloured blue below). 

To join our closed Instagram group, please open or download the Instagram app onto your smartphone and then search for fieldingnursery. 

PTFA Nursery Notice Board Message: 

The PTFA (Parent, Teacher & Friends Association) here at Fielding have their own news channel called ClassList which helps you keep up to date with all parent activities including events and fundraising initiatives. You'll also be able to communicate with other parents with the nursery year group. If you haven't joined, click and follow the instructions. 

If you have any questions, please contact the PTFA on Nolan O'Connor is the current chair of the PTFA.

Nursery Outdoor Learning Area 


Dear Parents/Carers 

Please can you help us keep our Outdoor Learning Area tidy at the end of the day by encouraging your children not to play or use our equipment when you are collecting your child from the Nursery. We know it is an inviting and exciting place for children to be, but we would be grateful if you could please promote our outdoor area as our outdoor classroom. Thank you. 

Supporting Children with Additional Needs. 

As part of my role as the Dragonfly teacher, I am also the Nursery SEN lead. I oversee and plan the interventions that are delivered daily to children who may need extra support with language development, social interaction, turn taking and attention. 

At Nursery we have access to outside agencies such as: 

  • Speech and Language – speech sound concerns, delayed speech 

  • Occupational Therapy – fine or gross motor concerns 

  • SEN Inclusion team – any concerns about cognitive learning or behavior 

  • Early Start – support at home 

  • Family support – workshops, training , support at home 


I may contact you if we have concerns about your child and together we can make a plan moving forward, whether that is support at home or seeking more specialist advice from outside agencies. Each process can take anywhere from a few weeks to months. The earlier we start these processes the better for your child. 

If you have concerns about your child’s development or would like more information on the services we can offer, please email me directly on . I can then start the process of referring your child to the appropriate agency. 

Katie May 


You can also see an overview of our Special Educational Needs support by clicking here to see our whole school provision. 

Early Pick Up during PM Sessions

If you are picking your child up at Nursery at 3.30pm please inform us by passing a message over to a member of our Nursery Team on the door or by phoning or emailing us. If you are picking up from the Ladybird class at 3.30pm then please be aware that the Ladybird children go to tea at 3.30 till 4.00pm. We will have the children ready to go at 3.30pm if we know in advance. If we are unaware that you are collecting your child at 3.30 then we may be on our way to tea and unable to spare a member of the team. Thank you for your support and consideration. 

Contact Details and Useful Links