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Welcome to Nursery


Parent Consultation Meetings


During your 10 minute Parent Consultation meeting your child's key worker will be talking to you about how your child has settled into Nursery and give you information about how they are progressing in the Early Years Foundation Stage. For Dragonfly children appointments  are available to book through MCAS on October 10,11 and 12th. For Ladybird children appointments are available on October 17th/18th bookable via MCAS.


Meetings booked between 8.30am and 12.00pm on Monday 10th and Monday 17th will take place in the Nursery office in the Ladybird Class. 

All following appointments which fall into the time frame below, will take place in the School House, which is located at the Wyndham Road entrance for the main school and is sign posted as you reach the end of the bike/scooter park. Please enter the house and sit and wait on the chairs provided before being called for your appointment which will take place upstairs in the small meeting room.

Monday 10th 1pm to 4pm

Tues 11th 8.30am to 4pm

Wed 12th 8.30am to 4pm

Monday 17th 1pm to 4pm

Tuesday 18th 8.30 to 4pm


Any questions please ask a member of the Nursery Team.


Thank you and can you help us.

Thank you to all those Parents and Carers who are using our scooter/bike park to leave all their scooter/bikes and buggies. We are still having some folded buggies left under our shelter and not left in the correct place. Can you please leave buggies at the scooter/bike park and cover them with a waterproof cover if you are worried about them getting wet. 


 We like to spend as much time as possible outdoors and we use our sheltered areas when it rains, so please do not leave any bike/scooters/ or buggies in this area. Thank you. Can we remind you that all dogs need to be carried if you are bringing them into the Nursery outdoor area and please do not let your children play on the equipment at drop off time in the morning, or at pick up time in the evening. Thank you for all your help and support.

Settling into Nursery

We know that starting Nursery or starting a new Nursery for some of our children is a very worrying time. So many new people and new children and the uncertainty of the day can make children feel very anxious.


Once the have children have got use to the new routine of the Nursery day they will soon build confidence and fell happy that they know what will be happening next and have a better idea about their day. For some children this can take longer than others.


If you are worried about your child settling into Nursery please talk to a member of the Nursery staff as they will be able to tell you how your child has been. If you would like more help and support you can always speak to the class teacher. 



Supporting your child at home.

During the year we will be providing workshops and video guides so that you can support your child's development during their time at Nursery.

Value of the Term:

Here you will find information about our core Value of each term.

Our first value of the year is : Respect

What will my child be learning about this term?


Curriculum Challenge 1 Autumn

This week :03/10/22

This week our focus will be Mathematics as we start to learn about Numbers. This week we will be learning about the numbers 1 and 2. We will be getting a little help from our friends the 'Numberblocks'.


This week we will also be starting our first focus learning task with the children. We will be helping and supporting the children to create closed shapes and using detail in their drawings.


Our question of the week is: ' What is my house made of?'


Poem of the week: Doctor Foster


Next Week 10-10-22

We will be continuing with our first Curriculum Challenge of ' Who lives in my house?'  This week Parent Consultation Meetings will be taking place for Dragonfly children on 10th/11th and 12th October.

Fielding Nursery Staff 2022-2023

Tracy Cherry- Nursery Manager

Terry McEvoy- Assistant Head Nursery Ladybird Teacher

Sam O'Neil- Dragonfly Teacher

Dina Malil- EYP Ladybird Class

Michelle Nem- EYP Dragonfly Class

Geeti Mirbaz- EYP Dragonfly Class

Suvita Kumar- TA Dragonfly Class (Maternity Leave)

Sarabjit Sahota- TA Ladybird Class

Neelma Ahmed -TA Ladybird Class

Sabirah Kaur- TA Dragonfly Class

Emilia Boyd-Joseph- Nursery Cover Teaching Assistant

Jolanta Serrano- TA Ladybird Class

Siobhan Conville- Lead Play Worker Dragonfly Class

Debbie Foster- Play Worker Dragonfly Class

Nalini Ramnath- Play Worker Ladybird Class

Afiya John-Charles- Play Worker Ladybird Class

Bushra Noordin- Play Worker Ladybird Class

Samra Farooqi- Play Worker Ladybird Class

Regina Belaid- TA Ladybird Class

Laxmi Singh- Play Worker Dragonfly Class

Neide Da Silva- Play Worker Dragonfly Class

Karima Dahbi- Playworker Ladybird Class

Martina Dury-Hunte -Playworker Dragonfly Class


What does my child do at Nursery?

We give feedback about your child's progress during our Parent Consultation meetings. We will not be able to give parents daily feedback due to the numbers of children we have attending each day. If we need to chat to you about anything we will always phone or email. 

A day in the life of a Nursery child

We thought you might like to know what an average day is like for your child. All timings are approximate and will change sometimes according to the needs of the children.

8 am -9.10 am Children arrive in Nursery.

9.10am - 9.15am Dough Gym

9.15am -9.30am  Carpet Story/ Mathematics

9.30am-9.40am Milk

9.40am-11.15am Free flow. Children explore indoors and outdoors and adults support children in their learning and exploring.

11.15- 11.30 Wash Hands

11.30am-12.30pm Children Eat Lunch

11.50am -12.45pm Free flow. Children explore indoors and outdoors and adults support children in their learning and exploring.

12.45-1.00pm AM children go home, full time children story time.

1.00pm-1.10pm PM Children arrive.

1.10pm-1.20pm Dough Gym.

1.20pm -2.45pm Free flow. Children explore indoors and outdoors and adults support children in their learning and exploring.

2.45pm -3.00pm  Children Wash Hands.

3.00pm-4.00pm Children's Tea Time

3.30-3.45pm: Story Time.

3.45pm-5.00pm Free flow. Children explore indoors and outdoors and adults support children in their learning and exploring

5.30pm -6.00pm -Tidy and story time.

PTFA Nursery Notice Board Message: 

The PTFA (Parent, Teacher & Friends Association) here at Fielding have their own news channel called ClassList which helps you keep up to date with all parent activities including events and fundraising initiatives. You'll also be able to communicate with other parents with the nursery year group. If you haven't joined, click and follow the instructions. 

If you have any questions, please contact the PTFA on Nolan O'Connor is the current chair of the PTFA.

Supporting Children with Additional Needs

All children may experience some difficulties in learning from time to time during their school life. We aim to provide equal access to the whole curriculum for all children including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND).  All nursery staff are involved in the learning and development of pupils with SEND with Parents/Carers involved at all stages.

Mrs Chadwick is the schools SENDCo, she works closely with nursery to ensure that any children experiencing difficulties are able to gain the support needed as early as possible. 


We place great emphasis on identifying pupils with additional needs as early as possible, therefore ensuring a differentiated curriculum to accommodate individual needs and allow maximum access to the curriculum. Where a child has a particular individual need, we will make reasonable adjustments to help them overcome their difficulties which may include additional support. Depending on the identified need this support may take place in class, in a small group or on an individual basis. On occasion, additional support is sought from an external agency such as;

  • School Health
  • Behavior Support service
  • Educational Psychology Service
  • Speech and Language 

  • Occupational Therapy 

  • SEN Inclusion team 

  • Early Start 

  • Family support

You can also see an overview of our Special Educational Needs support by clicking here to see our whole school provision. 

Early Pick Up during PM Sessions

If you are picking your child up at Nursery at 3.30pm please inform us by passing a message over to a member of our Nursery Team on the door or by phoning or emailing us. If you are picking up from the Ladybird class at 3.30pm then please be aware that the Ladybird children go to tea at 3.30 till 4.00pm. We will have the children ready to go at 3.30pm if we know in advance. If we are unaware that you are collecting your child at 3.30 then we may be on our way to tea and unable to spare a member of the team. Thank you for your support and consideration. 

Contact Details and Useful Links