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Specialist Provider Club Overview 2024/25

Annual Schedule of Specialist Clubs

Fielding recognises that consistency and continuity in wrap around care is vital for working parents. Over the last year we have worked hard to develop a programme that will achieve this by offering:

  • termly timetables and sign up for clubs
  • clubs running on the same day and at the same time each term, wherever possible
  • online booking system to allow parents to manage their own bookings

Whilst we would love to offer every club every term, this isn’t always possible due to seasons, space, tutor availability and demand. 

Sign up for clubs continues to be through Laser.  Each booking will be valid for one term (unless stated otherwise). Parents can then change activities or re-book before for the term ahead. Below is an overview of the clubs that may be on offer across the year.

About our clubs

Animation with the London Lens Project


In this club we teach students how to create truly unique Animations. 

Children develop skills in animation through FlipbooksDrawing & Lego

Students will have access to state of the art cameras for shooting their animations + a simple but extremely creative editing suite where kids will be able to add voice overs, music, titles, text, sound effects, adjust speed, green screens and so much more!

Learning and expressing yourself through Animation is a highly inventive and rewarding way to practice your visual communication skills.

All equipment is provided and parents can see all their child's animations via a secure Google drive. 

To learn more about the course and activities we do, please follow the below link to watch a short 1 minute video:

Link to Video


Club will cover all disciplines of track and field focusing on a different one each week.

Children who attend the club will improve there confidence and capability to compete in each discipline as well as improving fitness speed agility. Demonstrating values such as determination and perseverance.


En Pointe

En Pointe is a dance school based in London, bringing a variety of dance and movement classes to children of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. We train students ranging from beginners up to pre-professional level, and provide fun and enjoyable classes in a safe environment, whilst striving to encourage students to become the best dancer they can be. Students can participate purely for fun, as a serious hobby, or as a form of exercise. Ballet classes follow the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus. Students have the option to enter for examinations when ready, and will be afforded many opportunities to perform. There is a set uniform for classes, available from En Pointe directly - please get in touch for more information. Pupils bookings automatically roll over from term to term unless parents cancel.


Weekly focus on the fundamental skills.

Club will help with fitness agility hand eye co ordination team work and there may be the possibility to represent the school at a tournament.

Building Blocks

Building blocks is an extra curricular club that has architecture, design and

engineering at its core. The design company have collaborated with

us to develop a program for Key Stage 1-2 to get students excited about their

potential to create.

We have activities to help cultivate non-verbal reasoning, understand spatial complexities

and nourish creative abilities. Our sessions include practical exercises using building blocks,

concept drawing tasks, presentations, and talks on design, architecture and engineering. Each

week students are guided through a thematic exercise where they are presented with tasks

and puzzles that they get to explore both individually and in groups.

We take a dynamic approach to STEAM learning. We look to

tailor our sessions to best serve each student within the class to

build their capabilities and confidence.Have fun with concepts of Scale, Bridge Building, an introduction
to Gravity, Brick Zip Wire Challenge, intro to Architectural Drafting, Floating Vessels and
Freestyle Building.

Chess - mindful chess

Mindful Chess is a school that looks to equip players with both greater chess skills and concentration techniques to aid all areas of learning and development. Following working with one of Hong Kong’s most reputable chess schools Scholastic Chess, we are now looking to provide the same opportunities for children and adults in London.

We train students ranging from those that have never played before, to players furthering their games and those looking to compete at competition level. We believe it is fundamental for the learning process to be exciting, stimulating and as much as possible, tailored to each students individual way of learning.

We provide a series of brief concentration exercises that intend to help students focus. Although these exercises are done to bring greater focus to their chess, we have discovered students to find them beneficial across their studies.

We consider making the learning experience a fun enjoyable one to be fundamental to a student’s progress. As ones passion grows so does the speed at which they retain knowledge and improve.


Senior Choir meets in the Music Room each Tuesday from 3:30-4:30. The main events this year will be: ESMA Christmas Concert at St Barnabas in December; Young Voices at the O2 in January; ESMA Spring Concert at St Barnabas in May. There will be other events, including short performances at the Christmas and Summer Fairs. To be in Choir, you must have an enthusiasm for singing, and you need to be able to commit to attending rehearsals and concerts, as well as learning words. Children who are already in Choir are guaranteed their place, while new members will be selected by the Music Teacher from the waiting list. Membership of Choir is currently not by audition or merit. Fielding Choir is run by the Music Teacher and is an invitation-only Club, so new members will be told whether they have a place or are on the waiting list.

Circus Skills

CoreSkillz Ltd run clubs that develop coordination, improve balance and build core strength in a fun and exhilarating way. 

Confidence is raised while learning Circus Skills and it provides a great opportunity for a child to persevere. Activities include slacklining (tightrope), spinning plates, juggling, balancing peacock feathers, Chinese ribbons, gravity sticks, diabolo, poi, pedal go’s, fun wheels and stilt-walking.


This is a new Club, although many of the skills you learn will be similar to those in last year’s Song-Writing Club. Most of the children in this Club will probably be able to read music a little and perhaps play an instrument, but this is not essential. Although children can sign up to this club for a term only (like any other paid-for club) you will get the most out of it if you aim to stay for the whole year. 

Comic Writing Club with Elthorne Arts

Learn how to write your own comic book with Elthorne Arts! Each week we will focus on a different aspect of comics: learning how to create and structure stories, representing your ideas visually and through dialogue, creating and drawing characters, exploring the conventions of comic book layouts, and using colour, text and images. You will develop your artistic skills of composition, sketching, shading and inking; as well as writing narrative, exposition and dialogue; and will work towards writing a comic of your own. 

Cross Country 

Will include a variety of games that will improve fitness levels over distance running.



Develop a number of different skills: group work, confidence and speaking skills. They will learn how to improvise through playing fun drama games, learn how to mime, be a clown, create fantastic freeze frames and play different characters in the action packed sessions. 


Join Fielding Primary Schools KS2 drama club you will learn learn how to improvise, play different characters, building to creating your own performance. Build your confidence through acting out scenarios in front of the club. Learn how use your voice and body creatively, create comedic situations, create your own melodrama's in action packed sessions. 


Dodgeball is an indoor sport played with super soft rubber balls. The aim of the game is to get an opposing team out by throwing a ball at them and hitting them below the waist while at the same time avoiding getting hit yourself. Participants will improve their throwing skills, spatial awareness, evasion skills and fitness all while playing a very fun and exciting game. All of the skills learned during dodgeball can be applied to a range of other sports and help improve your performance in lots of ways.


Fencing club is suitable for children who have never experienced fencing before as well as for those who have some basic fencing knowledge.

The fencing club is run by an experienced coach, who will teach children about fencing in a lively and fun atmosphere. Each class is taught using plenty of games to improve speed and co-ordination, develop specific fencing skills and tactical thinking. Children will learn fencing bladework and footwork, rules of courtesy during a fencing bout and refereeing skills – and of course doing plenty of sword fighting! Children should wear a PE kit preferably with long sleeves.


QPR Community Trust

All coaches hold National Governing Body coaching badges, are first aid qualified and have relevant safeguarding training etc. Our coaches will deliver fun & enjoyable sessions from our coaching syllabus focussed on enhancing the children’s ABC’s (Agility, Balance & Coordination) and other fundamentals of movement and ball manipulation.

Clothes- sports clothes and trainers suitable for playing on the field (no studded boots)


La Jolie Ronde 

Fun and enthusiatic French lessons. Children are tutored by qualified tutors and learn the language through rhymes, song, games, stories.Children signed up to the club will get first refusal of the places the following term.

Additional items- book for beginners to be purchased through provider

Forest School Club

Forest School club is run by Rebecca , a Primary School Teacher and Forest School Leader.

Children will have the chance to explore the natural world and problem solve resulting in more independent and confident children. They will learn practical skills and knowledge of the world they live in through child lead learning. Natural makes and campfires will be part of the course. Children will need to wear clothes and shoes that its ok to get dirty!


Futsal is an indoor sport played with a smaller, heavier type of football. It will help to develop great ball control, exciting ball skills and will greatly improve your fitness. It is a fun, small sided, indoor version of football which can serve to improve you readiness for the more traditional version of the game.

Games Club

Physical exercise is good for mind, body and spirit. Furthermore, team sports are good for learning accountability, dedication, and leadership, among many other traits. 

Each week the children will participate in a sports based game organised by Mr Winn, this will be played on the school field or sports hall. 


Muddy Hands

Muddyhands gardening club is open to Fielding children. Gardening is not only a fun activity for children to get involved with but there is a lot of evidence to show that gardening is good for both mental and physical health.  Children will develop new skills, learn about science and nature as well as learn how to grow their own vegetables, which they might be more inclined to try! The club will start by looking at safety in the garden and then each week in the first part of the term, learn to sow vegetable and flower seeds. The second part of the term will look at how to look after the plants, watering, weeding, keeping them pest free and harvesting.  Over the whole term we’ll look at minibeasts, go on bug hunts, play gardening themed games and enjoy the lovely gardening areas that Fielding has to offer. At the end of the term the children will hopefully be able to bring some of the produce they have grown, home to eat and share.

Clothes- Wellies and clothes that can get messy


Judo is a great sport to help your child develop self confidence, coordination, strength and suppleness. Judo is also well known to develop fantastic strength of character and self discipline in its students. In this club students will learn how to throw an opponent without injury, fall safely, hold or pin an opponent on the floor safely and cope with the general rough and tumble of the sport. 

Clothes- Gi kit to be purchased through provider. Pupils bookings automatically roll over from term to term unless parents cancel

Photography Club with the London Lens Project

In this club we teach you how to create truly unique photographs!

Duplicate yourself and create you very own clones in our Image Manipulation sessions.

Become a Jedi or join the Dark Side in our famous Light Painting classes!

Share picture perfect portraits with our Expression lesson or

Explore the school developing your camera controls with our Visual Treasure Hunt

Plus there's so much more!

In this term's photography club kids have the chance to develop their skills playing with Nikon compact cameras, Canon Digital SLR's and a wide range of photographic tools from external flash units to studio equipment.

All equipment is provided and parents can see all their child's hard work through our weekly newsletters and secure website posts.

Mad Science

Mad Science aim to spark the imagination of children into the wonders of science. It is a great way to get stuck in to science and have fun at the same time! Each week we offer hands-on, one-hour science sessions that are themed around a particular area of science and can include such topics as rocketry, magnets, polymers and even the science of toys! Children engage in exciting hands-on activities, watch spectacular demonstrations and participate in inquiry-based discussions. Some weeks, the children also take home gifts that they have made themselves which can include model rockets, periscopes, Mad Science slime and much much more. Each term a new programme will run.

Minecraft EDU

SurvivalCraft - our new game-based learning programme uses MinecraftEdu (a version of Minecraft developed especially for schools).

Children are engaged and motivated to collaborate to survive in the Minecraft world created by them. ComputerXplorers leads the way in providing technology-based activities for children that are inspirational, educational and, most importantly, fun and engaging!

Critical thinking, creativity, problem solving and the development of collaborative skills are core elements of every ComputerXplorers programme.

Come and Xplore the MinecraftEdu Club!

Multisport skills

QPR Community Trust

All coaches hold the ‘1st4Sport Level 2 Award in Multi-Skills Development’, are first aid qualified and have relevant safeguarding training etc. Our coaches will deliver fun & enjoyable sessions based on developing solid foundation ABC’s (Agility, Balance & Coordination) and other fundamentals of movement in addition to increasing levels of ability & coordination.

Clothes-sports clothes and trainers sessions will be held outdoors.

Musical Theatre

It’s showtime! It’s time to bring musical theatre’s greatest hits to Fielding with the launch of the new Fielding Musical Theatre Chorus! This musical theatre choir is open to all who have a passion for singing, dancing and performing on stage! The club involves learning a range of songs from a variety of different shows and films from Lion King to the Greatest Showman. Rehearsals will take place every Wednesday after school from 3:30-4:30 in the Music room.

Music Technology club 

Fancy being a mini music producer? Then Music Technology club is for you! Apply the skills you have learnt in Year 4 music lessons, to explore different ways to combine samples, drum loops and special effects to create your own tracks on the software ‘Garage Band’. 


The National Football League (NFL) Flag Football programme aims to use Flag Football to introduce young people to the NFL, American Football and inspire the next generation of players. It also teaches them the NFL values of Respect, Resilience, Responsibility and Integrity and the importance of leading healthy, active lifestyles including healthy eating, physical activity and emotional wellbeing.


This is an invitation-only club. Auditions will be held in October and the first rehearsal will be in the second half of the Autumn term. Members of Orchestra should be of at least Grade 1 standard and will mostly be from Y4-6, although there may be some experienced players in Y3. Orchestra gives 2 concert each year: one at Christmas and one near the end of Summer term. Membership is for children who play an orchestral instrument . Orchestra meets on Wednesday mornings from 7:45-8:45.


London Scottish Rugby Club

Over the past few years Fielding Primary School have formed a relationship with local professional rugby club London Scottish. This year the school has made the rugby club one of their core clubs which will allow pupils at Fielding the chance to learn the game of rugby during extracurricular time. Professional coaches and players from London Scottish will be on hand to allow pupils of all ages to learn the game in a fun environment suitable for all abilities. 

Clothes- sports clothes and trainers suitable for the weather and playing on the field(no studded boots)

Find out more:


Xenia Buckley

Sewing Club is about teaching children a creative and practical skills that they can use throughout their lives. Every term, there is a different project that children are working on and at the end of the term they are very excited to bring home what they have made. Children are encouraged to be creative and use their own initiative to make the class enjoyable. 


Can’t sing?  No such thing.  Singing Club will help you uncover your voice.  We get together in the Music Room after school on Wednesday to have fun singing.  We sing in a variety of styles and explore part-singing too.  If the Club members are keen, we can put on an end-of-year concert so we have something to work towards.  According to one singing coach:  “Singing fortifies health, widens culture, refines the intelligence, enriches the imagination, makes for happiness and endows life with an added zest.”

Song-Writing Club

There are many skills needed to write a song. The three most obvious are: lyrics, melody, accompaniment. Over the weeks, Song-Writing Club will explore all of these. Alongside lyric and melody writing, children will use computer technology, will learn basic keyboard skills, and will explore the basis of harmony. Work will mainly be in pairs or small groups, and the intended result will be the ability to approach the tricky subject of writing a song.

Children who are interested in this Club might well have a knowledge of how to read music (through playing an instrument) but this, while useful, is not essential. They might well bring some existing skills, such as playing guitar or piano, but again this is not necessary. Children need have had no experience of writing a song, but they should be keen to learn how to express their artistic side through music and song. Children should also realise that there are no easy ways to learn this complex skill, but through hard work and practise, they will be given the tools with which to approach this activity.

Spaghetti Maths

Provides an opportunity to take something that children often see as restrictive, and really blow it wide open! Children love the way that they can turn a piece of card into a 3D pop-up dodecahedron. Or working out how to escape from our seemingly impossible Spaghetti Ropes! If the children are smilinglaughing and having fun then we are doing things right!



Lessons are dynamic and fresh covering a good array of subjects and using different material to make sure that children leave with a good base of Spanish.  I mix fun and play with sometimes more formal lessons. We learn through games, songs and role play so that children have fun. Children also learn about Spanish culture. Children signed up to the club will get first refusal of the places the following term.

Additional items- There is a small fee when children sign to the Spanish club to obtain the Spanish online resources.


Playground Tennis project

We are a passionate tennis coaching company that provide, deliver and coach mini tennis programmes in local primary schools in the West London area.

Founded by Max Hastings we now teach over 1000 juniors per year from year 1 to year 6. Our aim is to introduce tennis in primary schools and to make our class educational, inspirational and lots of fun. Find out more:

The Uke Group

The Uke Group is a brand new club for those those who want to develop their Ukulele skills and have lots of fun in the process! We will learn how to play a range of chords so that we can sing and play along to our favorite tunes! Ukuleles will be provided for the session but the children are welcome to bring in their own if they have one. The club will meet on Thursdays between 3:30-4:30 in the Music room with Miss Neil-Smith and is open to all pupils in Years 4, 5 and 6.​

Yoga and Mindfulness


QPR Community Trust

Our coaches have all completed the ‘Teaching Yoga to children’ course and deliver sessions alongside the ‘Calm for Kids’ framework. During the sessions we use traditional yoga postures and relaxation to help children develop physical strength and stability as well as emotional awareness.  

Clothes-sports clothes 


Contact Details and Useful Links