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Fielding Learning Challenge Curriculum (FLCC)

Knowledge Organisers

Each challenge starts with a ‘Knowledge Organiser’.  This outlines the key skills, knowledge and vocabulary that children are expected to learn in class and at home.  At the beginning of each challenge, teachers will share the ‘Knowledge Organiser’ with the class and it will remain on display for duration of the challenge.

Wow! Moments

Each teaching sequence of learning includes a ‘Wow!’ lesson to engage pupils and further consolidate learning. This ‘Wow!’ moment can fall at any stage in the teaching sequence and may include focus themed days at school, school visits or engaging activities in class.  We aim to build ‘cultural capital’ through these carefully planned experiences.

UN Sustainable development goals

Many of our learning challenges have strong links with The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). These, as sustainability is a core strand in our curriculum intent, are weaved throughout out challenges and all of the learning at Fielding.

Find out more about the SDGs:

Vocabulary is knowledge

Vocabulary is key to unlocking children’s learning and subsequently a high priority is placed upon its teaching. The consistent use of high-quality, subject-specific words by the teacher, along with opportunities for children to implement this are imperative.  To aid children with this, a vocabulary book is provided for all children.  This will then continue with them on their journey through Fielding, essentially creating a personal dictionary of high-quality, subject-specific language.  

The texts that are chosen by teachers to support learning in the wider curriculum (and the core subjects) should aim to have an ambitious range of vocabulary. As a result, some texts may be read to the children, some will be read by children. Children will have explicit teaching of the Tier Two and Tier Three words.

Reading across the curriculum

Throughout the FLCC challenges, children have access to high-quality texts, that are at the appropriate instructional level. This will further embed knowledge as well as provide opportunities for early readers to practise their decoding skills and gain subject-specific vocabulary. To aid this process, Fielding subscribes to a library service in which age-appropriate texts are provided on a half termly basis to support the acquisition of language.  This also aims to close the vocabulary gap between ‘word rich’ and ‘word poor’ children because a wide vocabulary is closely linked with good reading comprehension.

British Values in our curriculum

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