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Fielding Learning Challenge Curriculum (FLCC)

Yearly overview

We focus on one National Curriculum subject at a time in our FLCC lessons. Each year group has planned out when each subject will be taught across the year. This is based on the essential knowledge and skills taught in each challenge. The Yearly Overviews can be found in each year group section below. 

Knowledge organisers

Each challenge starts with a ‘Knowledge Organiser’.  This outlines the key skills, knowledge and vocabulary that children are expected to learn. 

Sequence of learning


Teaching vocabulary & reading in the curriculum

Learning new words is important. The more words children know the more this opens up the curriculum to them. In each challenge children learn the must know vocabulary. They are each given a vocabulary book to record the new words they learn,  creating a personal dictionary of high-quality, subject-specific language.  

The books that are chosen by teachers to support learning  have an ambitious range of vocabulary and are carefully linked to each challenge, Some texts may be read to the children, some will be read by children.

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