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The Governing Body and staff of the school believe that good behaviour is fundamental to success in the classroom for both children and teachers.  Good behaviour results from a well planned and delivered curriculum that stimulates children to learn, ask questions, debate, and challenge themselves.


Behaviour for learning is behaviour which encourages learning to take place. Good behaviour needs to be taught, modelled and rewarded. Poor or unacceptable behaviour needs to be sanctioned.


Children learn best in an ordered environment. This can be achieved when expectations of learning and behaviour are high and consequences are explicit and applied consistently.


The school recognises that individuals have rights and responsibilities of all members of the school community, the importance of clear and consistent classroom routines which are adhered to and a culture of rewards for success.

Star Constellations

Stars earned by pupils during the week are counted and collected by Star Leader pupils at the end of each week.  Stars are converted into points for each constellation in each class - 4 points for 1st place, 3, 2, 1 for last place.  Totals for this term are:

Winning constellations

Orion constellation won the behaviour treat for Summer term with 571 points.  Cygnus finished in second place with 546 points.

Term Half-Term Constellation Team Points
Autumn 2015 1 Hercules 343
Autumn 2015 2 Orion 400
Spring 2016 1 & 2 Cygnus 523
Summer 2016 1 Hercules 271
Summer 2016 2 Pegasus 137
Autumn 2016 1 Hercules 261
Autumn 2016 2 Pegasus 211
Spring 2017 1&2 Orion 568
Summer 2017 1&2 Cygnus 609
Autumn  2017 1 Pegasus 332
Autumn 2017 2 Cygnus 425
Spring 2018 1&2 Cygnus 641
Summer 2018 1& 2 Orion 571


Behaviour policy & procedures

Our Behaviour Policy is written in order to inform all members of our school community of our common vision and model of good behaviour, and to provide guidance about how to achieve this vision through the use of consistent agreed strategies.

'Focus on Behaviour' Parent information session, January 2016

Attached below are the slides from our parent information session.