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Notices - welcome back! 

Year 5 will be sending the English and Maths book home for you to go through with your child over the weekend and ask them about their learning and progress on Friday the 1st of December. Please ensure these are returned to class on Monday 4th of December so learning can continue.


Year 5 are currently looking for parent volunteers to support some children in school with a focus on boosting reading potential and understanding of different texts. If you would be available to offer your free time on a day that suits you from as little as one hour a week please let your child's teacher or Mr Lewis know if you are available. Thank you for your continued support. 


Parents who wish their children to walk home alone, will need to bring in a letter. This must be given to your child's new class teacher. This must be done on the first day (if you wish your child to walk home alone from day 1). 




Home Learning

Top education researchers tell us that homework has minimal impact for primary age pupils, unless it requires children to rehearse and practise.  We have therefore adapted our routines to reflect this. The routines for children in this year group are as follows:

  • Reading and/or talking about their reading to an adult for at least 20 minutes, 5 times a week. This will be evidenced through reading being recorded in reading records. Reading records and reading books should be coming into school daily. Reading records will be signed by teachers to check regular reading is occurring.
  • Learning spelling patterns linked to age-related expectations ready for use in dictation towards the end of every week. These spellings will be on year group notice boards and should be practised at home. Dictation (recorded on sheets) will now be sent home weekly in reading folders so you can see achievement and progress.
  • Reciting multiplication tables to increase their fluency so that they can be applied in other areas of maths and problem solving. These will be  tested in our weekly times tables challenge and will be sent home.
  • Half-termly creative home learning will be set at the start of each half term and will celebrated and fed back on during our creative home learning showcases.
  • In order to prepare pupils for high school, our older pupils will continue to to have homework set for Maths and Grammar from the CPG skills workbooks.

Purple home learning books will no longer being used as practice can be done at home. You will be able to see achievement and progress through the dictation and times tables challenge sheets going home weekly. You will also be able to witness progress through class exercise books for English and maths being sent home once during every half-term.


Home Learning

Home learning tasks are completed at home with you supporting your child should they need help. It is based on what they have been covering in school that week and is a chance for them to consolidate their learning.

The home learning books will be sent home on a Thursday and should be returned to school the following Tuesday. Tasks will be set by the teacher and checked and assessed (using the back of the book) by you, the parent. This gives you an opportunity to see how well your child is progressing and what they are very confident with and what they sometimes may need extra support with. 

While class teachers do not mark the home learning, if you would like to share how your child found the activity with the class teacher there is a section which allows for this in the reading record and planner under "Messages for my child's teacher." This will make us aware of how your child found the activity - especially if they required a lot of support. 


This weeks home learning:

Grammar - pages 54 and 55 - adding dashes

Maths - pages 23 - mentally multiplying and dividing


Please remember, reading for 10-20 minutes and completing the reading record every night is also a crucial part of home learning. 



Spelling this week: The –able/–ably endings are far more common than the –ible/–ibly endings.

  • considerable
  • considerably
  • consideration
  • tolerable
  • tolerably
  • toleration


Year 5 100 spellings list:

  1. desperate
  2. develop
  3. device
  4. devise

Year 5 100 Spelling words

Multiplication Tables

Learning this week


This week in English, we have been completing our non-chronological reports. We have been including all our edits and grammar inputs we have been learning and including the key features of a non-chronological report. We started with a first draft, where we edited and improved our work and finally a final draft, where we wrote it up including all our changes. 

We continued reading relevant extracts from the Horrible History book "Slimy Stuarts". 

We looked at three new grammar features; 

  1. Parenthesis - this is a way of adding extra information to a piece of writing using a pair of brackets, dashes or commas.
  2. Precis - This is essentially summarising the key pieces of information into shorter paragraphs or sentences. We will look at difficult vocabulary and alter and change this so it is our own. This is a crucial skill for non-chronological reports as generally these are based over a long period of time and inevitably, that provides a lot of information!
  3. Organisational Features - This is how we will layout and present our non-chronological report e.g. subheadings, bullet points, etc. 



This week in maths, we have been looking at developing our times tables skills and linking last weeks learning (Multiplication) to complete division. We will be looking at how to divide two, three and four digit numbers by one number and leading on to how to interpret remainders usiing the bus stop method. 

We have also continued with our number talks programme which has been linked to division strategies also. 


Learning Next Week


Next week in English, we will be reflecting on our non-chronological reports and comparing the cold write to the final draft to measure and reflect on progress. 

On Wednesday, we will be beginning a new unit on short stories (writing narratives). We will link this to the Stuart Era and taking inspiration from the Slimy Stuarts novel. We will again have three specific grammar focuses we will be teaching as part of this unit. 



Next week in maths, we will begin a new two week unit on converting units. We will build on prior knowledge of place value shifting and multiplying by 10, 100, 1000 from the last unit and apply that to converting between units of measure for weight (grams and kilograms), length (mm, cm, m and km) and volume (mm and litres). We will also be looking at converting metric units of measure to the imperial units e.g. cm to inches, etc. 

Year 5 Blog


Lest We Forget!

Determination always leads us to discover something new and so far this half term, inspiration has come from the past. With our new History topic covering the slimy Stuarts, Year 5 have been learning all about the somewhat gruesome tails of human cruelty and abuse of power. The topic, titled ‘Why should gunpowder, plot and treason never be forgotten?” has taken us back to the 17th Century when political, legal and religious upheaval in England was taking hold. To consolidate their understanding of the time period and learn more about who was responsible for that infamous November 5th night, the trip to the Tower of London provided ample true stories of heroism, betrayal and beheadings. Luckily for us, we live in the 21st Century and a wonderful time was had out of class exploring a World Heritage site, that was built by William the Conqueror and the Normans almost 1000 years ago. Absolutely stunning, and the Queen’s Jewels weren’t too shabby either!

Perseverance, persistence and patience are all words associated with this month’s value and keeping a growth mind-set is the way forward. Trying to think optimistically and respond positively to adversity is always with us and in our new Science unit we are exploring all aspects of ‘Growing Old’. Keeping ourselves healthy physically, mentally and spiritually will always produce the best results of growing old gracefully and empowered.

Finally, my favourite time of any year is upon us and I for one am extremely excited by the prospect of putting on another class assembly! Starting next week, Year 5 assemblies begin rolling out. Be sure to check with your child when their assembly is.

Remember remember…




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