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Notices - 

Test Practice: 

Please do encourage your children to revise for any upcoming test papers. However, please refrain from using any papers from 2016/2017 as they will be used in class. Under maths below you will find a selection of arithmetic papers which can be used for revision.



Some parents asked for some guidance when asking questions to help with the reading paper. The AF sheet is now uploaded under reading below. Each AF is a different focus for the reading covered in Year 6. 


Children will be experimenting with making collages in Art this week. We need children to bring in materials that can be cut up and ruined: 

Old magazines or catalogues, Old greeting cards, tissue paper, stickers, Fabric swabs, old clothing, old magazines, newspapers, brochures, cardboard, wallpaper swabs, string, straws, straw, mesh, wire and anything else that we could use. All materials should be brought in by Thursday 18th January 2018. Also, if any parents have any experience with this skill please see your class teacher. 


Can you help out in Year 6 for at least 1 day a week?

We would love to welcome some parents or carers to come in a help children in Year 6. So far, 6P is winning! If you can offer some frequent time, please do see Miss Calver. We welcome volunteers for maths, reading and/or writing. Thank you for all of your help to make this year successful, so far - any little you can help would be great. 


Home-learning is now uploaded. 

There will be a Mayan dressing up day on Friday 9th February - Challenge Day! 


Upcoming testing: 

·         Week beginning: 5th Feb – 3 maths paper
·         Week beginning: 19th Feb –  reading paper
·         Week beginning: 26th Feb - SPAG paper


Many thanks, Year 6 team. 


The Year 6 team 



Home Learning


Children can also be practising times tables and place value skills ready for this week. 


We will also be looking the maths tests that the children did at the end of Year 5 and they will be assessing their next steps.  


Top education researchers tell us that homework has minimal impact for primary age pupils, unless it requires children to rehearse and practise.  We have therefore adapted our routines to reflect this. The routines for children in this year group are as follows:

  • Reading and/or talking about their reading to an adult for at least 20 minutes, 5 times a week. This will be evidenced through reading being recorded in reading records. Reading records and reading books should be coming into school daily. Reading records will be signed by teachers to check regular reading is occurring.
  • Learning spelling patterns linked to age-related expectations ready for use in dictation towards the end of every week. These spellings will be on year group notice boards and should be practised at home. Dictation (recorded on sheets) will now be sent home weekly in reading folders so you can see achievement and progress.
  • Reciting multiplication tables to increase their fluency so that they can be applied in other areas of maths and problem solving. These will be  tested in our weekly times tables challenge and will be sent home.
  • Half-termly creative home learning will be set at the start of each half term and will celebrated and fed back on during our creative home learning showcases.
  • In order to prepare pupils for high school, our older pupils will continue to to have homework set for Maths and Grammar from the CPG skills workbooks.

Purple home learning books will no longer being used as practice can be done at home. You will be able to see achievement and progress through the dictation and times tables challenge sheets going home weekly. You will also be able to witness progress through class exercise books for English and maths being sent home once during every half-term.



AF questions linked to reading skills.

Spelling and Grammar

Test the week of 8th January 2018 

Mathematics and Multiplication Tables


Learning this week


15/1/18 - This will lead into final draft writing and a reflection on their overall learning journey.




15/1/18 - Building on the children's understanding of measure. This week will continue to look at conversions but focusing on the measures of length and time. 



18/01/18 (due back on Tuesday 23rd January)

English page  - p44 and 45 commas for clarity 

Maths page  - p49 Units of measure 


25/01/18 (due back on Tuesday 30th January)

English page  - p48 brackets for information 

Maths page  - p38 ratio


1.2.18 (due back on Tuesday 6th February)

English page  - p49 brackets for information 

Maths page  - p39 ratio 


Fun things to do with a spelling list

Learning next week


22/1/18 - Children will be moving onto the next writing journey. We will be exploring promotional leaflets and linking these with our FLCC topic on the Mayans. This week will include a Cold Write/AfL writing activity.



22/1/18 - This week the children will move on from units of measure and begin to look at ratio and proportion and strategies to solve a variety of questions linked to this topic.




Year 6 Blog

Crowd slayed by Dragon's Den

What a weekend we have had here at Fielding Primary School; it was the Christmas Fair! Four hours of action packed fun celebrating the season. While many of the rooms were stuffed with fun-filled activities, a Santa's Grotto and fabulous food stalls, there was one room in particular that was really drawing in the crowds... the sports hall.

Why I hear you ask? The Year 6 'Dragon's Den' stalls.

Earlier in the half term, the year 6 children broke into groups and pitched their own stall ideas to raise money for the PTFA. 6 amazing winners were chosen (however it was very hard to decide fue to the standard of entries!) and their stalls came to life at the fair. Each stall was managed professionally and sensibly by all of our Year 6 children and we are so proud of what they achieved.

The sky's the limit...

With our new Geography topic covering recycling and the water cycle, Year 6 have been intermittently visiting the Sky Academy in Osterley over the previous two weeks. While at the academy, each class were introduced to the world of film-making and news broadcasting. Their mission, if they chose to accept it, was to produce a breaking news story on the topic of 'making the world a better place.' After being split into four groups (with each being given their own private studio to work in!) each group produced sections using state of the art cameras and green screen technology. This all went toward a final news report focusing on elements such as renewable energy sources, climate change and recycling. The overall project was then fused together and the children were able to watch it back.

We can't wait for Sky to send over our USB wristbands so each child will have their own video to bring home! Watch this space...

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