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Fielding Primary School and Nursery


Nursery Uniform from September 2018/19 and September 2019

Nursery uniform will be optional from September 2018, and will become compulsory from September 2019.  If you decide that you do not want your child to wear the nursery uniform, please ensure that all clothing is appropriate for nursery, with easy and manageable openings and fastenings such as Velcro.


Pride in our school

At Fielding Primary School our children are proud to be members of our school and wear our uniform. The uniform has been designed to be practical for our nursery children while reflecting the high standards expected at school – it is worn with pride at all times.

We feel that it is important for our nursery parents and children to have uniform as an option this year.


Nursery Uniform 

  • Fielding blue sweatshirt or cardigan with Fielding logo
  • Fielding Royal blue T-shirt with white Fielding logo
  • plain grey or black jogging bottoms (can be purchased from alternative retailers) 
  • plain grey or black leggings (can be purchased from alternative retailers) 
  • plain grey or black shorts (can be purchased from alternative retailers) 
  • comfortable shoes. For safety, no open-toe shoes/sandals, high-heels, platforms, roller shoes or crocs

Optional items:

  • plain black or grey school style shorts may be worn all year round;
  • in summer, from the start of the Summer term until Autumn half-term, girls may wear a blue & white Gingham style summer dress;
  • Wellington boots may be worn to school during snow or very wet weather. 




Buying Uniform 

Use our on-line supplier to order items direct:

  1. Register at to receive a username and password.
  2. Sign in at using the parent tab to place your order.


Named items

All items of clothing and footwear need to be named and children need to be encouraged at home and school to take care of their own property.


Make-up & Jewellery

No make-up or nail polish is allowed.

Watches, small stud earrings or religious items required by the child’s faith may be worn. No other items of jewellery are allowed.


Loss or damage

We do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to an individual’s personal property.