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Next Friday (24/11/17) will be the first swimming session for 4F.

The pupils will need to bring with them:

  • a swimming costume/swimming trunks
  • a towel
  • a swimming cap - you can buy one at Gurnell if you bring £1.
  • a hairbrush and hairbands
  • a snack
  • NO goggles/jewellery including earrings

Happy Swimming :)


There has been a change to the original calendar dates for swimming. NO CLASSES will be swimming tomorrow - Friday 17th November. 4F will begin swimming the following week, 24th November. 


Shoe boxes 

We will be starting a new Design Technology project shortly. For this new project we will transform shoe boxes into houses which we will be designing and creating burglar alarms for. Therefore, if you have any spare shoe boxes at home, please bring them into school and give them to your class teacher. 



As the temperature drops and the leaves begin to fall, Year 4 have embarked on a new adventure of becoming Meteorologists in our Computing unit. Excel and PowerPoint software applications will both be used to plot, graph, predict and present the weather for 2 wonderful cities – London and New York.

We are hoping with our new skill of being a Meteorologist that we can also control the weather for our trip to the park! We will be putting our map skills to the test by trying to keep size, scale and symbols as accurate as possible on our physical features map of Walpole Park whilst trying not to think about the massive climbing frame calling our names.

Continuing with the goal of warming up the classroom and school environments through warm and positive communication to one another, we are looking forward to anti-bullying week (13.11.17) with deep discussions and re-enactments of various scenarios exploring what constitutes bullying behaviour and how we can prevent it. A hot topic discovered already this year was the possibilities and avenues by which cyber-bullying can take place. Although most of the children in year 4 do not have their own hand held devices or email/social media accounts, a lot of discussion took place around online gaming and the possible dangers on that platform. Headphones and chat while playing have opened a whole new dimension that must not be ignored.




Home Learning



Below are the spellings for the week beginning 13th November. Dictation for these spellings will take place on the 17th November.

eighth     enough     exercise     experience     experiment

Spelling pattern: 

The ending sounding like /tʃə/ is often spelt –ture, but check that the word is not a root word ending in (t)ch with an er ending – e.g. teacher, richer, stretcher

creature        furniture         picture          nature          adventure


Below are the spellings for the week beginning 20th November. Dictation for these spellings will take place on the 24th November.

extreme       famous        favourite         February         forwards

Spelling pattern:

The suffix –ous

poisonous       dangerous        mountainous        famous        various



Multiplication Tables

Remember to be practising your times tables for your weekly Times Table Challenge.

Creative Home Learning


Learning this week


We are continuing with multiplication this week. However, we are spending the week focusing on written strategies for calculating multiplication problems. You can refer to the multiplication calculation policy for examples of the layout of the method we will be using. 



Following our cold writes, we have been starting to develop our characters this week using expanded noun phrases and describing through inference. Towards the end of the week, we will plan our first drafts ensuring we have included all elements of the genre. 

Learning Next Week


Next week, we will apply our multiplication facts to do the inverse - division. This will be mental division so make sure you are still practising recalling your times tables.



We have a busy week ahead in English next week. We will begin the week by revisiting the grammar skill - fronted adverbial phrases. 

Fronted adverbials are words or phrases at the beginning of a sentence, used to describe the action that follows. 

Sneakily, the cat pounced.

After seeing a mouse, the cat pounced.

We will then move onto the next grammar skill (direct speech) before writing our first draft towards the end of the week. 

Fielding Learning Challenge Curriculum


Where would you choose to build a city?


Over the next half term, we will be covering lots of geographical skills including map work which will involve a local area walk to create a map of Walpole Park, complete with symbols which are explained in a key. As well as geographical skills, we will also be developing our artistic flair by creating charcoal representations of famous New York landmarks. Persuasive language skills will be put to the test when producing travel brochures enticing people to visit the incredible city of New York. Could we persuade you?

Specialist subjects