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There have been a number of reports that nits are back in Year 4. Please take the time to regularly look through your child's hair and treat hair with the treatment shampoo if you find anything.


Synagogue visit

As part of our learning in RE, pupils are learning about Judaism. To connect our learning and offer some first hand experience, pupils will be visiting Ealing Synagogue. Each class will attend on the following dates:

4F - Tuesday 24th April

4H - Tuesday 1st May

4S - Tuesday 8th May

4P - Tuesday 15th May. 

Parents will be required to accompany us on the day - please speak to your child's class teacher if you are able to attend. 

All information necessary is the letter attached below. 



4P will continue swimming at the beginning of this half term.

4S will start swimming on Friday 11th May.

In a bag, you will need to bring:

-a swimming costume/ trunks (preferably tight trunks)

-a towel

-a swimming hat (or can be purchased from the swimming baths for a £1)

-a hair bobble and hair brush for long hair

-a healthy snack 

-no googles

-no jewellery (including earrings)






Home Learning

Creative Home Learning


It is an expectation that you read every night and record what you have read in your reading record. 


Our recommended reading lists contain 40 age-appropriate books for children in each year group. We have taken the time to carefully choose books that will hopefully capture your children's imagination. The lists contain colour-bands and a description of the books so that the children are able to 'cherry-pick' their favourites according to their book-band level and their personal interests.

It is not compulsory to read these books however a bronze certificate will be awarded to a pupil when they read 5 books from the list, a silver award will be awarded when they read 10 and a gold award will be awarded for having read 15. After reading a book, children should complete a short reading response activity in their reading records. 

Reading response activity options:

-Create an alternative blurb to persuade somebody else to read the book.

-Write a character description of your favourite character.

-Write a paragraph of the story from another character's viewpoint.

-Write an alternative ending to the story.

-Create a timeline to order all of the main events in the story. 

-Design your own quiz (with answers) to test somebody else's comprehension of the story. 


Below are the spellings for the week beginning 23rd April. Dictation for these spellings will take place on the 27th April.

accidentally       library        occasionally        separate        bicycle

Spelling pattern:

Adding the prefix mis-, un-, in-, dis-

disagree          unkind          misbehave          misplace         misunderstand


Below are the spellings for the week beginning 30th April. Dictation for these spellings will take place on the 4th May.

probably           recent              suppose            experience           calendar

Spelling pattern:

Words ending in zhuh spelt –sure.

adventure         leisure             measure             capture              creature

Multiplication Tables

Remember to be practising your times tables for your weekly Times Table Challenge. Times Table Challenge practise sheets can be found on the Mathematics page of the website. 

Learning this week




This week, pupils will start their new novel - 'The London Eye Mystery'. Pupils will use this as a stimulus for writing where, this term, we will be focusing on creating a diary entry from the perspective of one (or more!) of the characters.      



Pupils will be consolidating their knowledge of formal written methods for addition and subtraction. They will be applying their knowledge of rounding and inverse operations to estimate before calculating, and check after calculating, to ensure accuracy in their problem solving. 

Learning next week




Next week, children will move onto a new Maths learning journey, where they will revisit multiplication and division. This will include mental and formal written methods. As this is the 2nd time this year covering this topic, the emphasis will be on applying their knowledge. 



Pupils will be continuing on their learning journey with 'The London Eye Mystery'. Next week, children will work on the reading skill - predicting. They will then analyse the WAGOLL and Rubric.                                                              

Picture 1

Fielding Learning Challenge Curriculum

Summer 1

Why is London such a cool place to live?

‘'Why is London such a cool place to live?’ is our big question this half term, which explores the city we live in and helps to develop pupils' geographical skills. Pupils will explore famous landmarks of London, our transport system and will apply skills from other learning areas including convincing someone to visit London through persuasive writing and plotting data about London on a bar graph. Learning in this challenge will culminate in the ultimate experience for Year 4 - A Night in the Museum! This will take place on the 7th June - more information to follow!

Specialist subjects