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4th Place in the KS2 World Cup Football Festival

Today Fielding took a team of 4 boys and 4 girls to a World Cup Football tournament. Fielding were representing France!

There were 5 training stations set up before we were due to play a match.

  1. Penalties – scoring goals  
  2. Dribbling – dribbling between cones
  3. Messi football – dribbling through a gate and scoring a goal from an angle
  4. Passing – passing the ball within 5 mins
  5. Throw-ins – how many overheard passes can we catch in 5 minutes.

There was a total of 10 teams in this tournament representing countries from around the World.

  • Clifton Primary School - Argentina
  • Tudor Primary School - England
  • Little Ealing Primary School - USA
  • St Mark’s Primary School – Brazil
  • St Anselms Catholic Primary School - Denmark
  • Beaconsfield Primary School – Portugal
  • Acton Gardens Primary School – Germany
  • Hambrough Primary School - Spain
  • Diary Meadow Primary School – Netherlands


In the final match, it was France vs Brazil…

Fielding Boys 1  vs St Marks Boys   0

Fielding Girls 0  vs St Marks Girls 1


Following the results from the stations' activities and the final match, Fielding Primary ended up 4th overall out of 11 schools.

4th Place!

A special thank you to our team …

Tintin (4H), Felix (4H), Reece (5S), Laila (5S), Mia (6H), Kyla (6H), Jacob (6H), Isla (6P)

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