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Check list for returning to school on Monday

Help us to stay open to as many pupils as possible for as long as possible. Coronavirus infection rates have fallen but the risk of infection remains. Work with us to minimise risk, keep class bubbles open and pupils learning in school:

  • follow all national Public Health expectations;
  • only send children to school if they are healthy and well. Take an overly-cautious approach to any symptoms and get tested;
  • check that you are free from infection, even if adults show no symptoms. Use new, twice-weekly testing for all parents at home. Results in 30 minutes;
  • keep 2m distance from other households at pupil drop-off and collection;
  • come to school alone, without your partner, so that there are fewer adults on site;
  • drop-off or collect and go. Avoid mixing with other households, even if you haven't seen one another for a while. No hugs until May at the earliest;
  • Year 5 and 6 pupils to walk all, or part-way, alone, so that there are fewer adults on site. Good preparation and readiness for High School too;
  • use our preferred gates, as before, so that we are spread out across the school site;
  • wear a face-covering, if you wish, especially at busy areas, like Nursery;
  • check your child has everything they need for the school day. Avoid the school office;
  • avoid face-to-face chat with a class teacher. Contact us by telephone or email instead.


Help your child get ready for school to re-open:

  1. watch our welcome back video by Mrs Haines to know what to expect;
  2. watch back to school videos by each class teacher, published in class Teams by Friday evening;
  3. use activities in the 'Start! Back to School' guide to support your child's well-being, if needed;
  4. get advice on emotional and mental well-being - ideas, tips and videos for children and parents, if needed.


Remember the main school closes to all pupils at 12noon on Friday 5 March so that teachers can get ready for Monday. Nursery remains open.  


We will be ready and are looking forward to our pupils returning to school on Monday 8 March from 8.30am, or earlier if joining Breakfast Club.


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