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Childcare and Specialist Club Update

After-school club and Breakfast club open to all pupils on Monday 8 March. 

We have missed caring for your children and are excited to welcome them back. We are ready to make sure they can safely spend time with friends letting off energy in a healthy, happy and safe way. 

Working patterns may have changed for some parents but we urge you to consider the benefits of children taking part in after school activity, including: 

  • improving life and social skills - engaging with new people and activities in a productive environment helps to strengthen independence and confidence; 

  • happier children and parents - television and device free. Play with others in the real world, promoting emotional well-being by allowing children to work off excess energy, relax their minds and outdoor play to remove some of the tension that could have built during the day; 

  • boosting academic performance. Leading research about the impact of extracurricular activities on child development shows that academic grades, study habits and school-based behaviour all improve when children attend regular after school clubs and team sports. 

Specialist clubs will start on Monday 19th April, spring term bookings will automatically roll over to the summer term.

If you need childcare to fill the gaps be ready, book today!

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