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Happy children return to school

Happy pupils returned to school today, welcomed to new classes by their teachers. Visiting every classroom this morning, I was met with smiling pupils and a hum of activity. Children told us that they felt "nervous but excited", "happy to see their friends" and, a sign of return to normal, with a Year 6 pupil wanting to "ace their SATS".


Teachers helped pupils understand new routines and expectations blended with our usual routines. Year 1 and 2 pupils watched a hand-washing video. Year 3 shared a 'brain-break' as part of our usual mindfulness approach.


Reception joiners, starting school for the first time, were waved off at classroom doors by parents. They settled quickly into school life, sitting on the classroom carpet area together, looked after by their teachers and support staff. A few children had some tears, missing mum or dad, and welcomed a reassuring hug from their class teacher.


Nursery joiners, after a short staggered start outside, were straight into play and learning activities. Some dressed up in the role play area, others drawing, reading on the carpet or starting to recognise numbers with the help of an adult.


Nearly every pupil has returned to school on the first day back with most classes full and teachers welcoming every child back. Some children, rightly, have stayed at home as a result of travel overseas and quarantine requirements. 


A steady flow of adults and children came through our entrance gates from 8.30am, keeping to social distancing rules. We are relying on your discretion to social distance rather than trying to herd you with time slots, queues and one-way systems at drop-off and collection. All pupils look smart wearing Fielding uniform. Remember, 'summer' uniform may be worn until October half-term. Thanks to all parents for supporting and meeting our expectations. 

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