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Classes and teachers for 2020/21

Our working plan is that school will open fully to all pupils in September because we have not been told otherwise by the government. We continue to wait to hear the government's plans for primary schools. 


Please see classes and teachers for the next school year, below. As last year, each class will keep the same letter name, for example, Class 1P becomes 2P, 2P becomes 3P, 4P becomes 5P and so on. Pupils stay in the same class group as they move through the school, building firm friendships.


We welcome 3 new teachers to our team:

  • Hannah Apperley. Mrs Apperley will work part-time and share teaching a class with Mrs Hopkins.
  • Christoper Perez-Diaz. Mr Perez-Diaz starts his teaching career with us, having worked successfully in other sectors before teaching.
  • Megan Thomas. Miss Thomas will work in class with Miss Allen, before covering the class when Miss Allen starts her maternity leave. Miss Allen's baby is due in October and she is expecting to be away from school for most of the school year.  We intend Miss Thomas to be the main class teacher but maternity plans can change.


Reception joiners will receive a welcome letter showing class and teacher by Monday evening.


Nursery, Mr McEvoy, Assistant Head teacher & Miss May


RH, Mrs Robinson

RF, Mrs Watts

RP, Miss Karim

RS, Mr Webb, Assistant Head teacher & Reception leader


1H, Mrs Hopkins & Mrs Apperley

1F, Miss Renfree

1P, Miss Francis-Dottin

1S, Miss Tsoukala, Year 1 Team leader


2H, Miss Sammon

2F, Mrs Bumby, Year 2 Team leader

2P, Mrs Tate, Assistant Head teacher & Phase leader for Year 1 & 2

2S, Miss Patel


3H, Miss Thomas (and Miss Allen)

3F, Miss Augustine

3P, Miss Whaley, Year 3 Team leader

3S, Mr Lewis, Assistant Head teacher & Phase leader for Year 3 & 4


4H, Mrs Oliver, Year 4 Team leader

4F, Mr Perez-Diaz

4P, Mr Bloomfield

4S, Miss Mohammed


5H, Mr McConnachie, Year 5 Team leader

5F, Miss Watson

5P, Miss Cowing

5S, Miss Bhatti


6H, Miss Olakara

6F, Mr Kausar

6P, Miss Calver, Year 6 Team leader

6S, Miss Stabler, Assistant Head teacher & Phase leader for Year 5 & 6


Allocation of classes to teachers is final. A wide range of school leaders consider lots of different factors before matching a class to their teacher. We take corporate decisions as a team.

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