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Clubs and childcare bookings go live on MCAS 8pm on 10th August

Booking childcare and clubs for children in Reception to Year 6 opens on Monday 10th August at 8pm.


Quick start guide:

Book both childcare and clubs through the desktop version of MyChildAtSchool (MCAS).


Both can be selected from the menu on the left hand side of your MCAS desktop

  1. ‘Clubs’=clubs
  2. ‘Wraparound care’ = childcare 

Book childcare and clubs separately.

Tip: Click on picture of your child to swap to a sibling, and all your club bookings to one basket before you check out Do the same for childcare sessions.

  1. Clubs are limited to a set number of participants, a waiting list will automatically operate if clubs are filled to capacity.  Book these first.
  2. Childcare is unlimited. You will need to book each slot that you need, e.g. after school 3.30 to 4.30 and 4.30-5.30. Children will attend childcare in 'Year Group Bubbles'


You can use pay in the following ways

  1. Laser balance (we will transfer)
  2. Childcare vouchers 
  3. Tax-free credits 
  4. Credit card 


If using Laser balance, tax-free credits or vouchers:

  1. Clubs: go all the way through to checkout and select ‘pay offline 
  2. Childcare: select the sessions you need, confirm but do not check out. (Your sessions will move from the bottom half of the screen to the top) this means they are confirmed

We will do the rest.... 


Paying by credit card?

  1. Work through each page until you have checked out and  entered your credit card details. 


More details on how to book:

Watch these ‘how to’ guides (ignore the bubble concept in the childcare video. All sessions are open to all children in Years R -6).

  1. Booking and paying for clubs
  2. Booking and paying for childcare


What's on offer for the autumn term?

Read our news article from Friday 17th July for more details:

  1. Book childcare and specialist clubs

or clock on the links below

  1. Specialist clubs
  2. Childcare

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