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Coronavirus, COVID-19

There is some anxiety and worry about coronavirus, schools closing and wanting to know our view.

We continue to monitor and act on advice to schools from the Department for Education and Public Health England. I want to avoid a disproportionate reaction to the worry about the spread of the virus.

Key messages:

  • Prevent the spread of infection by pupils and staff by washing hands more often during the school day. Staff can use lesson time to do this with pupils if needed. Wash hands:
    • before leaving home
    • on arrival at school
    • after using the toilet
    • after breaks and sporting activities
    • before food preparation
    • before eating any food, including snacks
    • before leaving school
  • Prevent the spread of infection by pupils and staff by self-isolating if you have travelled to high risk countries / areas:
  • Tell us about any suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19
  • Trust us to follow the latest advice if there are confirmed or suspected cases.

Full details of advice to schools, if interested:

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