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COVID-19: Rising cases

42 pupils and 7 members of staff have tested positive for COVID-19 since the start of this school term. There are positive cases in 20 of our 30 classes. The highest number of cases are:

  • Class 1F (Miss Travis) - 6 cases,
  • Class 4F (Mr Lewis) - 4 cases,
  • Classes 2F (Mrs Oliver), 5S (Miss Watson), 6P (Miss Abed), 6S (Mr Kausar) - 3 cases each.


Another 14 classes have at least 1 case: 1P, 2H, 2P, 2S, 3H, 3S, 4H, 5F, 6H, RH, RP, RS, Nursery (both classes)


Miss Allen and Mrs Keeler, who both work in Class 3H, are unwell and isolating at home with confirmed cases of COVID-19.


Parents please continue to:

  • test your child as much as you can using a lateral flow test, especially in classes where cases are rising;
  • be extra cautious and alert to any changes in your child's health.
    • If you see symptoms of COVID-19, stop sending your child to school and check with a COVID test;
  • use our form to report results of lateral flow and/or PCR tests
  • wash hands as soon as pupils arrive at home after school.


In school, the government expects us to give pupils their full education face-to-face, including after-school clubs and any additional support. We continue to work under the 'amber' control measures to reduce the risk of infection spreading. 


Hybrid teaching continues for those pupils who are self-isolating at home. Teachers continue to develop their own knowledge and skills. We appreciate all of the kind words and thanks that parents of pupils at home tell us.

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