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COVID Jan 21, Learning at home for all other pupils

School is closed to most pupils. We may re-open on Monday 18 January. The government will tell us when we can re-open to more pupils. We may be closed for longer than 2 weeks.


From Tuesday 5 January, school is open to:

  • Nursery, as usual
  • children of key-workers and those who are vulnerable.


All other pupils will learn at home using Microsoft Teams. This is a different, better offer compared to lockdown in March. We have learned from our weaknesses in March. We are offering: 

  • higher expectations for those learning at home and in school compared to lockdown in March
  • regular video contact in small groups with a teacher from the age group. Some teachers are working in school to teach children of key-workers and those who are vulnerable. Other teachers are working at home and will support those pupils learning at home. This might be different from your usual class teacher.
  • teachers working in school will be:
    • Year 6, Mr Kausar
    • Year 5, Miss Cowing
    • Year 4, Mr Bloomfield and Miss Mohammed
    • Year 3, Miss Augustine and Miss Whaley
    • Year 2, Mrs Bumby and Miss Zurbrugg
    • Year 1, Ms Lateef, Miss Dottin
    • Reception, Miss Karim, Ms O'Neil
  • Specialist teachers for French, Music and PE - Mme Mahvelati, Mr Thomas, Mr Winn and Miss Neil-Smith - will provide video lessons for everyone learning at home and in school.
  • pupils must complete the learning at home using Microsoft Teams. Teachers will be checking the quality of pupils' work and talking to them about their tasks during their video call.

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