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December Values

December Values

December sees the core value focus changing to Reflection with Key Stage 2 looking at the linked value of Engagement. These are important values to develop within our pupils as encourage the children to be reflective and independent learners. Engagement is a value chosen by parents during our last Values consultation in 2018. This value focuses on the children being focussed on what they are doing, being present in conversation and aware of different issues around them

Reception will continue to focus on Empathy, with a focus on thinking about the feelings of others and showing kindness.

Nursery pupils will continue to focus on Respect, focusing on being kind to themselves and their friends.

Please continue to talk about our Values with your children as they help them develop both morally and support their academic work. Please see our Values page and the specific webpages on ReflectionEmpathy and Respect for our resources. 

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