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Does your child have a food allergy or a dietary need?

From September 1st we have a  new, experienced catering manager, Emma Hennesey, joining our team.  Christina Bordalo, area support chef,  who was working with us and the kitchen team during the spring term will be overseeing this transition. We have been working with the team at Harrisons, to develop clear systems and routines so that all pupils can continue eat safely while at school.


If your child has a food allergy or a dietary need and will be eating a Harrison meal, the following procedures will be followed:


  1.  If new to the school or new to having a Harrison meal, please contact Jacqui Lacey  at to arrange a telephone meeting with a member of staff from Harrison. We will also ask you to complete and return this form:Harrison Food Allergy Form.  Please also check that your child's dietary needs are up to date on MCAS (MyChildatSchool).
  2. Once you have had a telephone meeting, An individual menu will be draw up  for your child. A copy of this will be given to the catering manager, who oversees the food preparation in the kitchen, the class teacher and to you.
  3. Your child will be asked to wear a coloured wristband to indicate that they have a dietary need.  This should be visible during meal service so that staff can see it. 
  4. Your child will be allocated a member of Fielding staff who will oversee their meal service. In  Reception and key stage 1 this will be their class teacher. In key stage 2 this will be a member of our front of house dining team.
  5. Your child's meal will be prepared in line with their individual menu. A member of Harrison's staff will check the meal and sign to say it has been checked, our staff will oversee this and also sign to say your child has received the correct meal.

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