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How to access your parent consultation meeting

Bookings for parent consultation meetings opened on MCAS last Friday. See the link below for more details:

The meetings will take place on Microsoft Teams. Every child at school has their own Microsoft Office account. Your child's class teacher will use Teams and your child's account to see you by video conference.


Before parent consultation appointments

  1. Get started with Microsoft Teams. Skip this, if you already use Teams.
    1. Use a web search to find out more about getting started with Teams on your desktop, portable or mobile device;
    2. or, follow our 'How to video' to get started on a desktop or portable device. 
  2. Use your child's school Microsoft account and login to Teams. Every child has their own account and belongs to a class 'team', managed by their class teacher. Skip this if you have already logged in using your child's account.
    1. Log into Teams to check that everything works for you at home, work or while on the move;
    2. If you've got more than one child, please check each child's account.. 

Parent consultation appointment day

  1. Log in to Teams using your child's account for your first meeting.
  2. Join the Parent Consultation meeting in Teams from the Calendar icon or from the Posts section. 
  3. Wait in the 'lobby' for the teacher to be ready to see you and join you.
  4. Finish your meeting, leave and log-out. If needed, switch accounts for your next child and repeat, ready for your next child's teacher.

Behind the scenes, each class teacher has one long meeting running for each morning or evening session. Parents join the meeting using their child's account and wait in a virtual 'lobby' for other parents to finish their meeting. The teacher will know you are there and join you when they are ready. 

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