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Learning phonics at home

Nursery, Reception and Year 1 pupils can continue learning to match letters to sounds at home while the school is closed.

Phonics is the way we teach children to recognise the sounds in words. It helps your child to learn to read and is an essential part of your child’s education.

In school we teach children to read through linking letters and sounds using a published programme called ‘Read Write Inc’ (RWI). Children begin their phonics journey in Nursery and as they progress through Reception and Year 1 they work through each stage of the programme, learning their sounds which are grouped in ‘Sets’.

Find out more here:

During the summer term, there are a range of online resources you can use to support the teaching of phonics at home. 


Daily lessons

Your child can participate in daily lessons on the RWI YouTube site at home.  From Friday you will be able to find a link on your child’s Year Group Noticeboard to the phonics lesson schedule for the weeks ahead. You can also access the lessons by clicking on the link below,


Our vulnerable pupils and children of key workers who are in school will have the chance to take part in a phonics session in school.


Unsure which lesson to participate in?


In Nursery the children have started to look at the set 1 sounds in school.  You could join in the set 1 lessons to recap the sounds they have already looked at and explore some of the new set 1 sounds.


Reception/Year 1

In Reception and Year 1 the children have been working through sets 1-3. In school we send home books that support the sounds that the children are working on.  Below we have matched the coloured books with each set, this indicates the live lesson that your child could join. In school we regularly recap the sounds in the previous set so you may wish to revisit some of the earlier lessons especially if your child is finding the lesson a little tricky. 

  • Set 1 – Nursery Sound Blending, Ditty, Red books – Live lessons at 9.30am
  • Set 2 – Green, purple books – Live lessons at 10.00am
  • Set 3 – Pink, Orange, Yellow, Blue and Grey books– Live lessons at 10.30am


Story Time

While children are learning to it is also important for them to hear lots of stories being read to them.

After watching each lesson, we encourage you to read aloud to your child and, if your child has reading books from school, listen to your child read.

To provide your child with the further opportunities to hear stories being read, story time takes place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on the RWI YouTube site.

You can also find links to further phonics activities and games to support your child’s development in reading on the year group notice boards.


There is no expectation or pressure on parents to complete a daily phonics lesson at home. When pupils return to school, we will prioritise learning phonics. If you have any questions please send an email to

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