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New Year Group Recommended Reading lists- Parent views welcome!

We have recently devised new recommended reading lists which contain 40 age-appropriate books for children in each year group. Teachers at Fielding have taken the time to carefully choose books that will hopefully capture your children's imagination. The lists contain colour-bands and a description of the book so that the children are able to ‘cherry-pick’ their favourites according to their book-band level and their personal interests. In terms of choosing the books, we looked at recommended lists which had already been produced online and also spoke to the children in our year groups about what they like to read and their favourite authors. We took into consideration the colour bands that most of our children in our year groups were reading from and had to ensure that there was a suitable range. A lexile rating has also been included which measures the difficulty level of the text; a higher lexile rating indicates a more difficult text. Certificates will be awarded as an incentive for the children to read books from this list in their own time and record a brief response to a reading task in their reading records (such as a description of a character). A bronze certificate will be awarded to your child when they read 5 books from the list, a silver award will be awarded when they read 10 and a gold award will be awarded for having read 15. Before we introduce these lists and incentives to your children, we welcome your views. If you would like to provide us with useful feedback on the lists, please email and place ‘Recommended reading lists’ in the subject heading. We look forward to hearing from you!