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No play, scooters or bikes

At morning drop-off and after-school collection, there is no play on any playground equipment, the field, sand pits or forest area. Bikes and scooters must be walked and not riden.


These simple rules are fair to all and keep everyone safe.


The school site is busy with many parents and pupils walking to and from school. Children riding bikes or scooters creates too much of a bump or crash risk. Cycling or scootering to and from school is encouraged. Bikes and scooters must be walked as soon as they are on our site.


Every pupil has a fair chance to use our playground equipment during the week. Sessions are timetabled so equipment and zones do not get too crowded.  A free-for-all approach before and after-school would create chaos. Nobody plays on equipment, uses the field, sand pit, or forest area before or after school.


Childcare and specialist clubs before and after-school use these spaces.

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