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PTFA Events to be run by Year Group

This academic year 2019-2020, we decided to spread the events throughout the school years and have reduced our schedule of events. In the September PTFA meeting we assigned each fundraising event to a school year. The schedule is below and if you would like to propose and run an addition fundraiser event, please come along to the next meeting with the details or to discuss. The schedule of events is currently: 

Autumn Term

Year 5: Movie afternoon, 03/11/2019

Year 6: Family quiz and chocolate bingo, November

PTFA Meeting, 4/11/2019

All years: PTFA Christmas Fair, 07/12/2019

Spring Term

PTFA Meeting, 13/01/2020

Reception: Movie afternoon, January

Quiz Committee: Quiz Night, February

Year 3: Roller Disco Feb/Mar

PTFA Meeting, 02/03/2020

Year 2: Secret Gift Shop - Chocolates and gifts, March

Committee: PTFA Easter Egg Hunt, 03/04/2019

Committee: Photo competition, Mar/Apr

PTFA Meeting, 27/04/2020

Year 1: School Disco weekend, May

Summer Term

PTFA Meeting, 08/06/2019

Nursery: Picnic, June

All years: Summer fair, June

Year 4: Sports day refreshments, July

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