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PTFA launches Reindeer Poop Bingo - with real reindeer!

How do you fancy your chances of buying a square on the Fielding Primary School playing field and a Reindeer having a poop in your square? Well, the once in a lifetime opportunity is here and it could bag you £150!

During Covid times, the PTFA have been looking at alternative fundraising activities and this one blew us away. 


The concept is that you purchase a square(s) which is marked out on the field (at Fielding Primary School).  We arrange for a couple of reindeer to wander the field over the course of a two hour period. If the reindeer POOPS and is in a box that you have purchased, then you could win one of three prizes (either £150, £75, or £50). Just select the square(s) you want to purchase and away we go.


The event will take place on Thursday 17 December and will be streamed via Microsoft Teams (on your school account), however tickets could sell out fast!  Buy each square for just £5 at

GOOD LUCK - and thank you to Sargeants on Northfield Avenue for sponsoring this event.

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