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Ramadan, pupils who are fasting

Ramadan ends around 12 May. For Muslims, this is the month of Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. For an entire month believers will fast during the day. We recognise that although fasting for the entire month does not become obligatory until the age of puberty, sometimes Muslim children begin to fast before this age.  Children can get a sense of achievement joining families in taking part in the spirit of Ramadan. However, the younger the child, especially where Ramadan falls at this time of year, the more difficult it tends to be for children to fast without their physical stamina and concentration levels being affected.


It is for parents and families to decide whether a child fasts or not. We understand that breaking the fast before the correct time may be regarded as worse than not fasting at all by some children and parents. Parents may decide that:

  • pupils fast during school holiday days and/or weekends under the care and supervision of their families;
  • during the school week, pupils take 2 shorter periods of fasting from dawn until lunch; eat lunch at school; then fast again after lunch until dusk;
  • and/or, pupils fast on some days but not others.


If parents would like your child to fast, please discuss your wishes with your class teacher.  Pupils who are fasting during lunchtime may sit at the outside dining tables, away from other pupils in their age group who are eating lunch.  All children are expected to participate in all school activities during Ramadan.

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