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Staff update for January

Miss Renfree, teacher to Class 1F leaves us at the end of this term, moving to live in West Sussex with her partner. We thank Miss Renfree for all of her work with us and wish her well.


Layyinah Lateef, an experienced Year 1 teacher, joins us in January to teach Class 1F. Behind the scenes, she has been working with us to know more about our school and handover from Miss Renfree.


According to employment contracts, teachers can change school at 3 points in the school year. They may resign from one school to work in another at the start of each new school term.


New lunchtime meal supervisors have joined us and started work. This means we can better care for pupils, including deeper cleaning between each year group meal service. Each lunchtime supervisor is linked to a H, F, P or S class in each age group. They will look after the same class each day, getting to know pupils and staying with them as a class as they move through the school.

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