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Understanding MCAS Balances

Where can I find out if I have a credit or debit balance?

  1. Log on to MCAS use the desktop version
  2. Look at the ‘Outstanding payments’ box. If you have an outstanding payment it appears here.
  3. If nothing is showing in this box you do not owe anything.
  4. You may however have a credit because childcare vouchers or a Laser credit have been applied to your account. To find this click on the ‘More’ button top right of the outstanding balance box.

This will show your credit balance and where it currently sits (ignore the ‘add to basket button)

All Laser balances have now been added to the system, we are in the process of just finalising the last few outstanding vouchers to the system. All credit has been added to childcare 3.30-4.30 as this is our 'holding' space for any credit balances. We will transfer this balance to other clubs and childcare as you book.


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