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Updating how we communicate. New ‘My Child at School’ website and App

We are starting to make changes to the way we communicate to you. You may recall that we have published several news articles explaining that School Pupil Tracker was closing and that we were using this as an opportunity to review all our information and communication systems in school, including Laser.

We are now ready to launch Bromcom. We have moved our internal information management systems across to Bromcom. We are using this system to store key information about your child in line with our data protection policy.

Going forward we will also be using Bromcom to communicate with you through its ‘My Child at School’ website and app, also known as ‘MCAS’. We will have a phased approach to moving all of our communication systems across to Bromcom.

In summary MCAS will provide:

  • access to real-time Attendance, Assessment and Behavioural information;
  • communication facilities to improve contact between you and us;
  • instant access to published reports.

To start with we will be use MCAS to store and share your child’s assessment and behaviour (rewards and sanctions) information. You will have access to this information as it is completed by your child’s class teacher.

We will also be asking you to book your Spring Term parent consultation meetings through the MCAS app or website.

We will continue to use our Year Group Noticeboards on the website for information relevant to the whole year group.

We will continue to use the calendar on the school website for events.

For now, childcare, specialist clubs, trips and events should continue to be booked via Laser. We will let you know when we are ready to use Bromcom/MCAS for these bookings.

How to access MCAS website

You will be emailed your username and password on Friday 10th January. Please check your inbox for this email, and check that you can log-in before the parents’ consultation booking opens for pupils in Reception to Year 6 on Friday 17th January.

From within your web browser type This will open the login page.

Enter the details you have been supplied, this will be the School ID, your User ID and your Password. Ticking the Remember School ID and Username box will retain these details for future logins leaving just the Password to be entered. If you have forgotten your login details, click on the Forgotten Login Details link.

You will then be asked to enter a new password, do this and click on the Update Password button, this will be confirmed both onscreen and via another e-mail. Note: If the e-mail has not previously been verified the first e-mail received will be for verification and setup of Memorable Question.

Please see the document below for further details on how to navigate the MCAS website.

We have also added quick link to the MCAS website on the front page of the school website.

How to access the MCAS app

This app is available through Google Play store or Apple Apps.

Please watch the video below to find out how to access this.

Please note, unfortunately  there  are in-app' purchases linked to advertising. These are not linked to the school in anyway, any costs linked to these does not come to the school.


If you do not receive your password by Tuesday 14th January this means we do not have your current email address, please contact us at

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